Honda e’s Electric Motor Delivers 150 PS And 300 Nm Of Torque

Following months of anticipation from fans (and probably rivals as well), Honda has finally released more specs of its e electric car.

We already knew that the Honda e featured a rear-wheel-drive platform and a range of approximately 200 kilometers (124 miles) but now we get to learn more about the EV’s electric motor and dynamic characteristics.

The small EV is powered by an electric motor delivering up to 150 PS (110 kW / 148 hp) and maximum torque in excess of 300 Nm (221 lb-ft). Before you dismiss these numbers as unspectacular, you should remember we’re talking about a B-segment-sized vehicle measuring 3,895 mm (153.3 inches) in length, 1,750 mm (68.9 inches) in width, and 1,495 mm (58.8 inches) in height.

No performance specs are available for the moment but Honda says the e will deliver “highly responsive dynamics, efficiency, and performance.” We do know that the Honda e will offer a “Sport Mode” that will offer faster acceleration response.

The automaker adds that the car’s center of gravity is approximately 500 mm (19.7 inches) from the ground thanks to the placement of the battery low under the vehicle floor. Furthermore, the Honda e has a 50:50 weight distribution, delivering “an optimal balance of stability and handling performance to the compact electric car segment.”

The low center of gravity and planted stature of the Honda e allow it to manage body roll without the need for a stiffly-sprung suspension. As a result, it’s said to deliver “outstanding handling through fast lane changes” while at the same time offering a comfortable and refined ride for occupants thanks to the suspension’s four-wheel independent McPherson Strut design. As a matter of fact, Honda says it benchmarked the ride quality of the car against larger segment cars.

The RWD setup offers more advantages than a fun and engaging driving experience. For example, the front wheels are able to deliver greater steering articulation, resulting in a turning radius of approximately 4.3 meters (169.3 inches). This ensures the Honda e is “exceptionally maneuverable in small city streets,” according to the automaker.


As for the battery, it is a water-cooled 35.5 kWh unit described by Honda as one of the most compact in its class. This allows the automaker to achieve a low vehicle weight — though no numbers are offered. The carmaker does say that the car’s chassis is built from high-strength materials that contribute to structural rigidity while also reducing weight. The battery is projected to offer a driving range of over 200 km (124 miles) and fast-charging capability of 80 percent in 30 minutes.

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As with most EVs, the Honda e will be a one pedal car (the automaker calls this Single Pedal Control) thanks to automatic regenerative braking.

The production version of the Honda e will be unveiled later this year at the Frankfurt Motor Show but the near-production e Prototype (pictured) will make an appearance at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend.


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  • Bash

    Thats not bad at all. plus Yellow (or what ever yellow/green that color is) is not the best one for this car.

  • cat

    Sorry but only 124 miles (200 kilometers) of range,no thanks the peugeot 208 electric ,and OPEL Corsa electric have between 205 and 211 miles (330,and 340 kilometers of range) that is a lot better,and honda should had give the honda e at least 198 miles os range (320 kilometers with a charge of the batteries) so you can go out of the city more long distances

    • Bart

      I don’t mind lower range. I actually applaud that. Carrying tonnes of additional batteries so you could drive 300km once a year, for Christmas, is not worth the weight penalty, the higher price, lower efficiency (because of weight).

    • HD

      It’s a city car. I’m more worried about the price that is suggested to be close to the Model 3 mark. In that case it’s going to be a rich hipster only car, which is a shame. Would love to see these widespread due to small chassis and low emissions.

  • RDS Alphard

    Unfortunately very short range, but damn, this thing is gorgeous!

  • ace_9

    And what about the people living in flats without garage? This is the first electric car I like, but I won’t be able to buy it anyway. And I guess the price also won’t be as cute as the car.

    • Bart

      Yeah, that’s the real issue with EV-s, and that has to be solved at country/city level (charging stations at the parking spaces). Or, perhaps, you could convince your neighbors to invest in a charging stations in the garage. And some solar cells on the roof.
      I believe that at some point this will be a must have in every new building, but yeah, we’re nowhere near that point at the moment.

