All-New Chevrolet C8 Corvette To Start At Under $60,000 In The U.S.

From the moment it became apparent that the C8-generation 2020 Chevrolet Corvette would switch to a mid-engined configuration, there were concerns that its price tag would skyrocket. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

While speaking at the global unveiling of the new Corvette in California, GM president Mark Reuss has revealed that the car will start at less than $60,000 in the United States. That is a remarkable figure for a high-performance, mid-engined supercar and shows that while Chevrolet is looking to push the performance of the ‘Vette to new levels, it won’t force customers to pay exorbitant amounts for it.

To put that C8 Corvette’s price into perspective, the C7 Corvette Stingray starts at $55,900 in the United States but can easily be specced up to over $60,000 with the likes of the Z51 Performance Package and other options.

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What makes the sub-$60,000 starting price all the more remarkable is the performance the car promises to offer. In entry-level Stingray guise, the 2020 C8 Corvette’s 6.2-liter V8 engine pumps out 490 hp and 465 lb-ft (630 Nm) of torque. Mated to an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission sending power to the rear wheels, the car accelerates to 60 mph (96 km/h) in less than three seconds.

In terms of the C8 Corvette’s rivals, well, it doesn’t really have any, at least not at $60,000. Picking up an entry-level Porsche 911 Carrera S in the United States will set back customers almost $115,000. When you venture in the world of mid-engined supercars, prices soar. The Honda NSX, for example, starts at $159,300. The Audi R8 starts at $172,450. BMW’s i8 is almost $150,000. The (admittedly faster) Ferrari F8 Tributo and Lamborghini Huracan Evo are both well over $250,000. Heck, even the 400 hp Lotus Evora 400 starts at over $90,000. Buying the 471 hp Lexus LC 500 requires at least $95,000.

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  • LJ

    Makes one wonder where the cost cutting occurred.

    • Danny Boy

      Riiiiight! Something ain’t right!

    • getoffme

      The engine blows up after one launch.

      • performante

        Nah chief. The small block is a rock.

        • getoffme

          Is that why it is susceptible for having a “limp mode” after running a lap on a track?

    • exeptor

      I guess they are betting on a really big production scale or maybe the car is not so “sophisticated” and reuse many components of C7. On the other hand maybe we should ask ourselves about the constantly rising prices for the other manufacturers – comparing the rise in the normal cars and the supercars we can see that the last show a much steepwe rise. Why?

    • Ben

      GM is a big enough company they can afford to amortize the cost of production unlike a small company. An example being Ford’s F150. They were able to make the body aluminum. Prior to that, aluminum bodies were reserved for luxury vehicles or low volume sports cars. But since Ford sells so many F150s they could amortize the cost over the life cycle of the truck which lowers the cost per unit sold.

      The Corvette obviously doesn’t sell as much as the F150, but it outsells exotics by a large margin. In 2017 Lamborghini sold 1,095 bulls. In the same year, Corvette sold 25,079 bald eagles. Considering development cost for the engine can also be shared by other trucks/SUVs in the GM family, suspension shared with other vehicles and infotainment, the Corvette can amortize like no other sports car on the planet.

      • Andrewthecarguy

        Ben. Good points. but how man times can you use the word amortize in a comment?! 🙂 🙂
        I bet you are in real estate or something

        • Ben

          Hehehe, yes, I invest in multi-families on the side, good catch. Saying amortize is just wayyy easier than saying “They build so many and spread the cost of the production across units sold” lol. That being said, I was pretty liberal with the word hahaha!

    • PT

      GM achieves the low price through economies of scale, experience in manufacturing.

  • Thetruthísntalwayspopular

    They may be selling the base models at a loss as a good marketing ploy to say it sells for 60k. The reality is most customers will want the higher spec ones so 80k +

    • Matt

      The 2014 z51 pack had a bargen price of $5k. I don’t think the c8 z51 pack will be that cheap but I think many would be happy with that pack and maybe a few extras for under $70k. I also think Chevy is betting on like you say many buying at $80k with customizations the c8 has. Like Porsche soto reap some of the cost back.
      I’d also bet like the 14 stingray, the c8 will see a bump increase for the base in 2021.

