BMW Poked Fun At Mercedes, But Ended Up Getting Burned For Their Huge Grilles Instead

While Audi is busy making Qnicorns, BMW and Mercedes got into the Halloween spirit by joking around on Twitter.

BMW USA launched the first salvo with a tweet directed at Mercedes. It showed an E53 wearing an M5 costume and was accompanied by a message saying “Now every car can dress up as its favorite superhero.”

While this was clearly a dig at Mercedes and their mid-level AMG variant, BMW did wish their rivals from Mercedes-Benz USA a happy Halloween. Despite that gesture, Mercedes decided to fire back with an amazing burn.

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The company replied to BMW’s tweet by saying “Nice one. That’s a really scary costume!” However, they took things one step further by adding “Especially that radiator grille…”

That’s, of course, a hilarious reference to BMW’s ever growing grille. The controversy kicked off with the unveiling of the X7 and continued with the debut of the facelifted 7-Series. However, things really heated up with the introduction of the Concept 4 at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The concept’s grille is nearly as tall as the front fascia and it has been decried as everything from buck tooth to a monstrosity. While styling is typically toned down for production, spy photos have confirmed the ridiculous grille is really happening.

This caused a revolt from BMW fans who mostly hated the design. Now, we now Mercedes isn’t a fan either.

H/T to Motor1

  • Xandao

    Hahahaha what an idiots. Even if Mercedes hasnt burn then, the ad is mediocre and only valorize the (good) looking of Merc.

  • Rahul Mandala

    It’s all just for fun and games. Love this…

  • Aelwyn

    I dunno… in terms of total area, that Mercedes grille looks larger than the BMW’s in the costume.

    • Retinue222

      BMW copied Pepsi…

  • salamOOn

    bmw… really? are you even pros or amateurs? who on earth thought that its a good idea to come with sh*t like that?


    • Astonman

      true that!

  • Astonman

    Very creative of BMW. Love the bantering they’ve done back and forth.

  • OdysseyTag
  • Ary Wisesa

    Disgusting is probably more appropriate word for it.

  • XtremWize

    It seems to me that BMW does not remember the huge flop of the 1957 Ford Edsel.

    • Classic Bob

      Like a BMW that’s donated a kidney..

    • JorgeDeeeeeaz

      Well to be fair, that grille looks more like something starting with vag and ending in ina

    • Stephen G

      Amazing how history repeats itself.

    • slither16

      Have you seen the grille on a 57 BMW?

  • Scherpereel Clement

    Well, MB’s grills aren’t that small either. Or even Audi’s grill are twice as big as BMW’s. I personally like the new 4 series with that grill. It fit the car well.

  • Avtomad

    Mercedes clearly has the upper hand over BMW recently with thier more resolved design, they’re far more harmonious and have a kind of honed aggression that makes this new breed of BMWs look like psychotic teenagers.

    • Rahul Mandala

      Nah. I love both MB and BMW, I really do and I hate to write this, but MB only has started to make their new cars ugly with their 2020- design language. The E class shown above is really beautiful, but one can imagine what the next generation will be like. The new GLE looks like a jacked up A-Class hatch. The new 2020 GLC 300 does look handsome in person, but the others were ruined. The ’14-’19 MY design language was beautiful, but the new angular blobby designs are the ones that I’m not a fan of. I hope it grows on me though.

      • Avtomad

        I had to Google the new GLE to see what you meant, and have to agree somewhat. I guess I was referring to the 2014-19MY cars, given the choice though I still prefer MB’s designs over BMW’s at this point. Last decade I way preferred BMW so it’ll probably swing back in thier favor, just can’t see that happening just yet!

      • Ermal Morina

        I see what you’re trying to say, and somehow I agree with you. The thing is tho, the GLE, CLS and the other “new design language cars” from Mercedes look miles better in person than in pictures. Just the other day I saw the new CLS in white and it genuinely looked breathtaking. I don’t understand how a car can look so average and mediocre on pictures but look completely different when you see it live, and that comes primarily in my opinion, from the new design ideology, where they try to remove every harsh lines and thus sculpture the car with light and shadows. Same thing with the GLE, that thing looks so wide and muscular when you see it live.

    • sidewaysspin

      Not really, mercedes are boring bent bananas.

  • Crash Bandicoot

    “That new grill is is bigger than the mercedes, which is better!”-Realtor

  • Some ol’ bloke

    Controversial, but I actually like the look of that

  • Sukhoi31m3

    Natural progression

  • Enter Ranting

    Ironic burn from Mercedes, considering the number of huge fake grilles they put all over their cars.

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