New Porsche Taycan Spy Shots Show Production Lights, Bumpers, And More (Updated)

Following a handful of grainy, low resolution photos of the new Porsche Taycan that surfaced on the internet last week, our spies captured the same prototype on public roads in full detail. In essence, the car is undisguised, as the only camouflage are the decals surrounding the lights on both ends.  (Updated 5/4/2019)

Last month, Porsche released design sketches of the Taycan all-electric sedan – and from what we can tell, there were more than a few similarities with the Mission E concept from 2015.

The automaker later showed official pics of a camouflaged Taycan that shed more light on the performance EV. Now we’ve got more pieces of the puzzle courtesy of new spy shots from Germany.

Our spies spotted Porsche’s first EV with less camouflage than ever, giving us the best look yet at the headlights and taillights. Although Porsche has applied some stickers around the lights units to disguise their shapes, it’s pretty clear that those are the finished items.

The similarities with the Mission E study are striking. The headlights are recessed and have a similar signature, though they feature a transparent cover as opposed to the concept that sported individual elements with no cover. As for the taillights, they also remind us of the concept, although there are hints of the new 911 as well.

Besides the lights, the spy shots also reveal the final shape of the front and rear bumpers, tiny rear side windows and rear fenders. As you would expect, the bumpers look really aggressive thanks to a sharp splitter at the front and a massive diffuser at the rear. On a side note, Porsche has finally dropped the fake exhaust tips from the rear fascia.

Judging from how muscular the car looks and the fact that it packs Porsche Carbon Ceramic Brakes, there’s a chance it could be the range-topping “Turbo” model. Porsche will officially debut the Taycan in September in sedan guise and will begin deliveries before the end of the year. Customers can already place reservations and more than 20,000 of them already have, without even seeing the finished item first. A high-riding, Cross Turismo shooting brake will follow in 2020.

The Taycan will be able to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in under 3.5 seconds in Turbo guise and offer a driving range of more than 500 km (311 miles) as per the NEDC standard. The 800-volt technology will enable the Taycan to get enough juice for 100 km (62 miles) with just four minutes of charging.

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Picture credits: S. Baldauf/SB-Medien for

  • Mike anonymous

    If anyone is wondering what the production version will look like… here it is.

    I introduce to you the Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo Concept; which uses the production vehicles’ body panels. It is a lifted-cross-country version of the Production vehicle.

    Here below is a photograph of the Actual Concept from 2015 for comparison. The vehicle above is built off a pre-production unit of the vehicle we will be receiving. So if you are wondering what the vehicle we will be receiving will look like, this here (above, not the image below) is it.

  • TheBelltower

    It looks like a conventional Porsche. Not a bad thing. Just very ordinary. Looking forward to the Audi eTron GT.

  • Jason Panamera

    Nice Mercedes.

  • Emoto

    I see that they have had the Helen Keller Design Studio at work on the headlights.

  • Aiman Al Habib

    Why name an EV as “Turbo”?

    • man

      Agreed, hope Porsche doesn’t do that.

    • Dustin

      Turbo has already become simply a model designation for Porsche. Doesn’t mean the same thing now that the base models also have turbochargers.

  • Mike anonymous

    It does. I checked previously. It’s features the production door handles, tail lamps, headlamps, (same wider front air intake), production wing mirrors, & more… etc.

    The body panels are slightly modified to fit the estate model (opposed to the sedan we see here), and a few modifications have been made with the additional lights. But what you are seeing with that vehicle is the modified variation of the production vehicle body panels.

    It took a bit of time to go over originally, but it is believe it or not using (slightly modified as this is not the sedan variant) body panels based on the ones used for the production vehicle we see within the spy shots.

    • Nordschleife

      I can definitely see where you are coming from but I dislike that lower intake so hopefully the actual sedan address that. Good eye.