  • baofe

    Great car for sub 60k. I’d take a base model any day

  • ErnieB

    Whether one likes it or not at least they had the guts to take a risk by going mid engine and making it their own. Come on .. for under $60k. Toyota should just go fire the whole entire Supra team.. they failed!!

    • getoffme

      So is a Camaro, Mustang, etc. You are just a hater, now go drive your Cruze.

  • Tabs Luther

    that price is NUTZ

    • Bo Hanan

      With that starting price a nice car is now brilliant!

      • exeptor

        Complete agree. I really like the car, but as others I had my doubts in some details. With that price on the table all these doubts are now completely gone (if we assume that there won’t be some life threatening issues).

  • Danny Boy

    If they produce THIS car and sell it for 60k, I will crap my pants! Man they won’t be able to keep these in stock…..60k? For a mid engine supercar? Side eye!
    Something ain’t right Willis!

    • ErnieB

      They just crapped on the Supra.. why would anyone want an ugly fake Supra when they can have this!

      • Danny Boy

        Agreed! And I actually like the Supra. …but no, it can’t touch this!!

      • Exotics

        Model 3 Performance starts at $54,990

        – Quicker
        – Faster
        – Autopilot
        – Superiorly efficient/Sustainable
        – Plug in at home
        – Fart Mode

        C8 is no consideration whatsoever. Get with the times fellas.

        • john1168

          Have fun with your fart mode…

        • exeptor

          You sound so fanatic (in a bad way) that you probable have to change the profile picture because somehow you look like a big fat hypocrite.

        • Zandit75

          Perhaps you need to change your user name to “Elon Musk’s Cabana Boy”??!!

        • Stealth333

          And it looks like a Fridge.

        • PT

          Tesla is for girls, gays, asians, indians.

      • Stealth333

        Exactly. I’m a JDM car fan…but damn….this Corvette with this price will kill the industry.

    • Thunderbolt

      Supra is feeling the pain right now, and when C8 is finally on the market, we’ll see another Supra funeral.

      • Danny Boy

        Dude, I’m just excited that cars like the C8 and the Supra exist when manufacturers have pretty much given up on sports cars! I hope that no funeral is had my brotha! Ha

  • caddy45

    NO WAY. This looks way better than I expected, performance seems excellent, and that price?! WOW.

  • That pricing is a game-changer. WOW!

    • Some ol’ bloke

      Thats always been the pricing style though – that was why it was sometimes referred to as the poor man’s sports car

      • DMax

        Corvette was always referred to as a poor man’s Ferrari not just sports car lol, there are way cheaper sports cars.

  • getoffme

    No manual? Not really a Corvette.

    • performante

      nOt rEaLLy a cOrvEttE

    • PT

      A C8 at $60k is relatively cheap enough that I’m keeping my C7 manual transmission for 3 pedal engagement
      fun when I get a C8. Unlike other cars that I’ve owned in that I normally tradein to lower the cost of
      the new car. Wow, the interior seat colors, dash colors, door colors, drive mode switch colors, seat belt
      colors. World’s 1st car with a GPS lift.
      lol, my C7 manual transmission will continue to be my daily commuter and the C8 will be my weekend car.

  • Exotics

    Model 3 Performance for $54,990

    You’re a fool if you buy this over a 3

    • Thetruthísntalwayspopular

      It’s a completely different type of vehicle and aimed at a totally different customer. You’re a fool for even comparing the two.

      • Some ol’ bloke

        Its slower and just pollutes….

        • john1168

          uummm the C8 will be faster. And about that pollution you speak of, do you really want to go there??? How is the electricity produced? What pollution is created making the batteries and the rest of the car? What about disposing the car after 20 years? What happens to the used battery after it craps out in 10 years? I like Tesla and everything they’ve done but be very careful with that argument.

        • Mr. EP9

          Slower in what regards? 0-60 times? Not everyone cares for that. Be quiet fanboy.

          • Some ol’ bloke

            Firstly I am not a tesla fanboy. I don’t particularly like half their designs, but you can’t dispute, it makes more sense.

          • Mr. EP9

            Not everyone cares for 0-60 times which is the ONLY thing they can brag about.

    • john1168

      I’ll bet the rear bumper doesn’t fall off in the rain like the model 3 does…lol

    • Mr. EP9

      You’re a fool and a brain dead fanboy if you buy that POS over this. This has better build quality and better bang for your buck.

