2020 Bentley Flying Spur Unveiled As World’s Best “Luxury Grand Touring Sports Sedan”

As promised, Bentley has finally lifted the veils of the third-generation Flying Spur which marks a series of technological upgrades for the nameplate.

Not that much has changed from a design standpoint, though, as the luxury sedan looks more like an evolution of its predecessor than an all-new model. Nevertheless, a closer look reveals that the new Flying Spur is cut from the same cloth as the latest Continental GT with which it shares the platform and underpinnings.

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Bentley describes it as “the world’s most advanced luxury Grand Touring sports sedan,” as if it wants to cover all the bases by using this description.

The most technologically-advanced Flying Spur ever made

As with its predecessors, the 2020 Flying Spur is said to combine limousine luxury and sports sedan performance while adopting “cutting-edge customer-focused technology” — starting with its totally new and advanced aluminum and composite chassis as well as 48-volt active anti-roll bars.

For example, it features Electronic All-Wheel Steering for the first time on a Bentley, combined with Active All-Wheel Drive and Bentley Dynamic Ride for “phenomenal handling and ride.” The new air suspension with three-chamber air springs is said to allow a much greater range of adjustment between limousine-style ride comfort and sporting levels of body control.

Thanks to all these systems, Bentley is adamant that the new Flying Spur delivers “a driving experience of extraordinary breadth and capability not seen in this segment before.” The luxury sedan also features an array of new driver assistance systems as standard, including Traffic Assist, City Assist, and Blind Spot Warning.

The range-topping model is powered by the well-known 6.0-liter twin-turbo W12 engine that makes 635 PS (626 hp) and 900 Nm (664 lb-ft) of torque. Hooked to an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission, the power plant enables the 2020 Flying Spur to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds (0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds) and top out at 333 km/h (207 mph).

Bentley says the weight distribution is improved thanks to the more forward front axle position, enabling better precision, handling, and balance. The new clutched Active All-Wheel Drive system can deliver two-wheel drive to the rear axle as well as send torque to the front axle when road conditions and wheel slip require it. According to the automaker, the understeer effect experienced with fixed all-wheel drive “is virtually eliminated.”

5.1-inch longer wheelbase has a profound effect on interior space, driving refinement, and exterior design

A significant difference compared to its predecessor is the 130 mm (5.1 inches) longer wheelbase which allows the Flying Spur to offer a spacious and luxurious cabin as well as “peerless comfort and refinement.”

The dashboard is largely carried over from the Conti GT, including the unique rotating center console with a choice of a 12.3-inch digital touchscreen, analog dials or digital detoxifying veneer. Modern touches also include the HD digital instrument panel display, remote control touch screen for rear passengers, and panoramic glass sunroof stretching the full length of the roof.

Obviously, a wide selection of Single and Dual Veneer wood options is available, along with Bentley’s new fluted leather seating with 15 hides to choose from and the unique Mulliner Driving Specification diamond quilting on the seats. The 2020 Flying Spur also introduces a world-first: the three-dimensional diamond quilted leather door inserts.

The longer wheelbase also has an impact on the exterior design, with the new Flying Spur now appearing more stately and muscular at the same time. Design highlights include the flared haunches, new 21-inch wheels, cut-crystal effect LED matrix headlights with chrome sleeves, and new LED taillamps with “B” signature. As a testimony of the modern Flying Spur’s progress, it gains access to a retractable and illuminated “Flying B” hood ornament for the first time.

The new Bentley Flying Spur is available to order from this autumn, with deliveries starting in early 2020.


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  • Mr_Fanta_Pants

    Looks so much better!

  • Fonz

    Thought it was a chinese copy, because of the grill

    • 2PacOfCarscoop

      What are you saying!!!! That people from China got big teeth? YOu R acist! Reported you!!!!

      • Andrewthecarguy


    • ErnieB

      Post Malone approved

    • Six Thousand Times

      How much grilling do the Chinese do?

  • benT
    • 2PacOfCarscoop

      And what is the Bentley based on? Ya, who’s laughing now, BIGOT!

      • Mr_Fanta_Pants

        A Porsche.

      • Jason Panamera

        Porsche’s Panamera Platform MSB, not A8’s platform MLB.

        • 2PacOfCarscoop

          shut up… Look at your name… Fake News

          • benT

            2Pac is dead, bud………..
            hadn’t you heard that either?

          • 2PacOfCarscoop

            some say…

          • benT

            he’s painted himself into a corner if he is alive………..

      • benT

        oops – did not realise this was for me…..!

        Anyone and everyone knows Bentley is based on Panamera.
        This has been announced and published repeatedly since 4 September 2012.

        Like your dead idol, you are painting yourself into a corner……..
        You need to see your proctologist sonny.

    • Matt

      An upside down Lexus is Audi’s response?

      • benT

        yes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Audi are VERY PRECIOUS about their numbers……..

    • OS

      jokes still on you…Audi and Porsche are sister companies and share a lot of DNA including platform design

      • benT

        Audi went and found this car and trashed it upside down.
        Take another look at any street riot you buffoon.

