Production Alfa Romeo Tonale Surfaces In Leaked Photos With A Tamed Look

Surprise, surprise: photos of the Alfa Romeo Tonale compact SUV surfaced on the internet revealing the design of the production model.

The images appear to have been taken during a preliminary internal comparison with rivals, as in the background we can spot vehicles including the Audi Q3, BMW X2, Range Rover Evoque and Nissan Qashqai.

It’s hard to detect the exact source of the images but the Autopareri forum seems to be among the first outlets to have posted them. The photos are also on many Instagram pages, including Allcarnews which allegedly shows the first interior shot.

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Alfa Romeo Tonale production version
Alfa Romeo Tonale 21
Alfa Romeo Tonale Concept

Starting off with the exterior, the resemblance to the Tonale concept is clear but not as striking as some would have hoped for. At the front, the headlights have a different shape and size than on the study, making the car look more tame. We can only hope they retain the striking LED signature with three clusters on each side. As for the front grille and bumper, they look quite similar to the concept.

The taillights are also toned down on the production model but their layout remains the same as on the study, including the illuminated light strip that unites them. The rear bumper seems more massive though, and the tailpipes are rounder than on the concept.

Alfa Romeo Tonale production version
Alfa Romeo Tonale 10
Alfa Romeo Tonale Concept

As expected, the door handles are not of the pop-out kind, although the rear ones are “hidden” in the C-pillars. In addition, the rear glass does not look as pointed as on the study.

As for the interior photo, we can’t tell whether it’s the real deal, but it looks like an evolution of the Stelvio SUV‘s dashboard. New stuff includes the fully digital instrument panel, a new “floating” touchscreen display, wireless smartphone charging, and an overall sportier design.

Alfa Romeo Tonale production version
alfa romeo unveils tonale concept 6
Alfa Romeo Tonale Concept

Alfa Romeo is expected to launch the production Tonale in the first half of 2021, with the compact SUV to become the brand’s first model to pack a plug-in hybrid powertrain.

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  • nik

  • Gustavo Adriano

    OMG, it’s beautiful!!! Thank god Alfa didn’t change so much the Concept Design.

  • Hamster

    That looks great… Looks very close to concept. Hope its available as PHEV…

    • Matteo Tommasi

      It will

  • Yilmaz Yasar

    alfa need more delivers and showroom

  • kan hu


  • Kapi19

    Well I like more Giulia and Stelvio but this one works, Im sure it looks better with other trim levels, and please give us Quadrifoglio version of this.

    • Hot Twink

      It’s transverse front-wheel drive and will be available with front-wheel drive based front-biased all-wheel drive (no transfer case) with the biggest engines being of the four cylinder variety (no turbo V-6).

      So don’t expect Porsche Macan or Range Rover Velar performance or anything similar.

      • Matteo Tommasi

        Given that’s smaller (C-suv), you shouldn’t expect it. But a 2L Turbo-hybrid Quadrifoglio is coming.

  • Brian Regan

    Looks pretty good to me.

  • Classic Bob

    The headlamp treatment seems quite dull compared to the red concept, especally on the subdued grey backdrop. Perhaps Alfa customers should be offered any colour they want, as long as it’s red.

    • Matt

      The headlights on the concept are turned on with the DRL’s illuminated, so they will naturally look better. Also I don’t think their narrow design was going to meet regulations.

  • Richard Taylor

    The only part of the concept I didn’t like so much was the headlamps so – as unpopular as this may be – I prefr the new, larger clusters. It rounds out the fascia design with more balance. Subjective, of course. And I hope this is a sign of other designs to come? Guilia and Stelvio are undeniably attractive, but this looks like a more matured design than those. Nice work Alfa!

  • Giziclown

    Beautiful? It looks awful.
    They will sell the whole brand to the Chinese in 3 years…

    • Bash

      Who calls him self a clown anyway. Hmm, unless…

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Remember when Alfa was supposed to be RWD-Only?

    • Bash

      Yeah, good times!

    • Romain AA

      same goes for BMW

  • Stephen G

    Why does this always happen? A beautiful concept is turned into a uninspiring production vehicle. Don’t show me a sirloin and try to sell be a hamburger. The trophy for the worst interpretation goes to BMW for the 8 series coupe.

  • Jay

    The toe nail, classic name. 😂😂

    • KareKakk

      Soon to be the Alfa Romeo Tamale in spanish speaking contries…

  • Denzel


  • JRP

    I love this car. It looks just as good as the concept. The Front and the rear are unique from other Alfas but it still has that Italian. Serious, there are tons of geezers saying “modern car bad” but when the Tonale goes on sale they will instantly buy one.