      • Mike anonymous

        To my knowledge the lower intake (from the Cross T. Concept) is still there on the production variant of the Sedan. Of course I will wait until the full revealing, but to my knowledge it will still be there.

        To be completely honest I am also not a fan of its’ (the intakes’) design. The 2015 concept had a much nicer (and more simple) version of the intake. I’m also (in agreement with you) hoping that the sedan will address the change we’ve seen here, although I am unsure of the likelihood of that. But hey, you never know. Things could change.

        Anyways @craigdoss:disqus, Thank you for the compliment. It’s always a delight to hear your input and opinion on things. 👍

  • Seats & a steering wheel

    Ribbit!….and people say Lexus lights and grille are ugly!

    • Matt

      This doesn’t look ugly at all, if that’s what you’re implying. Lexus wins that battle hands down (not forgetting that this prototype has decals to try and disguise the lighting design).

  • Galaxium

    Really liking the design. I would like the Taycan to be the leader in the luxury-EV segment over the Model S.

    I am glad that we are starting to see higher quality EVs that won’t have insane panel gaps and shoddy quality.

  • Harry_Wild

    Finally a major car maker with a car that is faster and has more range then the Tesla S! It is about time!

    • Neither of this is true. Check the updated Model S stats.

  • enthusia

    This is the first Porsche I’ve been excited for in years. I can tell its gonna be great.

  • FordMopar
  • Sébastien

    Somehow the headlights seems inspired by McLarens

    • TB

      Back end seems to be inspired by Benz.

      • Mike anonymous

        lol I get it.

    • Mike anonymous

      I would say the back end seems to be inspired by Lincolns. Lincolns’ Been Doing The LightBar just about Longer (and seemingly more consistently) than anyone.

      • Sébastien

        Never seen Lincoln outside the US

        • Mike anonymous

          Ah,. Touché.

          Although… you do know what a Lincoln is… and you have seen one before? With this being true, it is safe to assume a number of automotive manufactures (who have a number of their primary design studios’ based in the US) know what Lincoln is as well and have likely seen their design. Note the Porsche Macan looks a lot like the Lincoln MKC Concept whichs’ design was completed in 2012 (shown under the “2013“) a while before Porsche started work on the Macan.

          I am not going to say that Lincoln ‘owns’ any specific design features (because they do not), but; A Company Lincoln seems to be,. and the influence (in design they have) appears to be strong with this one.

          OH BTW, I agree with you on the headlights as well,.. somewhat. Everyone seems to take inspiration or ‘inspiration‘ from everyone else now-a-days.

          • Sébastien

            Agree with you, and I’m not a fan of the rear singletailight anyhow (eg. dislike the new Audi A7/A8 rear)

          • MarketAndChurch

            In addition to the light bar / tail light across the rear, you might also hate fake exhaust vents integrated into the rear bumper. Also given to us by Lincoln, and also popular on Audi’s.

          • Astonman

            Picasso said “bad artist copy. Great artist steal”

          • Mike anonymous
          • Astonman

            A damn good president! Seriously though. There are a few moments in design that is totally fresh and new and from that many take inspiration from it. Since the start of the automobile industry this has happened. I like what Lincoln has been doing. They are not trying to be European and going back to their roots by making a comfortable riding vehicles with gorgeous interiors. I like that they’re using their names instead of designation also. And it looks like it’s working.

      • MJ Coffey


        Guess you have never seen a 993 before. Those bars aren’t unique to Lincoln at all.

        • Mike anonymous

          I never said they were, but Lincoln has been at it for quite a long time, longer than most companies out there (is my point). Longer in fact than the designer of the 993, Tony Hatter, had actually been designing cars, when he started design work on production vehicles at the Opel brand.

  • TB

    Eek! Not sure about this…I think they need to do a bit more tweeking…

  • SteersUright

    Those headlights look like throat drops. Really not very good looking.

