Watch In Horror As A Porsche 911 GT2 RS Slams Into A Pagani Huayra BC While Lapping Monza

Footage has been shared on Instagram that shows the moment a Porsche 911 GT2 RS slammed into a Pagani Huayra BC during a track day at Monza.

This video shows the Pagani entering the first corner on the Formula 1 circuit when, all of a sudden, a silver Porsche 911 GT2 RS comes into view and slams right into the door of the Huayra. The impact briefly sends the Porsche onto two wheels as the Pagani is pushed across the grass after its door was forced open by the impact.

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It can often be hard to determine the cause of crashes like this but that’s not the case here as the whole thing was captured on film. Evidently, the driver of the Porsche was storming into turn 1 of the track way too fast and was unable to shed off enough speed to avoid hitting the Pagani. Things like this can happen at high-speed tracks like Monza. After all, even Formula One drivers often brake too late at this very corner so we don’t think it’s fair to chastise the 911 driver too much considering this is a mistake the world’s best drivers also occasionally make.

We don’t have any images available that show the damage sustained by the Porsche or Pagani although the driver’s door of the Porsche can be seen swinging open shortly after the crash showing that the driver likely sustained no injuries. The Pagani is one of the strongest vehicles on the market with its carbon fiber cell so its driver likely also escaped without injury.

As for the repair bill, well, we don’t even want to begin thinking about it.


Opening image credit [email protected]

  • Six_Tymes


  • Bo Hanan

    This is the “most horrible accident ever!” Are the cars ok?…

  • Matteo Tommasi

    A light contact

  • Dennis James

    The million dollar damage ? 🙂

  • Foncool

    Sorry they aren’t racing for the world championship, in fact they aren’t racing at all. Purely on the Porsche driver.

    • Smith

      Agreed but unfortunately the Pagani driver has to pay for his damage and his bill is more than the whole Porsche costs.

  • Ben

    To be fair to those who “hoard” their super cars, this is why. Track use for vehicles is nearly all take and no gain. Some automakers will void your warranty if you’re on track. Your insurance rate can climb if it’s known you track your vehicle or while on track your insurance is completely voided. Add to that the accelerated wear and tear on components such as brakes, tires, transmission, etc. Fuel consumption is higher and so are other fluids such as coolant and oil.

    The only thing you gain from tracking your vehicle is the time of your life, but at what cost? You’d feel bad by not taking a car like those on the track, but not as bad as those two feel currently.

    • Stephen G

      Aren’t “race cars” designed to “race”? Why would you buy a “race car” and not race it?

      • Ben

        For all of the above reasons. There is so much cost associated with the vehicle that opportunity cost of racing it is very steep. Its all fun and games until you crash the car you have a 4-6 year note on and your insurance won’t cover you. People buy “race cars” for plenty of reasons besides actually taking them to the track just as people buy 4×4 vehicles (Range Rover, Wrangler, GWagon, Landcruiser) and never touch a dirt road.

        • Stephen G

          No reasons listed above. It’s stupid to buy a car like that and not use it for its intended purpose.

          • Ben

            1)Some automakers will void your warranty if you’re on track
            2)Your insurance rate can climb if it’s known you track your vehicle
            3)Or while on track your insurance is completely voided
            4)The accelerated wear and tear on components(brakes,fluids,tires)
            5)Higher fuel, oil and coolant consumption

            They all factor into the opportunity cost of tracking a vehicle.

          • Stephen G

            Those are all reasons not to buy the car. Not to not race it.

          • Ben

            All of those reasons result from tracking a vehicle. Driving a vehicle at the track can influence your insurance provider, warranty and cause accelerated wear on various components. Driving it as the road car which it is bypasses many of these problems.

    • Jason Miller

      Chances are, if they can afford those cars, they can afford the consequences.

      • Ben

        You’d think, but with leasing and financing be relatively easy, you don’t need to be a billionaire or even millionaire to drive $280k+ cars around.

  • Willzyx

    Pagani’s door opening mid collision doesn’t look like a safety feature. Might wanna look into that at the factory.

  • Puddingpopper

    there’s a bunch of race cars flying about… I think i’ll get out of my car… dumb

  • Captain America

    Caption Contest……

    1. HONEY…..I Shrunk the Bank Account……..2. That’ll BUFF OUT…..Right?

  • robotlogic

    It was the Pagani’s fault, he cut into the racing line at the corner. There was nothing the 911 could of done.

    • Smith

      If you know anything about racing and driving on a race track you know that was 100% the Porsche fault. No question.

      • robotlogic

        I do race, the Pagani was NOT on the racing line and looked like he was yielding the corner to the 911 before diving in on that corner at the last second. The Porsche had way too much entry speed but that didn’t have anything to do with it.

    • Eric

      He could have better judged his braking point. Judging from the green 911 that first goes through, the silver GT2 was never going to make that corner anyway. That said, the Pagani driver needs to check his mirrors and give up the corner if he sees someone dive-bombing him on his inside. Second thing, and perhaps more important – nobody is there to set a record – stay the hell behind the guy and take him on the straight! Some people take that stuff waaaayyy too seriously.

      • robotlogic

        That “corner” looks like a Chicane to me in which case the 911 was on the racing line and really didn’t
        need to slow down much to make it though.

        • Eric

          Right. It’s turn 1 at Monza, where you have to late apex it a bit to get good entry into 2 to then hit the throttle for the long “straight”. The Porsche needed to slow down a ton. Remind me to never lend you a vehicle on a track.

          • robotlogic

            Yeah, looking at the track layout you are correct. I didn’t realize how sharp that first turn is. Looked more like a strait though the middle style to me which it isn’t. Come on Eric, let me borrow you car bro. I’ve never crashed at the track, I did go off once from over accelerating out of a sharp corner.

          • Eric

            Awww I only have Ford Focus with Ford Racing handling pack, not even a real ST. At least it’s manual, right?? 😂

          • robotlogic

            Sounds like a fine car to me, I’d need to adjust to FWD but it shouldn’t take that long 🙂 I bet it’s a blast on the track! Yes, manual all the way.

  • Smith

    Biggest hour here is the ease with which the Pagani door just pops open in the event of a crash. Very concerning and not at all safe.

  • Nastinupe1911

    Not one comment about the safety of the drivers lol. The closest we got was about the door swinging open after the crash. We are definitely car guys ha ha ha.

  • TB

    OOOOOF….yeah I just died a little inside….

  • Mike M

    that is why it is hard to justify the existence of “super cars”, other than to be a beautiful functioning piece of art and an easy way for people to feel special. I would rather own a car within my budget that I can afford to hammer on, rather than a car that is too precious to take anywhere other than C&C. I know enough wealthy people that own nice cars, but they don’t want to put mileage on them, they don’t want to take them to the canyons, and they would never take it our for HPDE events. It’s a bit like putting a tiger in the zoo, kinda sad.

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