  • Ed Ward

    Why is Chrysler’s profits going to Fiat? This trash won’t sell either.

    • Hot Twink

      Because Fiat owns what used to be the Chrysler Group. The revenue that the former “Chrysler” used to receive belongs to Fiat.

      • Ed Ward

        I’m very aware of Chrysler’s unfortunate forced merger with Fiat, it still doesn’t make sense to waste money on Alfa Romeo because Human Beings don’t want Alfa Romeo product and Fiat either. Chrysler and Dodge and Lancia has way more potential.

        • That Redman Guy

          Well, maybe not Chrysler, but everything else, you’re right on.

          • Ed Ward

            The Chrysler 300 outsold the entire Alfa Romeo and Fiat line ups put together

          • designer_dick

            In the US perhaps, but there’s a whole world out there where the Chrysler 300 isn’t even a footnote. Fiat still sells almost 1.5m cars a year, including almost 700,000 in Europe. It remains FCA’s second largest global brand after Jeep, while poor old Chrysler is now more or less confined to the United States and Canada, and accounts for fewer than 200,000 sales per year.

          • Ed Ward

            That’s my point exactly, Chrysler sell More vehicles in the u.s/Canada than Alfa Romeo sell WORLDWIDE. Fiat sell about 1.5 million LOW MARGIN vehicles and contribute only 5% profits to the entire FCA NV while Chrysler sell 3 million HIGH MARGIN vehicles and contribute YEAR AFTER YEAR AFTER YEAR 95% profits to FCA NV. It’s not making sense to cut Chrysler and Dodge out of the game in favor of brands (Alfa Romeo and Fiat) that never ever made any money. Fiat has no business being in the U.S considering the fact that Chrysler could sell the same cars with different styling and actually make a profit. Alfa Romeo will never ever succeed even with New product and Chrysler/Lancia deserve Alfa Romeo’s budget. Lancia have way more potential especially in combination with Chrysler.

  • Maykel

    Bigger or smaller than Stelvio? Or this the next gen Stelvio?

    • Hot Twink

      Smaller, much smaller.

      Stelvio is based on the Giorgio rear-wheel drive platform. Tonale is based on the Fiat Small-Wide front-wheel drive platform.

  • Wayne Alan Carr Heyes

    Looks good hopefully this car if marketed right will turn round alpha

    • Knotmyrealname


  • charlotteharry57

    Since the Stelvio doesn’t sell well in the US (nor does any other Alfa or Fiat), don’t bother importing it. It’s a letdown vs. the concept anyway.

  • Rivaldo

    Alfa is always coming to late to the party, Stelvio and Giulia doesn’t sell very well, the future is dark for this brand.

    • Kapi19

      Even as an Alfa fan, I agree, but I hope for the best.

      • ThatGuy

        Kapi19 don’t worry Alfa will survive and grow, depending on their decisions in the market

    • That Redman Guy

      Hey, there’s also Groupe PSA that can pick up where FCA left off after Fiat ruins completely Alfa Romeo. After all, Peugeot is making BIG money and is looking for a luxury marque to replace is mediocre-performing DS brand.

      But seriously, FCA needs to get their act together.

    • maserati123

      Never say never. Do you remember the Audi 100????

    • sidewaysspin

      They don’t because in the end when people are parting ways with their cash they are not willing to shell out for a brand with suspicious reliability when you can have a german tank for the same price and of even bigger social status and acceptance.

  • Marwan Abdul Hak

    Not bad until you see those amazing concept’s headlights then you say : ufff it’s the water down virus again!

    • Knotmyrealname

      Maybe wait until they are lit? You’re comparing the lit concept with the extinguished production model.

  • SavetheCamaro

    The Tonale’s headlights might preview a facelifted Stelvio and Giulia, but I hope the font for the word Tonale is similar to the that of the Giulia.

  • MarkoS

    All in all a very nice transformation.

  • Aeromann

    Very nice job!
    Looks so much better than the stelvio.

  • Thetruthísntalwayspopular

    Whoever wrote this article is a complete and utter amateur.

  • FordMopar

    It’s pretty nice tho… gotta see the headlights/DRL to light up. I’m sure it’ll show some form of triple lighting units in both headlights. You KNOW this will have a great lease program by next year since it’s in the 30s price range. The sedan is already cheap to lease and it’s kissing 40 grand and above! I’m seriously considering to lease this… FK quality. It’s covered by warranty till end of term. It’s fine!

