2019 Audi A8: Should You Cancel That BMW 7-Series And Mercedes S-Class?

Consumer Reports drove the eighth-gen Audi A8, admitting that it was one of the most impressive cars they ever tested.

The flagship sedan’s strong nature is defined by lots of characteristics, that masterfully blend in together to create one of the most comfortable cars on sale that doesn’t shout (that much) opulence through its large grille with horizontal slats.

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As the reviewer admitted, the 2019 A8 is immensely satisfying to drive. The ride feels like a magic carpet, thanks to the standard air suspension that does a great job at absorbing most bumps in the road. Should you want to see what it’s made of, all you have to do is choose the Dynamic driving mode, which makes everything firmer and more responsive. Also, the soundproofing of the cabin is truly great, as occupants feel isolated from the exterior environment.

Unsurprisingly, it feels like a large car in crowded cities, but the reasonably good visibility all around, combined with the 360-degree camera system and front and rear parking sensors, do make it easier to maneuver in tight spots. Ingress and egress is not a problem either, regardless if it’s the front or rear passenger compartment, and neither is legroom or headroom. However, for a car this big, the boot is actually small, CR noted in their video review. Elsewhere, the two-screen setup is easy to master and very intuitive.

Getting the A8 experience on a daily basis requires spending a minimum of $83,800. The BMW 7-Series starts at $86,450 and the Mercedes-Benz S-Class comes from $91,250 on this side of the pond.


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