    • Stealth333

      lol….you got to be quiet a moron to buy a Tesla. I’m all for EV cars….but Tesla are horrible example and super cheap inside.

    • PT

      Tesla is for girls, gays, asians, nerds.

      • JL T0x

        its not that deep dude

    • JL T0x

      honestly, we don’t know long term build quality for both vehicles.

      but it would be an interesting discussion for dealers to know that people are cross-shopping the Tesla 3 vs the Corvette C8. at similar price points, the demographics are fairly wide for both. they both could be daily-drivers for any owner depending on location. or be 2nd or 3rd vehicles for the family or a wealthy customer.

  • Some ol’ bloke

    Anyone get the impression that there has been a lot of cost cutting in, say, the engine or the manufacturing process?
    Also, I asume they are gambling that price upon the fact that they can mass produce to serious levels and that everyone will buy it?

    • Dude

      Corvettes always sell in big numbers so it’s not really a gamble. And the C7 already isn’t reliable so no change there lol. I haven’t seen much about trims so I’m guessing the base model is extremely barebones.

    • Kumquat

      It looks like they cut costs by essentially carrying over the engine from the C7 and brought the power up with new headers w/shorter exhaust path and an optimized air induction path enabled by the greater vertical space in a mid-engine configuration.

      It’s a good decision. Keep the reliable engine and focus on bringing quality control in line on the DCT and new electronics architecture.

  • Knotmyrealname


    • john1168

      Really??? I’m not criticizing. And I would like to see a couple of changes myself with the rear wing and the great wall between the driver and passenger. To each their own. But what would you have liked to see? Just curious.

      • Knotmyrealname

        Yes, it’s not at at all exciting for me. I’m sure it goes, and it’s cheap, but there is something (maybe a-lot-of-thing) wrong about the overall design, proportion and fussiness of the car. And yes, that ‘great wall’ is a mistake. Hardly involving for the passenger. They may as well be sitting in a sidecar.

        • john1168

          Fair. I know it’s not for everyone but I was just curious. I also don’t like the row of buttons on the great wall. I don’t mind buttons, I just think that the layout of them here is a bit gimmicky and confusing. I also don’t like the small, fake rear side window. I understand why it’s there, I just wish it was a real window even though it would be small. I hate the rear spoiler but I was very happy to see that one could choose a different one. Personally I love the car inside and out but I can see how some would find some of the design elements to be awkward.

  • Geraldine

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  • great bargain. may be about cars one of the greatest bargains ever.

  • disqus_83g6mJmr6l

    could have been so much better then this..too shouty in its details & the proportions (rear wheels seems small..) are wrong. unfortunately the horrific pre renderings were…right

  • Leconte Dave

    Can’t believe a supra is almost the same price

    • Danny Boy

      And i actually thought the Supra was priced fair……

  • Darnell Robeson

    Seems like the Porsche Boxster and Cayman are closest competition but this thing will be a better value for sure

    • PT

      No, both Porsches are way slower, not anywhere close to 3 seconds. Even my C7 Corvette beats those porsches in acceleration, braking, cornering.

  • Craig

    Can’t help but be impressed. At that price… it’s even possible that I could own one some day. [A nice used one] I would image those door take up a lot of room to get in and out of.

  • Harry_Wild

    Since it is mid engine, it will be able to handle slick roads in the winter as long as there is no big accumulation of snow on the street.

  • Mr. EP9

    Again, what a bargain. You can’t get a mid-engined cars these days for under $60k.

  • Alexandro Pietro

    Supercar ´s killer!!!

  • getoffme

    Nice one Chevy. Reminds me when the R35 first came out. Bargain supercar-killer.

  • Jay_Sam

    Looks absolutely terrible.

  • chris

    sorry but I would MUCH rather get a new supra than this, lol it’s a mess.

    • rodriguez256

      Oh honey, no, just no.

    • James Denz

      OMG, the Supra is the one that’s a design mess.

    • PT

      Please go ahead and get your fake vents Supra. Leave the real performance car Corvette to the rest of us.

    • JL T0x

      the C8 basically comes off as more mature choice over the new Supra. not saying the Toyota-BMW hybrid vehicle doesn’t have performance chops.

