A Three-Door Mercedes-AMG G63? Yes, Please – And To Hell With Rear Passengers

How spacious is the back seat and do the kids have enough charging ports for their gadgets are questions that not many Mercedes-AMG G63 buyers ask at the dealer. And for very good reason: what you see is what you get – and what you get is a very potent off-roader with an iconic name, and a premium vibe that goes like stink.

Those questions would simply fade away when faced with the possibility of buying a three-door version of it. And if you have a hard time imagining exactly the way it would look, you need wonder no more, because CarNewsNetwork has taken a virtual shot at rendering it.

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Aside from the removal of the rear doors, the G63 has been shortened, too, to the point where it would fit either two occupants at the front and still have a decent boot, or four and wave luggage space bye-bye. You know, like the new Suzuki Jimny. Honestly, we wouldn’t say no to such a ride, but even with the shorter wheelbase, it would still be beyond our reach price-wise. Just keep in mind that the new G63 has a $147,500 MSRP in the United States – and even if Merc rolled out a three-door, we have a hard time imagining the price would go down…

We know what you’re thinking: could the powers-that-be at Stuttgart be planning a modern-day three-door G-Wagen? Well, its predecessor was offered in this guise, as both a coupe and a convertible, so it’s not that far-fetched. Would we bet on it? Probably not, but as it’s often the case with new models, nobody knows for sure until it happens.


  • Brian Regan

    If I had the money I’d love to swap all the modern goodies into one of the old g-wagen convertibles.

  • Callanish

    Based on that rendering, I bet you could pop a wheelie in that thing with the torque of the AMG G63 engine.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    For that matters, i fully support the idea. It’s beautiful. Perhaps a bit lacking in stability and road-holding capabilities…

  • ME

    MB used to made a 3 door version of the G Wagon some years ago. It came to the US via black market.

    • PK

      what’s a black market?

      • Bash

        Imported by individuals and not by proper dealers.

        • PK

          so black market is a very bad thing?

          • Bash

            One can’t really answer this straight forward or yes or no, but it does have disadvantages on the economy. when you look at it from governments perspective, its illegal. but also its the only way that people can get specific products (I will leave that to your imagination). to be honest, Sure i understand why its illegal, but i can’t figure out why for example we can’t get some cars here.

          • PK

            ic. thx!

  • this is cool and all but give us the Suzuki Jimny

  • Bash

    That’s is sweet. MB knows for sure that if they allow the dealerships selling it widely and in all continents, it will affect their other lineup even the ones not in the same category. Personally I would buy this other any GLE/GLS/GLC/GLB whatever. Plus also it will affect the exclusivity of the G class as a whole.

  • sidewaysspin

    Posh Jimny, 10 times the price.

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