2020 RAV4 Fails Swedish Moose Test, Toyota Begs To Differ

The new Toyota RAV4 has failed the moose test to which it was subjected by Teknikens Värld.

During a recent round of testing with two RAV4 models, the Swedish publication discovered some rather unsettling behavior from the SUV. Sometimes, the SUV showed a tendency to go up on two wheels, while other times the ESP was unable to properly control the movement of the car, resulting in it oversteering and oftentimes bouncing through the test.

The fastest speed Teknikens Värld was able to get through the moose test with the latest RAV4 was 68 km/h (42 mph), which is below the publication’s 70 km/h (43.4 mph) minimum. By comparison, the Nissan Qashqai was able to pass through the test at 84 km/h (52.1 mph), while the much-heavier Kia Sorrento recorded a best speed of 78 km/h (48.4 mph).

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In a statement issued to Teknikens Värld, Toyota Sweden public relations and communications manager Erik Gustafsson said internal tests showed the new RAV4 could complete the moose test.

“At Toyota, the safety of our customers is our number one priority, and to ensure their security, we apply strict safety tests during the development of all our products,” Gustafsson said.

“Our internal tests fully meet the global standards for obstacle avoidance, and since 2016, we have updated our processes to also reflect the procedures used by Teknikens Värld. During its development stage, RAV4 successfully passed all internal tests, including the ISO 3888-2 and the Teknikens Varld Elk test.”


  • Brian Collin

    Hah Toyotas response to this is hilarious. Basically saying we don’t care because it met our internal testing. I’d like to know how slow they were going.

    • Kagan

      well it was only swedish sales guy and that is unfortunately standrad answer from most people today! They hire the wrong people and the world becomes what it becomes.

    • cooper

      This is how toyoder works. I’m sure the balance of 100+ people being killed in a Rav is the threshold.

  • Jawohl

    Poor handling seems to be a common theme with Toyota. The only thing that handles well with a Toyota badge is new Supra and that’s only because it’s not built by Toyota

    • Thegunof42 88’s

      86: Am I a joke to you?

      • bd0007

        The 86 is basically a Subaru.

      • Jawohl

        You drive an 86? Oh my.

    • KF

      Can’t agree…my Corolla Hatchback has great handling! Toyota has really stepped up

  • Thomas Schiffer


  • Sweden is wanna the best countries out there…But why is the driver not a woman with color or any of our great refugees ?

  • Kagan

    One big difference, why do you have uphill now???

    Should work anyway but could have a factor! Do it again!

  • pcurve

    the test driver’s counter input is lightning fast mostly because he’s done this thousands of times. I’m wondering how realistic this would be..

    • ace_9

      Not realistic at all from what I usually see on the roads. I consider myself somewhat “better” driver (yeah I know, who doesn’t :D) and I’m practically sure I would not be able to perform the “moose test” maneuver without rolling the car or not steering enough even if it would be just simulated between the cones, far less unexpectedly in real conditions in front of a real moose or a person…

      • pcurve

        lol I agree. Look at the driver’s arm. he’s practically throwing his arms out of sockets.

  • charlotteharry57

    Talk about adding insult to injury. This thing is WAY overpriced (like many Toyotas these days) – which is why the CR-V now kills it in sales (looks are a factor too) – and now it’s almost unsafe. Just great.

    • PhilMcGraw

      Besides the base model which is only a $1k more than the CR-V, every trim level lines up exactly with its CR-V counterpart. The XLE matches the EX, XLE Premium matches the EX-L, etc. So where are you basing this info off of?

      Also March through August of this year, RAV4 sold more than the CR-V and is on track to beat CR-V in sales for this entire year.

  • Bash

    I don’t know why i haven’t seen it before but the front of the RAV-4 does look like a moose and i can’t unseen it now!

  • dumblikeyou2

    Because Toyota. Win. Sweden? F-off.

  • cooper

    Search for moose test and Hilux. Probably one the most dangerous vehicles tested. Yet the toyoder sycophants in the USA would cut off a finger for a new Hilux Diesel. Toyota relies on marketing, salesmanship, low IQ buyers.

    • Marcin Lewandowski

      The Hilux software was eventually updated and now it is OK. There is no tendency to flip over during the moose test any more. Check facts.

      • cooper

        Without this test toyoder would not have given a crap and possibly dozens of people would have died.

        • Marcin Lewandowski

          This is truth. Read my first comment here. I am not a Toyota fan boy, and I am happy that such test exists. This is all for our safety. But the fact is that most manufacturers are pushed to redesign its cars or trucks because of such tests results and public pressure. And I disagree with “krusshall” and “ace_9”. Tests like this one are very helpful for our safety in general. Does not matter what are ones drive skills.
          And what the heck is toyoder word from?

