Oh, Come On, Not Again! Ford Mustang Crashes And Flips Leaving Cars And Coffee

In a truly shocking development, a Ford Mustang has crashed leaving a Cars and Coffee event in a Knightdale, North Carolina.

As you can seen in videos recorded by spectators, the driver of a fifth-generation Mustang decided show off while leaving the event. This, of course, was a terrible idea.

As the Mustang makes a right turn at the intersection, the driver floors it in what appears to be failed burnout attempt. That’s bad enough, but the driver overcorrected and sent their car into a ditch. The Mustang then flips over and lands on its roof.

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While the first clip ends there, the second video provides another look at the crash at the 26:10 mark. Following the incident, the crowd rushed over to check on the driver who was temporarily trapped in the vehicle.

After the driver was freed, the car was flipped over and the extent of the damage was revealed. Unsurprisingly, the roof and windshield were smashed and there was significant damage to front driver’s side front fender. The hood is also pretty banged up and the front bumper has definitely seen better days.

Police arrived on the scene shortly after the accident, but it remains unclear if the driver was ticketed. Regardless, thankfully everyone was okay.

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  • Merc1

    Either these people have terrible driving skills or the older model Mustangs are some of the lousiest handling cars around, or both?


  • Thunderbolt

    who drives like that, this is more like car and cocaine too me.

  • Six_Tymes

    one of my favorite years, imo this body style was the best yet. the current is too long from side view, and too heavy.

  • Adilos Nave

    Anyone care to explain why police don’t just park right by the exit of these events?

    • europeon

      Because the Mustangs would crash into them.

  • Enter Ranting

    USA! USA!

  • TheBelltower

    I don’t get it… Mustangs are not that difficult to drive. With all the bad press, you’d think that owners would pay more attention. Either there’s something toxic slowly leaching from the interior materials into the drivers bloodstream, or there must be something particularly obnoxious about the types of people who buy them.

    • Mr. EP9

      Definitely the latter. My neighbor has a Mustang and he has no trouble driving his and behaving like a sane driver on the road.

    • The-Fez

      Yes. The second part.

    • brn

      The Mustang is the most popular sports car in the world, and it’s [relatively] inexpensive. Yes, it’s going to have more fail videos than any other car.

  • Jason Miller

    Everyone wants RWD but half those people can’t handle it.

    • Toronado_II

      Drifting is an art…

    • Robert

      Precisely. These dolts always fail to realize dumping 800lb ft of torque into a turn, on a tiny rubber patch rarely ends well.

  • Mr. EP9

    It’s quite obvious that the people driving these things have more balls than brains and look what it gets them.

  • robotlogic

    After you loose control of your car your first reaction is to stomp on the throttle again?? What an idiot!

    • Merc1

      Yeah I was thinking that too. He could have stomped the brakes at one point, but he wanted to make it look like he could handle and recover. I didn’t think it would flip over though, my goodness.


  • Aeromann

    What a mustangoron! 😂

  • ErnieB

    I have a mustang that I have fishtailed but never have never lost control.. but mine doesn’t have 800hp.. is leaving traction control on when at C&Cs less manly?

  • Robert

    That pony couldn’t be corralled

  • Hey Jim, where is The Abyss?

    Gotcha! The actual car was a 2019 Camaro Z/28 (the real video is online) and this is a deep fake that layered a Mustang on top of the Camaro.

  • pcurve

    not again… so many mustang oversteer videos with identical camera angle, identical crash.

  • benT

    driver loaded up with “Irish Coffee”……….

  • Bo Hanan

    Ford needs to engineer the cars suspension to handle twice the engines horsepower. This is a German car manufacturer staple.

  • FlameWater

    That’s one way to blow $30k

  • 10tacle

    It’s not just Mustang owners. I used to belong to a national F-body (Camaro & Firebird) club with regional chapters. We had two events that included road racing and bracket (drag) racing at a meet at a central USA track. One guy had a hopped up 90s LT1 Firebird Formula and took it on the road course. He put all his money in engine and exhaust upgrades and nothing on suspension. Suffice it to say, his car didn’t make it to the second lap.

    Moral of both stories: there is always more money than brains and driving talent no matter what you drive if you push the envelope!

  • Mr. Big

    Surprised this didn’t happen in Florida… the problem here is the loose nut behind the wheel.

  • Craig

    Are they turning off the electronic stability control? I couldn’t make my car do that if I tried. [with esp ON]

    • Vassilis

      Of course man

  • stelvio

    They should name the gathering just “Coffee”, in memory of the multitude of cars lost after leaving it

    • Wandering_Spirit

      Cars and trees (curbs too)

  • Wandering_Spirit
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