With Kia Selling 17,000 Stingers In The U.S. In 2018, Is It A Winner?

In its first full year on the US market, the Kia Stinger managed to find 16,806 customers, which sounds like a solid performance for a newcomer in the mid-sized car segment.

The problem is we can’t know for sure how good the Stinger’s performance really is, since its named competitors don’t provide a sales breakdown that will allow a direct comparison; BMW for example sold 31,379 4-Series models in 2018 but this includes both the two- and the four-door versions.

Similarly Audi announces a sales figure for the whole A5 lineup -25,972 units-, which includes the A5 Coupe and Sportback, as well as the Cabriolet and the S and RS variants. Lexus sold 22,927 IS models in 2018.

There are also rumors saying that buyers of the Kia Stinger heavily favored the twin-turbo V6 version over the more affordable 2.0-liter model. We’ve reached out to Kia for a comment and a sales breakdown but Kia has not replied yet.

With the market clearly showing its love to SUVs, the Kia Stinger appears to have succeded in its mission but we still can’t tell for sure, especially without more detailed sales data on our hands.

Overall, 2018 was a rather flat year for Kia Motors, managing to sell 589,673 units compared to 589,668 cars sold in 2017.

The year’s champions for the Korean brand include the Kia Sportage, which enjoyed its best-ever annual sales with 82,823 units, and the Kia Sorento with 107,846 units.The Forte, Optima and Soul models surpassed the 100,000-unit mark but saw their sales declining over last year’s results.

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  • MarketAndChurch

    If it were any other automaker, that would be a poor-performing car with those sales numbers, but if those rumors are true and people prefer the 3.3 over the 2.0, than at least they’re making back a little bit of money as the 2.0 starts at like 32,000 while the 3.3 starts at 39,000 and goes up to 50,000 in the highest trim.

    • bd0007

      Over in Australia, pretty much everyone gets the 3.3T and most of those buyers get the top trim (and on top of that add the aftermarket exhaust).

      Sales of the base engine should improve when the 2.0T gets replaced by the 2.5T (300HP and more efficient to boot).

  • Dude

    Absolutely. The Stinger is kind of a kind of halo car; meant to make people take Kia more seriously. Not only did it succeed at that, but the numbers aren’t far from or beat its closest competitors (A5 Sportback, 4 Series GC)

  • Tim Manning

    I’d say it’s a success for what it is. The 4 Series and A5 sales numbers include both the 2 door and 4 door versions, so the Stinger sales are probably closer to the 4 door versions of the 4 Series and A5…

  • Merc1

    For the brand and what the car is, I’d say yes. I haven’t driven it, but just sitting it felt good, a measure of quality and snug sportiness. I like it a lot and this comes from what that worships at the alter of German cars.


    • Tim Manning

      Drive one if you can. I’ve driven the Stinger GT and the 340i M-Sport, and I’d take the Stinger over the 340i. It’s really that good.

      • Merc1

        Over the current 340i I could see that.


  • TheBelltower


  • Ariza Ariza Mclaren 720S

    Better than an Alfa Romeo Giulia is this beautiful Kia Stinger?

    • Merc1

      Not even close in looks to the Alfa.


      • bd0007

        Better than the Gulia (which has an ungainly front and a rather pedestrian side/greenhouse).

        There’s a reason why the Stinger has won pretty much every major auto design award.

        • Merc1

          In your opinion, to me it isn’t even close.


    • Tinky-Winky

      lol Giulia was a turd in most people’s minds when it came out.

    • rhondaleebaby69

      The Giulia is a POS. Every reviewer has had problems with it. One magazine couldn’t even complete a single lap around Gingerman without it crapping out.

  • Rob

    I am leasing the 2.0 Stinger and I love it. Yes, I wanted the V6, but I couldn’t see paying $3,600 dollars for an $1,100 difference in the packages. I went from an Audi A3 (totaled by a tractor trailer), so the size is a big difference. But I put it into sport drive and it is a rocket. I had a couple of small issues and they were fixed quickly and I expect things like that to happen. Although I wish the designers didn’t make the car look so Optima’ish, I like the shape and Kia needs to make a few of the options that are available on the higher end models, on all models.