  • D3X

    I think this will look great once all the camouflage comes off and a brighter color. Those stickers around the headlights really mask the lines around the front end. Add the iconic Porsche emblem back on, it’ll look great. Judging from the overall design / shape / elements, this is looking very much like the Mission E with realistic production end result. Can’t wait for the unveil. I would buy this!

  • Marwan Abdul Hak

    More beautiful than the now boring Panamera which is so big and fatty to be a Porsche. The older Panamera has grown on me recently and my bro is considering buying a 2014 version

    • DaruniaG

      Old one is hundred times uglier than the new one. Both are ugly anyways


        • Marwan Abdul Hak

          Agree with Michgo. It looks nowadays like a four doors 911 and Cayenne Coupe is same on stilts. The older Panamera was polarizing in a good way and it is around 5 inches shorter than the current one. I am hoping this Taycan to be at least 10-12 inch shorter and lighter.
          Automakers are only bloating their vehicles and now we have 3 series and C Class bigger than older 5 series and E class. Even Minis are becoming large. Who wants more space let them go by a Tahoo and leave our sport vehicles alone from this bloating virus.

  • Jase Yiu

    Wow, cancelling my reservation after I saw these tail lights. At least Tesla ugliest is unified, it’s like the tail lights are stolen from an American car.

  • sidewaysspin

    Those tailights fool no one.

    • Zed68

      No… but they look fun

  • MultiKdizzle

    Those taillight stickers LOL.

    Seriously Porsche?

    • Fled

      Its just a more sophisticated form of camo to hide the production vehicles true details.

      • MultiKdizzle

        I know what they are.

        It’s just that Porsche is fooling precisely no one.
        One can easily discern the real taillights.

  • Joseph Osso

    Turbo model on an electric car??


  • SgtBeavis

    Porsche has a hit on it’s hands.

    • Exotics

      Uh oh the Tesla killer is here lol

      • SgtBeavis

        I didn’t say that. There is plenty of room in the market. Porsche has already said the Taycan is sold out for 2020. So yes, it’s a hit already. It’s a hit that wouldn’t exist without Tesla paving the way for electrics to be truly practical cars.

        As far as I’m concerned, the only Tesla killer out there is Tesla itself. I’ve got my fingers crossed that they get their financial house in order but even if it goes bankrupt, someone will buy up the assets and the company will continue.

  • Astonman

    I prefer the Audi. Looks more aggressive. Saw it in motion in Avengers. Looks powerful and racy.

    • Exotics

      It had an engine sound in the Avengers which was the lamest thing ever. EV’s dont make sound.

      • Astonman

        I know! As it was revving though the driveway, it sounded more like an ICE engine. When he stopped and backed up. They tried to give it a mean electric motor sound. However, I liked the design very much.

  • Fled

    Gotta love the innovation in using decals as camo to hide headlight and tail light and vent details LOL

  • JBsC6

    What happened to the beautiful mission E concept car…?

    • CeFid


  • CeFid

    The concept had no door handles or side view mirrors, which were replaced by cameras. Then they they put side view mirrors, and I was disappointed but still ok. Now they have ugly door handles on there and the body doesn’t even look like the same shape. Disappointment 100.

  • f1300

    I actually do like the cars overall design. Even those froggy frontlights. BUT, that rear “window” is a joke. Too small to see anything at all from the inside. On the other hand – who looks back in a Porsche anyways?

  • TB

    Looks good…but I’m not too sure about those headlights…

  • Gregger1

    Sure missing the ‘E’ that they have been showing us (and selling us) for 4 years,
    Disappointing as a Porsche…….probably OK as a nondescript 4-door family sedan.

  • Harry_Wild

    I think is a little over price at $150K!


      • Exotics

        The new luxury is your car driving itself and Porsche has zero autonomous driving. Tesla has everything over Porsche. Tesla’s new interior is nicer than porsches.


  • Exotics

    Model 3 Standard Range+ starts out $39,500 with Autopilot. Whatever this car starts out, probably 100k+ won’t be able to justify

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