Lexus LS460 Driver Films Himself Hitting 160 MPH Before Crashing

A man in Estonia has filmed himself crashing a Lexus LS460 at 260 km/h (161 mph) – and has miraculously survived without any serious injuries.

The video was recently shared on YouTube and shows the driver stepping on the gas of the Lexus to see how rapidly it accelerates off the line. It hits 100 km/h (62 mph) in roughly six seconds and continues to accelerate through to an indicated 260 km/h (161 mph).

Shortly after hitting that speed, however, he lost control of the car and can be seen applying opposite lock to help correct a slide. It doesn’t work (no surprise – even Lewis Hamilton would have a hard time catching that…) and, for approximately eight seconds, the Lexus can be heard sliding down the road before it slides into an area of grass and rolls onto its roof. The driver doesn’t seem to be too bothered with what just happened and immediately picks up his smartphone to ensure it is still recording…

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Images from the scene show tires mark across the tarmac and the Lexus resting on its roof at the side of the road.

Despite that, things could have been much, much worse. If the car didn’t slide for such a long time, scrubbing away some speed in the process, it may have hit the grass traveling a lot faster and might have rolled a number of times, damaging the car further – not to mention its driver…

Driving this fast on a public road is stupid. And even if you do it at a place where it’s legal, like a no-speed-limit section of an Autobahn, you just don’t do it with one hand on the wheel and hold your phone with the other to record your shenanigans. Pretty obvious, say you? Well, in this case it wasn’t.


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  • RDS Alphard

    Is the rear tires coated with dirt when it slide into grass, or that’s actually bald tired?

    Also, judging by the road, that doesn’t seems to be an ideal road to travel at 200 km/h to me, maybe 120 km/h max.

    Plus, a Lexus? Something that never design for 100+ km/h driving?

    Recipe for disaster.

    • 6806goats

      Guess you’ve never driven a Lexus LS. My 2014 is just getting happy at 130 km/h, solid as a rock. No need to take her above 225 though as I chicken out with the big fine if busted. No autobahn.

      • Neil Freytag

        Beat me to it. The LS is most definitely designed to cruise above 60+ mph. Good thing the traction control tried to straighten him out or the end result could have been much worse.

    • Aeromann

      Maybe slick tyres

  • Mr. EP9


  • diesel_vdub

    Try again buddy, you missed out on your Darwin award.

  • carlbolt

    too bad,the moron is still alive .

  • benT

    looks like he flipped out on Police tape.

  • brn

    When you take a video of yourself doing something stupid and incriminating, how does it find it’s way to youtube? I do stupid things too, but I don’t take a video of them. If I did, I’d do my best to destroy the video.

    • ChrisInIL

      Therein lies the difference between “doing something stupid” and “being stupid”.

    • Six_Tymes

      yep, and reason why i called him an idiot. calling him or others that drive like this, and do these videos, are moronic. either word is fitting.

      • Aeromann

        It’s called moron2.0. 😂

    • Howfarr

      In the hope enough people will watch it to pay for a new car.
      Stupidity + Video = Reward in modern society
      Hence: modern society

  • Six_Tymes

    idiots with too much money

    • Matt

      It’s an older second-hand Lexus. You don’t need to be a millionaire to own one…

    • Christian

      WOW you socalist… To much money?? Like an 2007 Lexus LS with a old dying V8…

  • BlackPegasus

    That poor Lexus 😢

    • 6806goats

      Yeah, waste of a good LS.

  • Aeromann

    260km/h with one hand. What a moron. 😂

  • Miknik

    Doing that kind of speed on this kind of road, with one hand, is dumb on a special level; Kind of sad that the Lexus seems to be so safe that he is unharmed, because it would have been an okay case of natural selection otherwise, as no one else got involved;

    Generally I despise people who make performance videos on public roads, go to a bloody track day or drag strip; And that does include 0-250/300 videos in the German Autobahn, because despite being legal, going pedal to metal and concentration being at filming whilst in traffic is still idiotic;

    • bxniels0

      Not sure about your first comment.

      I watch YouTube videos that are filmed on unrestricted sections of the autobahn and often wonder about just how safe that is. I’m sure they didn’t have even 200 km/h in mind when they said “unrestricted”, let alone more.

      • Miknik

        Okay, the first part does sound drastic, I don’t wish anyone bad, but in case someone does a Darwin award deserving stupidity without hurting anyone else, I also lack to feel to sorry if they get hurt;

        About the Autobahn, I have lived briefly in Germany, and occasionally drive through Germany on their Autobahn as well still, and whilst only few parts are actually unrestricted, I have to say the few times they are, and weather is good, incl. visibility, and there is really no traffic, I’m fine with going flat out (though on long haul, you loose the time gained at fueling up ;)); But most of the time there is still some traffic (if not so heavy that it is anyway just moving slowly as a whole), and especially on two lane sections, I have a hard time justifying anything faster than say 180km/h, given the speed difference to traffic on the right lane (approx. 80-90, given the amount of heavy lorries) and the resulting reaction time if anyone decides to suddenly change lanes to pass a slower moving vehicle; also, above probably 200 they likely won’t even see you coming in their mirror, and braking distance is also not to be underestimated at that speed; The Autobahn was definitely not built for the speed (difference) possible today, and especially possible for the high percentage of cars that can do it today….