          • ace_9

            My comments probably didn’t sound as I intended them. I think the moose test is important, I would even prefer to do it always without any electronic systems helping (except ABS), just to determine the stability of a car. But I don’t agree with a statement that “bad” results of this test (not talking about rolling over, etc. of course) mean that the car is automatically unsafe or that it might create some causalities like everyone likes to suggest. There are so many factors in such critical situations that the “bad” behavior might actually save lives.

  • Seats & a steering wheel

    Don’t all these news cars have Autonomous Emergency Braking with Pedestrian and cyclist detection? Surely if a moose popped out, the AEB systems would kick in?

    • Perry F. Bruns

      To some extent, but ice and snow might have a significant effect.

    • metric

      AEB is mainly there to scrub off speed and minimize the severity of the impact. If a Moose or Deer were to jump out in front of you, the vehicle can’t simply come to a stop and avoid. Laws of physics and lack of mechanical traction come into play.

  • Stephen G

    Wouldn’t it just make sense to drive more carefully if you know there are “moose” around?

    • Craig


    • Belthronding

      moose likes this

  • Rocket

    Pretty eye-opening, although I don’t know why I’m surprised. For years Toyota’s method for improving handling was simply to increase spring rates to the point of ruining the ride. Their best vehicles are the ones engineered “in partnership” with other automakers.

  • Marcin Lewandowski

    Toyota had problems with stability in such contitions. Hilux was an example, but recent Land Cruiser Prado (J120) also had bad manners when in moose test (some test from US showed it). Now I can see it is much better with Rav4, but it is not good enough. This is crossover, not a “truck”. Toyota should redesign ESP/TCS system or even suspension if needed. Good work Linus.

  • ACM1899

    Basically, if you drive a Toyota, please avoid moose at all costs. Don’t even purchase one in the general area of Moose’ habitat. And stay away from the zoo too – you never know.

    • Felix Le Forestier

      Basically if you need to avoid something avoid toyota’s

  • Nexus7

    A Sprinter would fare better than this.

  • krusshall

    What does it matter whether the car can “pass the test” when most drivers would/could/should never attempt this maneuver when put into a real world situation that this test simulates. And don’t reply telling me how much of an expert driver you are and that you could pull this off no problem because it’s not about driver skill, it’s about what is safer for you and other vehicles on the roads. The safer action is to let the vehicle’s forward collision/automatic braking system do its job to slow the vehicle and to trust in the vehicle’s crashworthiness to protect you and your passengers from harm in the collision.

    • ace_9

      Wow, I didn’t expect someone so reasonable to be here. I absolutely agree that the vast majority of drivers would never perform such maneuver even under ideal conditions. Usually it’s a miracle if someone at least steers somewhat away from the accident. Expecting such a violent turn requiring a BIG steering wheel input and keeping the car still on the road is virtually impossible for common drivers. Mostly because they don’t have good enough reflexes, skill, hand-coordination, etc. (for the record, I also doubt I would be able to do it safely myself). As you mentioned, it’s usually even safer to not perform something as violent and just trying to avoid the worst.

  • cartube

    This test is so questionable. Yes, it basically gave us the esp but in reality , most drivers don’t even check their tirer pressure and 5psi difference can change the whole results of this test. not to mention 99% of drivers don’t change the tire pressure when the car is fully loaded.

    • Rocket

      So because many drivers are irresponsible, you feel it’s okay for Toyota to put us all at risk?

      • krusshall

        Nice logical fallacy.

      • cooper

        Toyota only cares about profit. When enough people die and some lawsuits take a few hundred million. Toyota will decide to make some updates.

    • europeon

      The behavior of a car amplifies when you factor in all those things like tire pressure, wear, heck even driver’s skills, and so on. A car that behaves like that will behave even worse.
      So no, the test is not questionable or irrelevant.

  • Super Rob

    The Toyota Moose Slayer.

  • benT

    JUST TRY to get through a kangaroo test !!

  • ace_9

    Please use your brain instead of useless examples… And try practice the driving (and thinking) a bit more, because apparently you think that if you suddenly saw a moose on the road you would perform a flawless avoiding maneuver and all will be fine. Look-up moose test videos from drivers point of view and how quickly and how much the steering wheel needs to be turned and then stop fantasizing and please realize that without long training you and developing a good muscle-memory and reflexes you would just slam the brakes and hold onto a steering wheel going straight maybe being able to do a half-turn like everyone else…

    • KareKakk

      As if I don’t avoid mouses on the roads here on a monthly basis behind the wheel.

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