Best Way To Spend Fourth Of July? Pushing Corvette C8s On The ‘Ring

A few days ago we brought you a bunch of new spy shots of the 2020 Corvette C8 as a fleet of four prototypes showed up to the Nordschleife for testing.

Now we have footage of those C8s as they were pushed hard on the “Green Hell” by GM’s test drivers on the Fourth of July. Yes, while your main task was not to overcook the steaks on the barbecue, these guys were instructed to go as fast as possible without risking any damage to the precious prototypes.

That’s exactly what they did, despite the heavy traffic that day on the track. The 12-minute video shot by Carspotter Jeroen shows the mid-engine Corvettes stretching their legs on the world’s most challenging, and notoriously unforgiving, track.

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We can see them overtaking various other prototypes, including a 2020 Land Rover Defender 110, as they strive to maintain a constant pace. However, they did not go all out, despite attempts from the video’s author to time the laps. At one point, we see an 8:25.15, but that does not mean anything.

The uploader writes in the description that “ the Corvettes were not driving constantly and it seems that they had to adjust (or cool down?) every time after a round on the Nürburgring.” As previously mentioned, the track was also too crowded for them to attempt setting some fast laps.

Here’s hoping that the Corvette C8 will be luckier than its predecessor in this respect and will manage to set an official Nürburgring Nordschleife lap. Until then, we must say that the mid-engine Corvette definitely looks in its element on the German course.

Watching it negotiate corners is a delight, as the car looks very focused and planted with tons of grip at the driver’s disposal. The aggressive styling matches the car’s character perfectly and we just can’t wait to see the camouflage peeled off on July 18. Nor, we suspect, can you…


  • GobbleUp

    Doesn’t sound inspiring.

    • SteersUright

      Yup, exactly my thoughts. Sounds just ok. Really could use another 1000-1500 rpm’s, would do wonders for the noise.

  • Bo Hanan

    From 4:10 to 4:28, both the Mercedes and BMW SUV’s were handling their sh#t quite well. And don’t even get me started on the AMG GT and the new JAG F-TYpe that followed.

    • dumblikeyou2

      and all the groceries and soccer balls in their rear hatchbacks too 😉

  • Harry_Wild

    The C8 could not keep up with the two other camouflaged cars! What a shocker! That why this video was splicted together to the way it is! Ugh!

  • john1168

    Why did the driver run it into the grass at about the 1:10 mark? He texting and driving or something???

  • SteersUright

    Either they fast forwarded the video a bit or the performance of this thing is looking epic. The grip in corners looks amazing. Just wish the engine had a higher rpm exotic sound to it. Sounds too much like any generic Mustang or Camaro to be truly a high-end machine.

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