McLaren Senna Vs. Porsche 911 GT2 RS Isn’t Really A Fair Fight

What separates a track-focused supercar from a track-focused hypercar? As the following video shows, quite a lot.

The crew over at Motorsport Magazine recently found themselves in possession of both a McLaren Senna and a Porsche 911 GT2 RS. While the two do not compete against each other and have a huge price gap, it would be criminal to not see how they fare against each other.

The magazine organized a 1,000 meter (3,280 ft) standing-start drag race. The Senna is powered by a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 that pumps out a total of 789 hp. While all of this grunt is sent through the rear wheels, McLaren has equipped the Senna with an absolutely brutal launch control system which makes it one of the most accelerative vehicles on earth. Not only is it quicker off the line than any other road-legal McLaren, but it’s also one of the fastest vehicles with an internal combustion engine currently available.

The 911 GT2 RS, by comparison, seems… well, less fast. The McLaren doesn’t just beat the GT2 RS in a drag race – it absolutely annihilates it and sprints into the distance. At the end of the run, the Senna was perhaps 10-15 car lengths ahead of the German.

Despite the result, it would be silly to say that the Porsche is slow, as its twin-turbocharged six-cylinder engine puts out 690 hp. It also happens to own the Nurburgring lap record for a production car in special Manthey Racing guise. Both in isolation, as well as compared to 99 percent of other cars on planet Earth, it’s an absolute beast. Against a pure-bred hypercar that costs many times as much, though, it can’t help but take a back seat.

Which, we suppose, should make to everyone clear why the automotive press, a few years back, coined the term hypercar: so that it could define a new breed that sits above the, already ballistic, supercars.


  • Ken Lyns

    Interesting, so the GT2 RS is faster than the old McLaren F1 in the standing kilometer.

    • Ben

      Its all about gearing. The GT2RS is geared for aggressive corner exist, getting on the power as soon as possible. The F1 was geared to have a high top speed. Its why a stock Nissan GTR shoots out of the hole, but falls back at higher speeds. Its geared for quick power delivery, not power over time.

      • Bash

        Well said.

  • Callanish

    So, are we saying the Senna officially attempted to best the GT2 RS on the Nurburgring and McLaren didn’t reveal it because they couldn”‘t beat it or that they didn’t even try for the record. You’d think with that kind of advantage in a straight line, the Senna would be king of the Nurburgring, so why didn’t Mclaren try to make news with what looks like something purpose built for the ring. Based on that straight line performance video and knowing what it can do around corners, that Senna looks more than capable of beating both the GT2 RS and the Aventator SVJ at the Nurburgring.

    • donald seymour

      Because the Porsche is a monster. On a short track the Seanna is a hair faster than the Porsche. I don’t know if you follow Shmee but he has a video on it.

    • Denzel

      It’s not their goal, they just don’t chase numbers. Plus the last time Porsche,Ferrari and McLaren was tested on the same track with the P1, laferrari, and 918 both manufacturers had to make sure all cars had stock production numbers and wearing same tires. So you can only imagine how it would be if they started doing ring times..

    • Ben

      For a consumer, we’d imagine “because its not as good as the competition”. But if you put yourself in the shoes of the automaker another reason becomes more credible. Simple put, they don’t want to step on their own toes. Buyers of supercars, hypercars and mega cars want to know stats such as lap times, cost, units produced, rarity, etc. If a lap time of a more expensive and exclusive car is higher than a “cheaper” model, its a problem. Remember the rumblings about the 720s before it was released? That it was lapping faster than the P1 on certain tracks? These are concerns that automakers need to balance out when releasing models and lapping them around the Nurburgring.

      In McLaren’s case, I’d imagine that the Senna would turn a great time…maybe even better than their upcoming halo car the Speedtail, which isn’t designed for track performance, but a GT. If they release the Senna’s lap time and the next car doesn’t smash that record, it somewhat looks like a failure. It locks automakers into chasing lap times instead of designing a better vehicle. The two concepts are not paired together.

      We all roll our eyes anytime an automaker reveals an updated model saying it has more power than the last. Yeah, duh…, it has to in order for people to be interested. A less powerful vehicle could have better chassis control, turn in, etc, but if it doesn’t have more power its a step back. Intellectually, we know not all cars are designed for the track and not all have to be the very best, but when you’re spending over $1m, you want to best all around, no matter what. McLaren doesn’t want to compete with themselves.

  • margeret

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  • Bash

    Two different vehicles. This is irrelevant.

  • AJack Griffiths

    I completely disagree, the McLaren may win in a straight drag race, but real racing speed is seen at the ring. The ability of the GT2RS MR is unrivaled, it’s the true winner here.

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