        If you are really about car performance, go to a track day, the Ring or something similar….

  • TRB0T0Y

    Over 270,000 clicks on the odometer – why on earth would you drive it so mercilessly?! Sure it might be kilometers, but still – that car had far too much mileage on it to be wrung out like that.
    Sure was a nice throaty hum from that V8 though! I’d certainly take the clean look and proper V8 of a 2010 LS over the new one’s gangnam-style body and wheezy turbo V6.

    • 6806goats


    • Silimarina

      if maintenance is good, a high mileage car shouldn’t be less safe to drive at high speeds than when that car was new

  • Craig

    Now for something completely different… just look at how smooth the bottom of the car is. No wonder it’s Coefficient of Drag (Cd) number is only 0.26. Also… the LS460 should get to 60 mph in about 5.5 second. He must have used cheap gas!

  • El RRRaton

    I will soon buy a clean Silver LS460 LWB not because of this article though, I want to keep one more Lexus V8 in my collection since v8s are going, always had love for the LS. I already have a 2019 GSF that I bought last year but never driven yet since it got delivered.

    • Harry_Wild

      I been looking for a 2013 and earlier LS460 myself but they are very rare with low miles on them, less the 200K! I despise the new front grills design!

      • 6806goats

        Better go back a year then. 2013 was the new grill. Love the 2013-2017 which is one reason I bought the 2014 last summer. Other reason is it only had 10,074 miles and got it for $46k. LS460L AWD, fully loaded except exec seat. MSRP $102k.

  • Harry_Wild

    Driven like an amateur would! LOL!

    • Bo Hanan

      That cars abilities far exceeds the idiot that was driving it.

  • Greg Gliszczynski

    it’s a glorified Toyota otherwise known as garbage.


      Grzegorz, stfu and gtfo

      • Greg Gliszczynski

        you’re just mad
        because you know i’m right.

        • D4VE THEFIRST

          No I’m not. And you are just common troll.

          • Greg Gliszczynski

            I just call like it is. You must be in your 60’s or 70’s if you like Lexus aka Toyota…lmao!

          • D4VE THEFIRST

            Nobody treat you serious here pal.

          • Greg Gliszczynski

            Back at you pal. No one pays attention to a Lexus loser driver.

    • Dylan Wentworth

      Just curious. Which brand would you most recommend as an alternative? I promise I won’t argue with you. I genuinely want to hear your input.

      • Greg Gliszczynski

        I would recommend a Subaru or a Porsche Panamara. Toyota and Lexus are known as old peoples vehicle and they’re ugly and outrageously overpriced..

        • Dylan Wentworth

          Ok. Thanks for your input.

  • Infinite1

    Nature always builds a better idiot

  • Marc Gruben

    It’s amazing how much “stupid” was involved in this incident and yet, the moron managed to survive.

    1) His car had over 270,000 KM on it (167K miles for us Yanks). No way you drive a car with that kind of mileage at that kind of speed and not plan for something to go catastrophically wrong;

    2) The road was clearly not rated for such speed;

    3) You RECORD yourself doing it? Driving with one hand? AND post it online??? Makes the case open-and-shut for the cops, AND for your insurance company. I hope they give you nothing more than the post-crash value for the car, which should be…zero.

    In this case, Darwin clearly took the day off.

  • Tom

    ….poor congenial idiot, and criminal!

  • Enter Ranting


    • McFly

      Filming in portrait mode, and a beer can in the cup holder. He proved himself an idiot before he even started the car.

  • europeon

    I’ve filmed myself doing 300 km/h and I didn’t crash. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t listening to Paul van Dyk.

  • TB

    A total idiot but glad he’s OK…

    • Robert

      “glad he’s ok”…not me. I see it as a missed opportunity one of the trees didn’t get a chance take him out. I hate chuckle heads like this who use public roadways endangering the lives of innocent motorist.

      • TB

        Yeah…I get it Robert…but not worth losing a life over though. But I see your argument…who knows if this guy learned a lesson here.

  • Ary Wisesa

    The fact that he still came out alive is only a testimony about how safe the Lexus is. Had he driven a worse engineered car, probably he wouldn’t make it alive. Yet so many haters blamed the Lexus as the cause of this accident. Very funny.

  • DavidinCT

    HE’s a moron….

  • Wandering_Spirit

    Darwinian….except he survived.

  • Dylan Wentworth

    I think you’re right. Did you hear the bottles clanking around at the end?

  • Dylan Wentworth

    He’s doing something dangerous we don’t condone such dangerous behavior so lets be sure to post his video on our high traffic website and give him lots of VIEW$.

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