Porsche Taycan Prototype Shows How It Copes After 30 Consecutive Launches

The Porsche Taycan is almost here, with the German electric sedan set to enter production this September, and Fully Charged got an exclusive first drive of a late prototype.

The drive took place at an airfield, with Porsche wanting to show off the Taycan’s ability to pull consecutive launches from zero to 124mph (200km/h). Unlike Tesla’s P100D models, Porsche claims that the Taycan will be able to sustain its straight-line performance, even after 30 back-to-back launches.

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Porsche’s first electric model will feature a pair of electric motors with a combined output of over 600hp. The German manufacturer promises a 0-62mph (100km/h) in the low 3s, 0-124 (200km/h) in under 10, and a top speed limited to 155mph (250km/h) for the top-spec Taycan.

The Taycan’s 0-62mph time isn’t as fast as, say, a Tesla’s, but Porsche preferred a more stable performance instead of participating in the headline-grabbing numbers’ game.

Porsche also claims that the range-topping Taycan will be able to travel up to 311 miles (500km) on a full charge thanks to its liquid-cooled -probably 96kWh- battery pack. It will also be compatible with 250kW fast-charging.

Porsche will also expand the Taycan range with less powerful versions featuring one electric motor and rear-drive in the near future. The lineup is rumored to use the same nomenclature with the rest of the Porsches, meaning that the most powerful Taycan will be the “Turbo”.

So far, Porsche has accepted over 20,000 orders for the Taycan, with the electric sedan’s market launch expected to take place in the end of this year.


  • Elpatore

    This car is truly going to change the game for every manufacturer, along with the e-tron GT. yes Tesla is very impressive and I appreciate a lot what they do. but I genuinely believe Porsche will be the king of electric sportscars.

    • wonderdallas

      Yep. Once established manufacturers put their weight behind electric, Tesla will have to pivot or partner.

      • TheBelltower

        Once manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and the oil industry put their weight behind electric, Tesla will be firmly established. The way Tesla is structured, it will be difficult for other brands to ever be as nimble. VW/Porsche had to be dragged, kicking and screaming by court mandates, to finally move beyond tractor-technology based vehicles.

        • SD38439

          No way. Even if Tesla wasn’t a modified ponzi scheme and front for a drug tunneling operation, it could never keep up with experienced car manufactures; at least not with Elon Musk in charge. There are so many things wrong with the he and the company, it’s beyond repairable and simply cannot continue like this without a catastrophic ending.

          • TheBelltower

            “…Even if Tesla wasn’t a modified ponzi scheme and front for a drug tunneling operation”

            I just spit coffee out of my nose. Thanks for the laugh! You should consider learning about what a Ponzi scheme is. Even if it is a “scheme,” one with tangible products, a viable business execution and visible global assets wouldn’t exactly fall into the “Ponzi scheme” definition.

          • SD38439

            Tesla is indeed in effect a modified Ponzi scheme. Throughout its history, the company has financed its operations by announcing a new product (originally the roadster, then the Model S, the Model X, the Model 3, the Semi, the roadster 2, the Model Y, and soon the pickup as well as the vaporware full self driving package), and then taking deposits for the product before it has ever designed a production system for the product. The company then spends the deposits on operating expenses and the capital expenses to manufacture the original product. When the company is close to running out of funds, the company announces a new product and takes deposits on it in order to finish the production of the first product. Since 2008, most of TSLA’s cash flow from operations have come from customer deposits, and selling carbon tax credits to companies like GM so they can pollute more when needed. Tesla is not a sustainable business model.

          • Bronson Westlund

            The model 3 outsells the 3-series, the C-class and the A4 all combined, yep it’s such a Ponzi scheme lol

            Also, the 8 year old model S currently has a range that’s larger than the upcoming Taycan, and better 0-60. No manufacturer even compares. Don’t get me wrong, I hope they get better and produce great competition for Tesla.

      • Elpatore

        I don’t agree, Tesla is very well established now. and by then they will be in their second gen lineup, which by looking at how much they are improving is going to be quite good. the only thing Tesla can’t develop or buy is pedigree. and thats what gives Porsche, Audi, Jaguar, BMW, etc. the edge.

    • Some ol’ bloke

      Tesla is just building a front i’d say – they make their gigafactories, everyone catches up and then they sell their batteries on and get rich.

  • TheBelltower

    This thing is gorgeous. Teslas have no issues with consecutive straight-line launches. They need better performance brake packages. This is where Porsche has an opportunity to show expertise.

  • Six_Tymes

    He started out with a lie, “Purely Porsche” so I didn’t bother watching the rest. I despise liars

    • Matt

      What are you talking about… seriously.

  • sidewaysspin

    All Porsches look alike which is a bit underwhelming, because the basic form is not that interesting just an egg shaped blob like made out of putty.

    • SteersUright

      Couldn’t disagree more. I feel like your comments design MB’s entire design language. Porsches, subtly so, are truly beautiful and elegant to me.

  • Ray Filetti

    Is that it?

    • wintergraan


      • Ray Filetti

        ok. So what else is there to an electric car? Unlike Bjorn Nyland, all the presenters I see focus on acceleration of electric cars. I am open minded about electric cars, but I am not interested in the 0-100 time being under 3 seconds. So what else is there?

        • wintergraan

          The journalists presumably draw quite a lot of attention to the acceleration figures as Porsche has a reputation of building fast cars and the Taycan shouldn’t be an exception. Plus at this time there isn’t much else to talk about since no official data on range or battery capacity have been released.

        • SteersUright

          Go get a Prius EV or Chevy Bolt and find out.

  • SteersUright

    Porsche has this incredible ability to drape their bodies so beautifully over their big wheels, appearing like there is zero fender gap. BMW was once good at that too, but now all their sedans and coupes sit so high they look like CUV’s.

    This car could easily spell the beginning of the end for Tesla. Its much, much more beautiful (extremely important for luxury buyers), it will supposedly destroy it in handling, it is made by one of the most respected and trusted automakers, it will have a much more beautiful interior, its far newer and fresher than the Model S, etc. I like Tesla, I hope the have an all new Model S around the corner to deal with this new Taycan.

    I’d absolutely love to be able to afford this car!!

    • HD

      They don’t compete with each-other. The more electric cars the better, demand is massive.

  • Big Black Duck

    what an ugly looking car..

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