      • ace_9

        Maybe in 20 years… There are hundreds of cars stacked in every available (sometimes also not available) space here. So having some chargers on the street would mean electric car specific parking spaces and I’m sure that would not suit the non-electric car owners unless there would be a considerable fee. And the electricity would of course not be so cheap anymore if hundreds (even thousands) of cars in each city would be charging up through the night. The future is bleak…

    • TheBelltower

      With EV’s that can achieve over 200 miles of range and the availability of chargers in shopping centers and public parking garages, the need to charge at home every day isn’t as necessary. A range of only 124 miles means that this Honda won’t work for a lot of people.

      • ace_9

        Yeah, bigger range would help, but still not enough for me. I travel around 120 km each day (I guess that would take full charge in winter with this Honda) three or four times a week and 0-20 km other days. And I simply don’t spend that much time in shopping centers. Besides, if I would be there, at least hundreds of others would be too. It’s just moving the problem somewhere else. There is a need for literally thousands of chargers in each city and the electricity for them.

        • TheBelltower

          In your situation, this car isn’t for you. It wouldn’t be practical unless you could charge at work or at home. I like the 80s design of this Honda, but this electric range and cost will make this extremely niche.

    • jfalckt

      That’s where the Fiat centroventi concept made sense, it has removable battery packs which you could take out (like a cabin luggage suitcase) and charge at home

      • ace_9

        Yes, that’s what probably more people have thought about (including myself), but I didn’t know that some manufacturer is actually going to do it. Why am I surprised? Because I calculated very roughly how big and heavy the battery would have to be for me to be able to travel at least 60 km to work (charge there and then go back). I travel this distance three or four times a week. And I don’t remember the numbers, but it was very far from being practical. Around 100 kg or something like that. Simply too much and in winter I would need more. And it would also make the car less practical. BUT for living and working in one city I guess it can be feasible.
        I had a look at that Fiat more and I like it very much because it at least tries to bring the electric cars to people like me and it also supposedly would be very cheap (compared to other electric cars). Cheap is good, because otherwise electric cars would remain a thing for privileged people and enthusiasts. I’m for example not willing to pay more than the price of a cheap reasonably equipped small petrol hatchback. If there would be a solid small electric car like that with at least 200 km range, then it would be a revolution.

  • Matt

    I actually don’t like the looks as much as first thought. I think the proportions are a bit off and the design a bit too ‘goofy’. It looked better in the studio shots, but it’s definitely unique and should stand out on the road. Not sure what they were thinking with the dashboard though, in contrast to the cartoony exterior it looks right out of a JDM minivan.

    • OdysseyTag

      Agree, ended up looking quite bulbous – yellow is definitely a no no.

    • Six_Tymes

      The concept details and dimensions were different I believe. those details make a big difference as compared to this production version. this looks silly. I sure wont buy it. This would make for a great CLOWN Car. Especially the yellow one.

  • StrangerGP

    Such a shame they won’t make a normal petrol version, it could very well compete with a Fiat 500 or a Renault Twingo.

  • It’s so adorable! Btw, what’s the front grille port under the Honda logo for?

    • ace_9

      Antimatter filling port. But I’m not 100 % sure. Could also be a radar…

    • Matt

      Might be windscreen washer fluid access? Like the Twingo the bonnet/hood may be fixed.

  • Six_Tymes

    This looks goofy compared to the concept

  • Craig
  • vanquishvantage

    It looks odd and I’m completely in love with it inside and out . Hope we get these here in the states

  • erly5

    Will be stupendously overpriced, so will be a rare site unfortunately.

  • Harry_Wild

    The Honda e follows a long line of BEV that are totally frugly looking with the exception of Tesla models! I don’t know why Honda designers have to make it look so anti sexy looking?

  • TheBelltower

    It’s a small goofy little thing that will appeal to a lot of people. It looks like it would be a blast to drive. The range is going to be a problem.

  • Wayne Alan Carr Heyes

    Again we are being forced and miss sold on these EVS

    It WILL NOT DO 124 miles! we’re in all the marketing and development it states the below

    124 miles taken into consideration the driver using radio heater or AC and drives safely otherwise real world mileage per charge will be 60 miles not 124!

    Prove me wrong car makers

    • Christian Wimmer


  • Adam

    The concept was cool as it was a modern interpretation of the old 70s/80s Civic. This production one looks horrendous. What the actual hell happened to Honda??

  • Biggsy

    The Incredibles should love it.

  • SteersUright

    Cute car. Call me when they some our with and Si and type R version.

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