BMW’s New CEO Urges Employees To Chase Down Rivals

BMW has a new chief executive and Oliver Zipse is urging the company’s employees to help it overtake arch-rival Mercedes-Benz.

Shortly after Harald Krueger stepped down from his position and Zipse was promoted, the new chief executive sent an email to staff urging them to find innovative ways to make the company better than its rivals, Auto News reports.

“Instead of blaming the current situation, conditions, political landscape or particular individuals, a positive spirit will enable us to seize the opportunities available to us. Such a positive spirit will be reflected in our culture: the harder the job, the more innovative our solution,” Zipse wrote.

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“We don’t always have to be first, but we most certainly have to be far better than our competitors in everything that we do. This applies not only to our products and services, but also to our processes and structures, as well as our costs.”

Zipse added that BMW’s ability to build electric and combustion-engined cars on the same production line gives it a significant competitive advantage over rivals because it can scale up or slow down production of electric vehicles depending on demand.

BMW had been leading the charge of the German three in the race towards electrification with the launch of the i3 in 2013 and the i8 in 2014. However, Mercedes-Benz and Audi soon closed the gap and both now have enticing all-electric crossovers on the market, the EQC and e-Tron, while BMW has yet to even enter this burgeoning segment.

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  • Kagan

    Better quality and better handling!

    Better quality is durability!

    • Exotics

      Wrong. All electric BMW’s.

  • How about free Apple CarPlay?

    Oh, wait, that’s not really innovative…

  • Adam

    Good design will bring in business. Their current designs leave a lot to be desired.

    • it’s mostly just the grill imo

      the era of massivly oversized grills is about 3 years that way. can we move onto small grills again… like the 90s.

    • Exotics

      Wrong. Electric is the business.

  • ctk4949

    Your rivals has Android Auto, stop being a douche and add it!!!!

    • 85ZingoGTR

      They will and they will charge you for its use.

      • ctk4949

        lol that will make them the biggest douche ever!! Android is free. Unlike crapple, that is probably why they are charging ppl for it??

        • 85ZingoGTR

          It’s BMW. The company that over-engineered an oil dipstick just to get you to take your car to them. Would you put it past them?

  • why chase Mercedes? you should chase your own path!!!

    chasing Mercedes will only result in mediocrity for a brand that was once renowned for it’s premium sports coupes and sedans!

    a title that seems to have been going away recently as BMW has become less of a drivers car, and more of a driven car… like what Cadillac used to be, what Mercedes is… and because of that the lowly Camaro SS outperforms the M3 as a drivers car… and GM doesn’t even know what it’s doing anymore so let that sink in…

  • Six_Tymes

    Glad they got a new CEO. they certainly NEED one.

    • Exotics

      This one is no different. They have no sense of direction

  • An Existing Person

    They should go back to making driver’s cars and trying to be unique and doing their own thing instead of trying to chase Mercedes. It just isn’t working for them because Mercedes is straight killing it with just about every single model they have produced within the last decade. BMW is not what it used to be.

  • 85ZingoGTR

    Overtake them in what? Over-engineering? As in which one can be the first to make a computerized armrest?

  • Exotics

    Tesla is taking sales from every legacy automaker

    Electric is the business and no one besides Tesla knows how to do it and that’s just facts.

    BMW is clueless and stuck in the mud. They have no sense of direction nor innovation

    Where those Tesla killers at tho?

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