Canadian Police Want Your Help Identifying This Ford Driver Who Caused A Crash

Police in Canada are looking for the driver of a black Ford Focus who side-swiped a silver sedan on the northbound Highway 410 in Mississauga, Ontario a few days ago.

Footage of the incident was shared on Twitter through the official Ontario Provincial Police account and shows just how quickly an erratic driver can put the lives of other motorists at risk.

The video starts by showing a black Ford Focus slowly passing the car with the dashcam and approaching a silver sedan. Eager to overtake the sedan, the Focus driver aggressively moves over to the right, accelerates past the sedan, and then swerves in front of it. The Focus driver then brake checks the sedan, resulting in a minor rear-end collision that sent the latter fishtailing down the road.

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What’s particularly disturbing is that the Focus driver can be seen fleeing the scene as if nothing had happened…

A look at the Twitter thread in the Ontario Provincial Police’s tweet reveals that many other Canadians see instances of similarly dangerous driving on Highway 410 on a frequent basis.

Making the incident all the more worrying is the fact that the sedan was traveling in the high-occupancy vehicle lane (HOV lane), a lane dedicated to vehicles with at least a driver and one or more passengers onboard. Not only was the driving of the Focus very dangerous but it was also illegal. Here’s hoping the video will help the authorities identify the culprit.

  • MJack

    Living here I can tell you that so many people think the carpool lane is the fast/passing lane. It’s not. Hope they catch the guy.

    BTW – I fully appreciate the design flaw of making the carpool lane the far left lane. In the exit spots you end up merging into the fast lane which can be dangerous…not the fault of the person in the fast lane, but it adds a needless complexity and slow down for no reason.

    • iion

      The carpool lane is the fast/passing lane. If you don`t need it don`t use it.

      • Bo Hanan

        In Colorado the Carpool/Express lane is “dotted” every so many miles to allow people to use it as fast/passing lane. Too many people use it to take a nap. I agree; don’t use it if you don’t need it.

        • Jason Miller

          In Arizona is is the carpool lane only Monday through Friday. Cannot be used for regular traffic and you can be ticketed for doing so. It’s definitely not a “right to speed” lane either.

          • TrevP

            Same with Washington. We have some lanes that are their own road that take you right into the city, which is nice if that’s where you’re going.

      • Stephen G


        • iion

          Your mama is wrong.

      • Paul

        Car pool lane is car pool lane. The fast lane is the next one inside of that and then on over to the slow or truck lane in order.

    • Stealth333

      Oh man, people like that piss me off. If you are going 100km/h don’t stay in the carpool lane unless it’s rush hour. I see this so many times….dumb morons in the car pool lane going 100 when every other lane is going fast and legally you can;t overtake due to the white lines…..>__<

      • ChrisInIL

        As you can see from the video, the front car in the car pool lane was driving with or faster than other traffic lanes. Just because you can justify the errant behavior of the Ford driver who caused this crash, it doesn’t make it right.

        If you can’t see the facts presented in the video, you should stay off the road. The fact that seeing someone drive a certain way in a video “pisses you off” is another indicator that you shouldn’t be driving.

  • Aeromann

    I HOPE they will catch him and take his driving licence forever.

  • eb110americana

    That GIF looks like the Ford driver was getting hardcore tailgated. I was ready to defend his risky behavior until I watched the video. He illegally crossed a “virtual island” only to pass and brake-check the other car AFTER passing illegally. That’s a super road ragey move with basically no provocation.

  • Six_Tymes

    figures, Canada. they trashed their own country. vote me down, call me names, whatever. you’ll be seeing more and more scum like this in Canada commit more and more crimes in the coming years. Go look up statistics, crime is growing there.

    • willhaven

      Is crime growing across the board or only in select regions?

    • Stealth333

      No. Canada is fine. The issue here is the guy was in the carpool lane probably going 100km/h like a idiot instead of staying in the right lane. The guy in the Ford took it a bit too far though but at least the moron crashed his car and maybe in the future will stay in right lane. ^__~

      • Jason Miller

        Carpool lane is a carpool lane. Not a “feel free to speed” lane.

        • iion

          Sure. The speed of the carpool convoy is dictated by the speed of the slowest vessel.

          • Jason Miller

            Not if you go around them.

      • Kevin Cagle

        The guy in the Ford should not have been in that lane in the first place….

    • khc

      Canada remains absolutely angelic compared to their aggressive and violent neighbors to the south.

  • salamOOn

    find him, and beat the sh*t out of him.

  • Paul

    The driver’s actions look to be on purpose and they should be found and trounced big time.

  • datCubanguy

    Arrest that rude ahole and throw him and jail,and might as well give a ticket to the cammer for playing that horrid “music”.

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