Next Honda Civic Type R Might Be A Hybrid With 400+ HP

The next-generation Honda Civic Type R will be a hybrid as the carmaker moves to electrify its entire range of vehicles sold in Europe by 2025, Autocar reports.

Production of the current-gen Civic will continue through to 2021, when Honda will close its Swindon production facility in the UK. Shortly after, they will start building the next-generation Civic in North America. The performance-focused Civic Type R variant should launch a little bit latter, probably in 2022.

Limited details about the hybrid Civic Type R are known. However, it seems likely that the hot hatch will continue to use a turbocharged 2.0-lter four-cylinder engine that drives the front wheels. A pair of electric motors could then be added, potentially powering the rear wheels. If that’s the case, then this will be the first all-wheel drive Civic Type R ever.

In its current form, the 2.0-liter turbocharged four of the Civic Type R pumps out 306 hp. A pair of electric motors could easily bump that figure towards the 400 hp, pushing the hot hatch into exclusive territory occupied by the likes of the Mercedes-AMG A45 and Audi RS3. The next-generation Ford Focus RS is also heading down the hybrid route and may have upwards of 400 hp as well, making the hot hatch market even more exciting than it already is.

Honda selected the Geneva Motor Show as the location announce its electrification plan. By 2025, the company wants to have all of its European sales electrified and among the first vehicles to launch as part of this plan are the all-new CR-V Hybrid and the e prototype.

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  • StrangerGP

    But will it have a flawless gearbox?

    • Dude

      Honda has more experience than anyone making manual hybrids (Insight, 7th gen Civic, CRZ) Automakers don’t do this because automatic transmissions are faster and more efficient now. Porsche considered a MT for the upcoming electrified 911 but said the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. I expect Honda to say the same thing but they could make a manual hybrid CTR if they wanted to (a company called Orbis actually did)

    • Alduin

      Pops out of third and 6th all the time a Honda trait aka speciality.

  • Rocket

    So much respect for the performance, so much hate for the styling. The current model is an abomination from every angle. Fixing that should be priority one for the next generation.

    • Alkiss

      The had to fix the styling for most of their cars 8 years ago(excluding the new nsx everything else is not so nice looking even the nsx is a bit nah but the designer of the car is fire so it evens up)i think the last nice looking cars were the old nsx and the s2000(AP2,and cr whitout the spoiler)

  • Blade t

    An awd type r would be great..

  • Loquacious Borborygmus

    400 HP? Pah! That’s rubbish.
    They need to aim for 500 600 700+ to be competitive.
    Six wheel drive and full electric with a hybrid hydrogen fuel cell.
    Only then will it be capable of performing adequately in everyday situations.

    • brn

      I refuse to sit in traffic with less than 600hp.

      • Mr. EP9

        I refuse with less than a 1000hp at the rear wheels.

      • Alkiss

        I refuse to sit in traffic in general

    • Alkiss

      where do you live dude i wanna visit your country city whatever it is😂😂

      • Loquacious Borborygmus

        The land where the next level of HP in a hatchback clearly isn’t enough.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    I’d focus on fixing the design if i were them. But if they make an “hybrid” it’s ok to make it look like a Prius…

  • Bash

    Driving around in a 400hp hybrid civic!, Ricers will go crazy about it. I wouldn’t even trust handing them the car keys.

    • Mr. EP9

      Dealers will jack up the price so they’ll never get their hands on them. They’ll continue to murder out cheap crapboxes, though.

  • Alduin

    So really still FWD with just an electric generator in the rear. Yawn.

    • Matt

      Well the current one is hardly ‘yawn’ and that’s without any electric boost…

      • Alduin

        Still Fail Wheel Drive though FWD.

        • Matt

          Oh man ‘Fail Wheel Drive’. Good one…

          • Alduin

            FWD and performance don’t go well together. It’s fine for economy cars though.

          • Matt

            They do go well together, anyone who says otherwise hasn’t actually experienced a good FWD performance hatch or just lives in sheer ignorance. Some of the most fun cars you can drive are FWD – and they’re fast too, setting quicker lap times than more expensive RWD cars.

          • Alduin

            LOL FWD sucks balls. I don’t care what you say. AWD and RWD are the best especially for performance. If you want FWD stick to a tricycle.

  • Come on Honda, where is the Civic Type R two door coupe? I’m still waiting!

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