  • Moebad

    That it says corvette?…It is screaming I want to be a Ferrari for those who cannot buy or afford one. And it would make sense being targeted at retirees, it being an affordable mid-engine “dream car”. (ehm NSX, ehm)

    • Cobrajet

      Corvette was always like that. Ferrari also makes front engined cars.

      • Moebad

        You are right about Ferrari. And that is the case, they always made front and mid-engine cars. The corvette, however, has a unique appeal, a different character that with this deviation, is losing. If you look at the big picture, it is simply a revenues stunt, not passion. Make a car like the dream cars and sell for cheap. Since when did Vettes were track oriented, aside from option packs?

    • PT

      Even if you could afford either a C8 or Ferrari, you can daily commute C8 to work (like I do with my C7), and not feel bad about racking up the miles or looking out of place with your coworkers.

  • Jim Jones ©

    I guess the Corvette badge has a strict formula for the local market in the US, but at that price for what it is I think it’s going to walk out of the showrooms…I only hope that it makes it to export markets relatively at an equal price and performance level.

  • DaruniaG

    Game-changing pricing

  • Whatever

    I think it would have looked way better if they chose the pop-up headlights and angled it like these headlights.

  • BlackPegasus

    Is it possible GM may lose money with each example sold? I’m excited as hell at how attainable the C8 is but “sub $60k?”

    wow 😲

  • john1168

    So if this version with 490hp is supposed to go to 60 in under 3 seconds and I’m guessing it’ll do the quarter mile in about 11 seconds (give or take) and maybe it’ll have a top speed of 185-ish mph. I can’t help but guess how fast the 800 and 1000hp versions will go???

    • PT

      C8 should go faster than 185mph because my C7 goes 185-190mph.

  • alex.remsen

    at this price point it is unbeatable. Porsche can kiss Cayman and Boxster sales good bye

  • Six_Tymes

    That interior is impressive. The exterior is starting the grow on me. I am really looking forward to see what all the reviewers say.

  • carlokiii

    That is an insane bargain. I can still remember the few months the GT-R was also at around 68k. Nissan, Toyota, Honda, and everyone else should minimize technology on engines/drivetrain just like the C8, then just have the advanced features and technologies as add-ons.

    • JL T0x

      whats really insane – is GM producing this base rear-engine RWD coupe with 490 hp/465 trq! this is just the base version. sheesh! and just for $60k!

      all thats missing is an AWD option & i wouldn’t doubt that’ll come with higher performance versions.

  • PT

    A C8 at $60k is relatively cheap enough that I’m keeping my C7 manual transmission for 3 pedal engagement
    fun when I get a C8. Unlike other cars that I’ve owned in that I normally tradein to lower the cost of
    the new car. Wow, the interior seat colors, dash colors, door colors, drive mode switch colors, seat belt
    colors. World’s 1st car with a GPS lift.
    lol, my C7 manual transmission will continue to be my daily commuter and the C8 will be my weekend car.

  • MisanthToo

    This is looking like a “get what you pay for” proposition that is full of compromises.

    One should not have to qualify the characteristics of their “supercar” by commenting on its low price.

    Like…well yeah a GTR is better but show me where you can get a GTR for $60k!

    This type of argument is reserved for also-rans.

    There are many reasons why supercars and hypercars are deemed such. Among them are the inclusion of bespoke materials and coachbuilding.

    Carbon fiber is used extensively in most pricier supercars because of its superior weight vs. strength characteristics. While plastic and fiberglass are light, they are not direct substitutes for carbon fiber (even if reinforced with carbon, like CRP).

    The emphasis on affordability, while admirable does not fool me into thinking they are throwing in a lot of kit for “free”.

    Given the practices in the industry at large and the historical practices at GM specifically, It simply convinces me that they have rounded out a square.

    If they make it to C9 with this configuration, that might be the one to watch. C8 is thus far much ado about a mid-engined Camaro.

  • MisanthToo

    Even at a relatively “cheap” $60k, that center console looks like it belongs in a lesser car.

    The conga-line of buttons borders on asinine.

    • JL T0x

      definitely NOT a deal-breaker. especially for a $60k-$70k rear-engine RWD sports car.

    • Six_Tymes

      buttons “borders on asinine”

      hahahahaha! talk about asinine.

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