    • rhondaleebaby69

      The 2019s have more standard features across the range.

  • Nordschleife

    The main pic of this vehicle is gorgeous. Like the color and the background and the the angle it’s photographed at is gorgeous.

  • john1168

    Did it achieve the sales goal KIA wanted? I hope so and I hope it keeps on selling.

    I LOVE the looks of the Stinger! I LOVE the rear hatch! I LOVE the fact you can get it with a twin turbo V6 and AWD. I LOVE the warranty and the fact it’s a good value. I HATE the limited color selection of the exterior. I HATE that you can ONLY get a black interior with most exterior colors! I wanted a GT2 AWD with a red or panthera metal exterior with a red and black interior. It can’t be done in the US. I’ve read a lot of articles and seen videos on youtube on how the paint is of horrible quality and bubbles, flakes and chips easily. I’ve also read that there are brake rotor warping issues as well as excessive squeaks and rattles from the moon roof and hatch possibly due to chassis flexing. There are also other issues that owners are having but are not consistent with the entire line up. The paint issues are being addressed by KIA and hopefully the 2019’s won’t have the paint issues the 2018’s are plagued with. I’m sure KIA is also working on the other issues as well since they want the car to do well. I really want this car to do well but it would be great if KIA could get more variety of color combos for the Stinger in the US.

    • rhondaleebaby69

      The lack of color combos is part of what makes Kias so affordable (and the seemingly limitless combos are what make luxury brands so expensive).

      • john1168

        No it’s not. Not at all. These color combos are available in many other parts of the world but they are limited in the US. The car isn’t affordable because of limited color choices. It’s affordable because of platform and powertrain sharing and it’s built by KIA (no offense to KIA). That’s why it’s affordable. Also, a fully loaded Genesis G70 3.3TT AWD is cheaper than a fully loaded Stinger GT 3.3TT AWD.

        • TheAmerican

          Yeah. Kia’s Stinger may be as good or better than competitors from BMW and Mercedes that are $10k more, but they don’t have the brand name to charge more money.

      • Thetruthísntalwayspopular

        LOL. You really don’t know much do you? LMAO

        • Navy Pier Morroccan ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

          You’re still out lurking for toddler boys, huh?

  • Fabio P

    Wooow !! He sold more than Alfa Romeo Giulia in the first year of sales in 2017 … Giulia 12,000 units; Stinger 16,806 units

    • john1168

      Is that good? For KIA???

      • Fabio P

        for who??? audi shit?? bmw shit?? merdecess??

        • bobada boopeee italiano!

          • Fabio P

            Viva Italia !!! Surely you like pasta, pizza, mozzarella, wine, parmiggiano .. You can not but love the genuine Italian products and you can not shake the made in Italy and also the consequences of Alfa Romeo …

          • Bonaducci! Molto bene penne!

    • rhondaleebaby69

      Alfas are crap. Always have been. Even worse now under Fiat Chrysler.

      • Fabio P

        I see you’re ignorant of shit because you’ve never driven an alpha giulia or stelvio to say what you wrote.
        Yours is prejudice against the fiat with that famous reputation of “Fix It Again Tony” to discredit a brand.
        If you want to know Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio have won many prizes, something that your loved shitty whores have never won.
        Try the Giulia Quadrifoglio from 520cv and see if you still have the courage to say that the “alfas are crap because under Fca”
        You’re just an ignorant piece of shit.

        • Galaxium

          my personal favorite youtube video is the one from Car & Driver, where it compares the Giulia QF to the C-class and 3-series, and the Giulia literally broke down in the middle of the review

          • Fabio P

            I can not find the movie you mentioned. If he had lost in the review he would not have won many prizes, do not you think ???
            There are other videos that show the best Giulia of bmw, mercedes, audi ..