  • maserati123

    As always I love any Alfa.Don’t like the rear light though. But its nice.I hope it sells well

  • PoisonEagle

    You might even say Alfa has clipped its tonales…

  • SteersUright

    Its ugly. Hope it drives well at least. Interior is a nice improvement too, from current Alfa’s. Shame about that front end though.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    Usual FIAT group issues. Ambiguous design language with Alfa (front) and Fiat (rear) cues. BMW-like interiors and that FIAT habit of making cars look thin and tall, which gives them a very cheap look.

    They should have taken some cues from cars like the Macan, or even Mazda…the Alfa of Japan.

    • europeon

      Which are the Fiat cues exactly? I’m seeing more Alfa design staples on the rear end than any other Alfa since 159/Brera.

      • Wandering_Spirit

        The rear is more 164-like. Another of those ALFIATS, but that was better designed to be honest. The Brera did not have the seamless lights throughout the whole rear. I owned one for a very short time, before leaving Italy. The other element you can notice in most fiat group cars from Y (Alleged Lancia), to Punto, to Mito, some series of 147 and now these things, is that they tend to design them very narrow and taller than they should be for that width. Sole exception, special series or sporty models and the random models like Multipla or some generations of the Bravo. The others are really sad sights. And they transplant that habit on cross-brand platforms.

        • europeon

          So basically you were talking out of your a**. You couldn’t name a single FIAT design cue.

          Anyway, the scudetto shaped rear window, the high taillights (a throwback to the Pininfarina designed 164 nevertheless, not one of those “ALFIATS”), the three lights (Sivocci’s quadrifoglio rings any bells?) even the “lightbar” a 75 throwback and the stamped bumper which dates back to 60’s Alfas, are all Alfa design queues.

          • Wandering_Spirit

            So we do agree we’re talking about Alfiats! Sivocci died in the 1920s. 75 was the last model designed by AR independently and DID NOT HAVE the continued rear lights. In some models there was a reflector band. 164 had the same reflector band, and a Fiat platform shared with Lancia and, well, Fiat. And i said that the cue includes Fiat’s habit to design cars in such a way that width-height ratio makes them seem minivans. But why are you always so angry my grumpy friend? Do you eat nails for breakfast?

          • europeon

            You are living in an alternate reality. What Fiat? It’s all Giugiaro, Italdesign, Bertone and Pininfarina.
            If it’s the drugs that make you so delusional, maybe you should stop.

          • Wandering_Spirit

            I am not on drugs. And normally, i don’t offend people with different opinions. I’ll just agree to disagree and doubt whether your grumpiness is genetic or a result of incumbent andropause. But we’re talking cars. And, as i said, “I” (it’s me) see FIAT cues, in particular in the rear and the height-width ratio. You are perfectly free to see a pure-bred Alfa and the spirit of Sivocci too. I can assure you no one will object on that.

          • europeon

            You are VERY confused about two VERY different things. The parts/platform sharing with other Fiat cars that and the design language. The parts sharing was a nightmare for Alfa, but the design (both exterior and interior) has remained 100% Alfa, penned by all the great design houses. Same goes for Fiat and Lancia – they kept their own design identity, even if they were sharing parts. And Fiat group went so far to preserve their identity, that not even stuff like door mirrors, handles were shared and hardpoints we so disguised in metal that were indistinguishable.

            That’s why what you’re saying it’s not an opinion, it’s just BS.

  • Tabari Lucas

    More ungainly-sized lights make this less attractive than the concept. Hopefully the proportions look right with a less warpy camera lens.

    • exeptor

      The small wheels as well the bad camera angle make it look odd, but in general they’ve kept almost the entire concept with just a little bit bigger lights and civilized shapes. Not an SUV fan but this one in QV form will be a looker especially as it returns to the classic (in modern terms) Alfa Romeo design language.

  • ThatGuy

    “With A Tamed Look” – Because all production cars look like their concepts.
    Slow news day, did not have to read the article.

  • wait a minute

    might be the camera angle but the gear lever looks usually tall, like they got it out of a 15 yr old Alfa.

  • Anthony James

    This is one of the closest production/concepts going, I feel like Alfa can’t catch a break. We (car lovers) should love this car even when the press is negative prior to the car even existing.

  • xrnzaaas

    Oof, if it wasn’t for the led taillights I would’ve said it’s a car from more than 10 years ago.

  • Bart
  • Paweł Rakoczy

    headlights are disaster. No design just manufacture.

  • Bob

    According to BMW, what it may really be missing is a far bigger grille.

  • sidewaysspin

    At least here seems well below the brilliance of the prototype.

    • Giziclown

      The concept was great, this one is a disappointment.

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