Does The Honda Civic Type R Justify Its $7K Premium Over The Hyundai Veloster N?

Hyundai’s entry in the hot hatch league with the Veloster N means that they have to prove themselves against the class benchmark, which is no other than the Honda Civic Type R.

Edmunds brought the two hot hatches together for a comparison test in order to find out if the Honda’s more expensive sticker price is justified over the more affordable Hyundai. Since the two rivals are separated by a considerable $6,700, it’s a question worth asking.

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The Civic Type R is the more powerful car here, featuring a 2.0-liter turbo four with 306hp and 295lb-ft of torque, whereas the Hyundai Veloster N uses a similar engine that, at 275hp and 260lb-ft (with the Performance package), is down on power.

Both come with a six-speed manual transmission with automatic rev-matching and a limited-slip differential and performance-tuned suspension. There are areas where the Hyundai’s lower price shows, but the Veloster N comes with a surprisingly fruity exhaust and, more importantly, better steering.

Honda’s extra power and lower weight translate into faster times on both the test track and the circuit compared to the hot Hyundai, but the question posed here is whether the Civic Type R really is nearly $7k better. Let’s see what Carlos Lago and Kurt Niebuhr have to say on the video linked below about that…



  • Bash

    No, it actually shows how to make a perfectly well all around car and price it at 7000$ less.

  • Dude

    If you want the best of the best then yes. If you’re trying to save money then no (but in that case I’d just get a BRZ)

  • Rocket

    Somebody call me when Honda hires a stylist older than 18. Until then, it’s a polite “no thank you” on the Type R.

    • Craig

      Honda should make an Acura ILX version of the Type R.

      • Rocket

        I can’t disagree with that. It should be styled by an adult with something resembling good taste. While I’m dreaming, let’s give it SH-AWD, and then we’ll go ahead and slap a Integra badge on it. And just like that Acura is relevant again.

  • Having driven the Veloster N recently on track, with none other than Hyundai head of cars Mike O’Brien riding shotgun, I think Civic Type R likely does justify the premium. The Hyundai is very good fun, though.

    • Smith

      So what. It is not a track car, it is FWD and therefore a whimps car.

      • You mean it’s not a race car or not meant to be driven for fun on any track? Because Hyundai certainly was begging for us/me to drive them hard and fast on the track, and went into great detail how they are developing their performance aspect of their cars now. Also drove NSX minutes earlier and hellcat redeye 800hp too on the track. And MX-5 RF. All these folks brought their cars and their respective interpretations of how much fun and worthy their cars are to toss about on tracks. Very fun. And the track is where everyone should have fun and learn to hone their driving skills.

      • baofe

        Get over yourself. These are more engaging, faster, and fun on a track than most “sports” cars. FWD or not.

  • Smith

    They are both FWD sedans, no sports or performance pedigree here. Cannot be with automatic and FWD, that is a whimps car.

    • Pavel B.

      I guess it’s a good thing they aren’t automatics.

    • Dude

      The CTR has a >20 year history of being a track beast. Also bagging on FWD has definitively been a brainlet activity for at least 10 years….

  • rodriguez256

    Just judging from the exteriors alone, the Honda doesn’t justify the price.

  • andyoo

    ctr has 300hp with no front drive torque steer. can the veloster say the same? also ctr will last much longer with better resale value. the price difference will not matter as much when you sell the car and get much more money back.

    • Jason Miller

      I always laugh at people that are worried about resale. Stop going through new cars every 2 years and it’s not a problem.

  • ThatGuy
    • Craig

      For only 7K more? Not likely.

      • ThatGuy

        Its subjective, performance, driving and interior comfort wins the day in total for the Honda, They are not even really a match of comparison in my opinion. The way the Honda is engineered show they are leagues apart.
        Not that the Hyundai is bad, price point shows is all im saying.

  • Craig

    I’ll repeat what THEY said. IF you can find one [the Honda] at MSRP. This test is NOT about whether or not the Civic is worth it’s 7K premium over the Hyundai. It’s about whether or not it’s worth 10 to 15K [or more?] MORE. That said.. I’d take the Hyundai even both sold for MSRP.

  • Jason Miller

    They have caught up. Open your eyes buddy.

    • Jonny O

      Hyundai Kia are the armpits of the auto world. I guess you own one. My condolences

  • bd0007

    C/D ranks the Koreans higher than the “Japs” (really?) in the majority of the vehicle categories.

  • bd0007

    Despite the CTR being the ultimate hot hatch track model, many reviewers have stated that the Veloster N (or i30N) is the more fun vehicle.

    That being said, the Veloster N/i30 N will get a boost when the 2.0T is replaced by the new 2.5T (also could lose some weight, but that’ll have to wait for the next gen model).

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