What Just Happened? Lexus Smashes Right Into Kia Stinger At Canadian Traffic Lights

If you are a fan of the Kia Stinger, we’re going to warn you that watching the following video isn’t easy.

This dashcam footage from YouTube shows the moment a white Stinger was hit head-on while waiting to make a left turn at an intersection in Toronto, Canada.

Everything appears to be normal when all of a sudden, a Lexus (or at least it looks like a Lexus) SUV traveling in the opposite direction comes into view.

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Look closely and you’ll see the SUV start to slowly drift into the lane of the Kia. Moments later, it slams directly into the front of the sedan, resulting in quite a hefty collision between the pair. The force of the impact sends the Stinger into the front of the vehicle with the dashcam.

In the moments after the impact, steam can be seen rising out of the Kia and SUV before two occupants of the Kia stumble out. The video cuts off before anyone is seen exiting the vehicle.

While we don’t have an official explanation as to why the SUV veered into oncoming traffic, there could be a number of different explanations. Perhaps the most likely scenario is that the driver was simply distracted while driving – possibly using a mobile phone while behind the wheel. Alternatively, the driver could have suffered a medical emergency or may have been driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Whatever the case may be, it’s pretty obvious that they will be determined to be at fault for the crash. For their sake, we hope that have a good insurance policy to ensure the Stinger can be repaired or replaced.


  • ErnieB

    Not sure what’s worse..,seeing an ugly monster coming your way or an equally as scary and ugly Lexus about to hit your nice ride..

    • no25

      again. do you literally have anything better to do than troll on every Lexus post? WE GET IT. You don’t like Lexus designs. some people do. actually a lot do. get over yourself. so “tough” behind a keyboard, huh?

      • Some ol’ bloke

        Dude, please just stop.

        • no25

          lol okay. whatever YOU say, right?

          • Some ol’ bloke

            Sorry – just agreeing with YOU 🙂

          • no25

            then why reply to me and tell me to “just stop”
            tell that to ErnieB.

          • Some ol’ bloke

            sorry, didn’t mean it for you – I didn’t notice I could reply to both. I’ll remember for next time…

      • paulgdeaton

        Some people like Lexus designs?

        We call those “people with no taste”…

  • Adilos Nave

    It’s just so darn difficult paying attention while driving my 2-ton vehicle when someone liked my instagram post though!

  • Dylan Wentworth

    What the world needs are more bubble wagons on the road.

  • BlackPegasus

    The Lexus driver should be pulled from the vehicle and beaten.

    • Jay

      Let’s not jump to conclusions, I was hit like this before, the guy driving was having a medical emergency and he blacked out. Turns out his blood sugar was low.

      • BlackPegasus

        This is the innanetz. Jumping to conclusions is what we do 😗

        • Jay

          Tru dat.

    • brn

      BP, I doubt it was intentional, therefore I cannot agree with your assertion.

  • ctk4949

    Those brake lights on the Stinger looked real nice!!!!

  • danno

    The Lexus has next generation Tesla FSD installed./s

  • danno

    Ontario is a “no fault insurance” jurisdiction, where each insurance company repairs the damages to their own client’s car, but the fault get’s assigned as per investigation.
    Here the Stinger insurance company would repair the Stinger, while the fault would be assigned to the Lexus driver.

  • Jason Miller

    Camera car was too close as well. Irks me when people are on my bumper like that at a light. No reason for it.

  • Some ol’ bloke

    That stinger is going to have a stinger of a repair bill

    • Jason Miller

      Considering how hard they were hit, all the front bags probably went off. Likely totaled.

    • Agent Smith

      Definitely totaled.

  • Aeromann

    He was checking his mobile.

  • MJack

    This is Toronto…of course they were on their phone. Sad story for the Stinger 🙁

  • Bill Nguyen

    Too high on all that legal weed.

    • brn

      Not possible. Proponents tell me that marijuana makes you a better driver.


      • Mitt Zombie

        It certainly does compared to being a drunk. Drunks can’t even walk, people on weed have won Olympic gold medals.

        • ChrisInIL

          Driving isn’t an Olypic sport.

        • brn

          If being drunk is your bar, you’ve set your expectations pretty low.

  • Jawohl

    Atleast you won’t be able to see the Kia badge anymore…

  • Pete Montero

    He didn’t just slam head-on into the Stinger. The throttle was still being applied after it hit, as you can see that, when the Stinger recoils from the impact, the Lexus doesn’t just stop, but continues forward and pushes the Stinger back even more…

    My guess is that the driver was incapacitated.

  • Maher

    Most likely a medical emergency

  • ErnieB

    When was I trying to pick a fight? I just don’t like Lexus design.. I can say whatever I like.. as far as I am concerned you all are harassing me.. I made a comment about the car not a comment against any one of you., I am sorry you guys like ugly cars .. it’s all good., there is something for everyone one,.

  • Alexandro Pietro

    You are inutile too

  • TheBelltower

    Lexus drivers are just Toyota drivers who have graduated to a fancier badge. They are just as inattentive as a common Corolla or Camry owner.

    • Mitt Zombie

      Cadillacs are just Chevys and Lincoln’s just Fords too…
      But a Toyota is better than most cars anyway. They don’t fall apart like a new BMW with plastic engine parts do.

      • TheBelltower

        There’s something wrong with people who drive Toyotas. It’s a particular breed of cluelessness.

  • Robert

    I think the Lexus driver was distracted (most likely phone) and thought it was an open lane to pass

  • Teddy Wijaya

    i blamed tinder.

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