Jeep Driver Rolls Through Stop Sign And Gets Pummeled

There are certain types of crashes where your seat belt isn’t going to help much, which is why it’s so important to always pay attention to stop signs and stop lights.

Take this incident for example, where the driver of a Jeep Cherokee failed to stop when she should have and this resulted in a very serious crash. What’s scary is that she appears to have broken her side window with either her head or her elbow. Hopefully it was the latter.

So far it looks pretty straight forward, right? Ran the stop sign, caused a crash, take your fine and go home type of deal. Well, not so fast. The description of the video offers only limited info, such as the location of the crash (Lower Queen Anne, Seattle), plus the fact that the cammer is still waiting on his insurance company to decide what to do about the car.

However, on Reddit, somebody posted the following message after the clip:

“According to her statement to her insurance: She came to a complete stop, looked both ways, and only proceeded when it was safe to do so, at which point I came out of nowhere and hit her at a high rate of speed. (Speed limit on this street is 25 mph).”

If that’s indeed what happened, we can only shake our heads in disbelief that somebody would have the audacity to lie in such an easily disprovable way.

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It’s also possible that she was too shaken up to remember what happened, but to not remember is one thing, and to specifically detail how you actually stopped at the sign when in fact you didn’t, is a completely different type of matter.


  • Jay

    Typical female driver. Funny that she lied about it even though she’s on camera.

  • DetrinKD

    Has the insurance company NOT seen this video? It shows she DID NOT stop at the stop sign and he was going 24mph in a 25… So why is there any doubt about who’s at fault here?

    • Ken Lyns

      Insurance companies, like banks, are in the business of taking your money. When it comes to paying out, they take their time. I’m sure eventually the insurance adjuster would’ve seen the video and paid for the repairs to the cammer’s vehicle.

    • Marc Gruben

      The cammer posted that he sent the insurance company the video; 30 minutes later, they responded accepting 100% liability. The debate was over whether or not they should total his Suburban

  • Jonne Juhola

    Why no side airbags?

  • Bo Hanan

    She did something stupid and still got the attention of 4+ males. I’m sure there weren’t enough hanky’s in the group to console her.

  • cooper

    Why didn’t the side airbags go off?

    • Ken Lyns

      Because it wasn’t a severe enough impact.

  • Paul

    That reaction of hers was almost funny. Total shock there, well wake up sister and don’t blow through stop signs.

    • Bo Hanan

      She thought she was the only that was driving that day. She also had time to react but probably thought: “oh he’s a guy and he will stop for me.”

  • TheBelltower

    Even without the video, which is conclusive, her story doesn’t fly.

  • Mr. EP9


  • ksegg

    I have a special hatred of people who don’t yield. The last car accident I had due to the oncoming driver “failing to yield” left my car totaled and me with neck injuries that still affect me today.

  • ChrisInIL

    The side window was broken by her head, not her elbow.

  • Phil Navarro

    I love the entitled look of shock on her face (mouthing “OMG!!”) and then throwing the piece of glass in disgust. All the while planning how much she’s going to get in the Lawsuit. Ha!!….. She didn’t lie to the insurance company. She’s so delusional, she actually believes what she told them. Plus, she stopped twice earlier to make up for rolling through that one.

  • Marc

    No curtain airbags? My 2003 Audi has curtain airbags, this is a new jeep.

  • Rot

    No airbag, no brake, only horn, great…


    Typical female drivers

  • pervertt

    She’s now got a new job as a crash test dummy.

  • She turned the steering wheel to the right when she realized there was a car ready to ram her’s. She didn’t have her seat belt from what you can tell and this is why the airbags didn’t deploy. She didn’t bother to slow down on a stop sign.

  • BrucieBruce


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