Appeals Court Upholds $210 Million Settlement For Hyundai And Kia Owners

An appeals court in the United States has upheld a $210 million nationwide class-action settlement for owners of Hyundai and Kia vehicles due to over-inflated fuel economy figures.

CNBC reports that the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Pasadena, California, agreed on an 8-3 vote that there was enough in common among owners to allow them to settle as a group.

Additionally, it was determined that there was no evidence of collusion between the drivers’ lawyers and the automakers. The Court of Appeals also rejected arguments by owners opposed to the settlement that the claims were too burdensome.

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The case started following the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s discovery that there were flaws in Hyundai and Kia’s testing procedures a few years ago. This prompted the car manufacturers to lower fuel efficiency estimates for about 900,000 vehicles from the 2011, 2012, and 2013 model years.

The settlement was originally approved in June 2015 by U.S. District Judge George Wu in Los Angeles, but a three-judge 9th Circuit panelreversed this decision in January 2018. These judges claimed that Judge Wu had failed to assess whether differences in state laws prevented a nationwide class going ahead. It was also ruled that used car owners should have been excluded, as it couldn’t be determined if they had relied on the fuel economy claims of the car manufacturers when purchasing their vehicles.

“We’re really pleased that drivers are finally going to get what they’re owed,” Richard McCune, a lawyer for the driver class, said in an interview with Euro News while discussing the reversal from the 2018 judgment.

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  • Jason Miller

    Cars rarely get what they are advertised at anyway because most people have a lead foot.

    • brn

      My Ford is rated at 21 mpg combined. Driving back and forth to work, during rush hour, I average 27 mpg.

      My lead foot (I have one) is well controlled. Well, except for that one interchange, where no one wants to let me in and I take advantage of all my cylinders. Dang, the 3.5L spins up nicely.

      • Benjamin B.

        3.5L turbo EcoBoost? Or NA Duratec?

        • brn

          NA. Not going to get that MPG with the turbo.

  • Jawohl

    Good old Korean integrity

    • Galaxium

      Virtually all models affected ended up losing 1-2 mpg in the city/highway ratings. It wasn’t as egregious as people make it out to be.

      • Jawohl

        The physical losses aren’t the core issue.

        • Galaxium

          Flaws were found in the testing procedures and were immediately resolved. Flaws were minor that only impacted mileage claims by 1-2 mpg max.

          This is not as egregious as Volkswagen and its cheat devices.

  • Brett Scott

    I owned 2 vehicles that were a part of this scandal, a 2011 accent hatch auto that regularly achieved 43-46 mpg on my highway trips and averaged 26-28 around the city with my wife behind the wheel, and a 2012 soul 1.6 auto that I also saw 42 on a long trip but generally averaged 32 on all of my mixed driving tanks. Never had any complaints about the fuel economy. Still got a few hundred dollars of compensation for each car. Currently have a 2017 elantra auto that has no problem getting 45mpg when I drive, and when it’s a whole tank of 1 mile drives(store, day care, friends house) gets 26. Love how much the new numbers undersell the economy
    Just had a base dodge journey for a day, probably drove 45 miles total, averaged 17.5mpg…..

  • jkt1954

    Definitely good news! I’m still driving the 2012 Hyundai Veloster I bought in October 2011 touting impossibly high MPG figures! Even when they lowered them, I still got less than promised. But, I love my car, maintenance cost has been very low, and the option I selected in the class action was for funds for repairs/parts. Looking forward to Hyundai getting the go ahead to finally settle!

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