          • Galaxium

            I can’t seem to find it, but Jalopnik had an article on it.

            The Giulia QF drives great, and I won’t deny that. But it’s nowhere as reliable as the other German marques. Please try tell me I’m wrong

          • Fabio P

            If you have not found any sources on the reliability of the Alfa, please tell me it’s not true …
            And if you want to know the unreliability we have the audi and bmw

        • TheAmerican

          Looks like we found an Alfa fanboy.
          Let me explain: I don’t want any company to have bad cars. Especially the new Alfas. Their performance is amazing. The reason they don’t sell well is because of Alfa Romeo’s well known reliability issues. Alfa’s selling better would force BMW and Mercedes to pay attention, but for that to happen the reliability has to be fixed.
          That hasn’t happened. So stop getting pissed whenever someone comments the truth.

          • Fabio P

            “known reliability issues”?!?!?!?!? But where???? The alpha has reliability problems ???? do not write nonsense because the known reliability problems only the German cars have with their so much vaunted German quality that went to be blessed …. Just read on fb the complaints of the owners of the Germans …
            Give me the reliability problems …
            Remember that the alpha have rear or integral traction while the Germans have front or full wheel drive .. Who is the most sporty ??

          • TheAmerican

            Alright. I’m done. You’re too blindfolded by what you want to see instead of looking at facts.

  • StrangerGP

    Decent numbers, too bad it’s likely to sell less than 5000 units in Europe in 2018 (no full numbers yet afaik).

    • ➡️ProtectOurHeritage⬅️

      Europeans are filthy badge snobs.

      • Jørn-tommy Skjellnes

        The price is reason why its not selling more.

        • bd0007

          Due to the CO2 taxes.

      • bd0007

        Not Germany and other Germanic states (like Austria and Switzerland).

        For instance in Germany, the Stinger outsells the entire Lexus RWD lineup and it’s not even close.

      • AnaIvanovic

        Have you been to Germany and France? There are A LOT of Hyundais and Kias there. Very few Japanese brands on their streets.

    • bd0007

      Which wouldn’t be that far behind the Lexus IS (which has a hybrid variant).

      Stinger sales would be helped by the upcoming more efficient (and more powerful) 2.5T as well as a hybrid.

  • Sybill Julian

    more special car than a 340i (f30) to me..

  • Stigasawuswrecks

    I love this car and it looks stunning in that wine color. I’m actually thinking of getting one for my son for his first car.

  • Blade t

    No idea why someone would buy the 2.0 version..

    • rhondaleebaby69

      Some people just want a nice-looking, comfortable, reliable vehicle that gets them from A to B. Why does Subaru sell so many non-WRX Imprezas?

      • Blade t

        I can understand why someone would buy a non wrx impreza because it’s an awd car, and the car has a history. I’m sure most stingers are sold with the twin turbo v6 ,that’s thw way the car was marketed.

  • Rocket

    I’m sure it is a better drive, and I know the dealerships are generally better, but the G70 is just too small for my needs. If they offered us a G70 wagon, I’d probably order one tomorrow.

  • rhondaleebaby69

    I think it’s safe to say the Stinger is a success. It wasn’t meant to be a high-volume model, but rather an inspirational one. It’s gotten a ton of press and people have been talking about it. What’s the last Kia to get that kind of press? The fact that the numbers are in the same ballpark as the 4-series (regardless of body type) and the entire A5 line, means it hit the bullseye. Also surprising is the 3.3T is outselling the 2.0T by large margins. This shows buyers are interested in more than just a pretty face.

  • Turismo4GT

    The Genesis G70 IS the Genesis version of the Stinger, it’s based on the same chassis, albeit with a shorter wheelbase.

  • Rani

    I test drove the 3.3T Stinger at the LA Auto Show and I gotta say it has a very nice presence on the road. For the time I was driving definitely was turning heads. Interior is more impressive in person that I anticipated from pictures. The drive in Sport mode is very fun. I could definitely see myself owning one in the future, but it has to be the 3.3T!

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