  • McFly


  • Craig

    Very nice indeed. Especially nice in fact. But not only that… now we know what the next Lincoln Continental will look like! haha

    • donald seymour

      Craig, I see that you got a nice little jab there.

  • Knotmyrealname


  • PK

    Watch out RR Ghost! The Flying Spur is coming for you!!!!

  • Nordschleife

    See the upright truck like face works on this but not so much on the Continental GT. Looks very opulent.

    • paulgdeaton

      It looks almost “stately” on the Flying Spur.

      My only double-take was when I saw the creases from the headlights through the doors, the again from the rear doors flowing back towards the taillights; I immediately thought “Chevrolet Impala”.

      • Nordschleife

        LOL not the Chevy Impala. Now that you mention it but I think with the length of this (I know the Impala is pretty long as well) it looks better resolved on the Flying Spur. I definitely think that detail line is better resolved on the rear of the Flying Spur than the front of it.

  • Merc1

    OMG, stunning. WOW!


    • Andrewthecarguy

      You know, I think the opposite. the interior is very nice, no doubt, with some literally new, never before seen things like the placement of the rear seat controls and the ‘folded paper’ screen controls for the rear ventilation.

      My qualm is the exterior design. I am not a fan of the new grille. It didn’t look good with the Mulsanne, and does not look good here either. The rear end reminds me instantly of the Ford Taurus, the character lines in the rear quarter are very Hyundai like. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f98863e969d173145b45939fef9c721664e3f5a8223fefe822e9f117b55697dc.jpg

      I do think it is great that they are showing similarities between the two, much like the Ghost is to the Phantom. I also think it is good that they went in a different direction, because the previous design was getting stale.

      • ksegg

        Jesus Christ, I thought the exact same thing, lol. First glance to me was “Taurus and Hyundai”.

        Scrolled down to see if anyone else had same impression.


        • db

          It hit me too, instantly – Taurus rear end.

          • Six Thousand Times

            Jeez, now that you guys say it…

  • PhilMcGraw

    It is a very beautiful car.

    I was going to give it some flak for still having the same powertrain since 2003, but I found on another website that they will be bringing over the plug-in hybrid found in the Bentayga. So kudos to Bentley.

  • Enter Ranting

    Bentley didn’t get the memo: “piano black” is cheap shiny black plastic, and it’s in practically every car sold today.

    • Matt

      It’s not ‘cheap shiny plastic’, it will be most likely a very dark wood. Bentley know how to do interiors, they’re not going to cover their dashboard in the same plastic as you get on a Golf.

      • Enter Ranting

        Well, I used to think Audis had the best quality interiors, and now they’re covered in “piano black” plastic. And now even Porsche uses that crap. And Bentley is a relative of Audi and Porsche.

        • James Denz

          Just because it’s black doesn’t mean it’s plastic. Are black grand pianos plastic too?

    • James Denz

      Bentley and a plastic dash? LOL, only the finest wood veneers for this make as well as leather from cattle bred specifically for Bentley.

    • McFly

      It’s all in the execution. But normally I would agree with you.

  • B.Stokes

    I’ve always like the profile of the Flying Spur over the GT. Much like the 6 series vs the gran coupe this platform looks better stretched 4 doors.


    What about THE MULSANNE

    • Matt

      The Mulsanne isn’t considered a ‘sports sedan’ by Bentley.

    • Bikie Wright

      Mulsanne is not going to be replaced. This is now the flagship.

  • botornot387

    THE BEST!!!

  • ErnieB

    The attention to detail is amazing! If I were in the market for an Uber luxury sedan this would be the one.. I just despise the ugly Rolls Royce.. the interior of the new Bentley’s are just great!

    • Craig

      And probably wouldn’t attract quite as much unwanted attention.

  • nik

    I’m IN LOVE with this car 😭😭😭😭

    But since we’re comparing – THE REAR END LOOKS LIKE THAT OF THE 2003 HYUNDAI XG300

    • Jason Panamera

      Tail lights from KIA K900. 🙂


  • db

    One of the few cars in existence that I would prefer to ride in the back seat, with maybe a drink in my hand.

  • MarketAndChurch

    Not crazy for the grille but its probably the best looking sedan out right now.

  • Six Thousand Times

    The 7er has some competition in the big grille sweepstakes.

  • An Existing Person

    My goodness what an absolutely beautiful car!

  • SteersUright

    MY favorite of all the super lux sedans.

  • Marc Gruben

    The overall profile is great, but the shallow greenhouse reminds me of the Taurus, and there is no elegance in that grille at all. “Elegance” used to be a given with British luxury cars (hello, Series III XJ6) much as the Queen’s English is a very elegant sounding language. However, the German design influence is much like the German language itself. Precise, yes, but elegant? Nicht so viel.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Reminds me of the Ford Interceptor and Lincoln…Continental.

    Hmm… Still a boss-looking car.

  • Nastinupe1911

    This car is so Boss.

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