Relive Chris Harris’s Review Of The Tesla Model 3 Performance

One of the most intriguing reviews from season 27 of Top Gear featured Chris Harris, the Tesla Model 3 Performance, and three of the market’s finest European sports sedans.

The review kicked off with a drag race between the all-electric Tesla, a Mercedes-AMG C 63 S, an Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio and a BMW M3. To ensure the race was as competitive as possible, it was held over half a mile (804 meters) as opposed to a normal quarter-mile.

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Unsurprisingly, the Tesla Model 3 Performance powered off the line at frightening speed and easily out-sprinted its combustion-engined rivals to 100 mph (160 km/h). Slowly, though, the C 63 S, Giulia Quadrifoglio, and M3 started to close in on the Tesla as they passed 130 mph (209 km/h). The Mercedes managed to overtake the Model 3 just before the finish line, but the EV did beat out the Alfa Romeo and BMW.

For the second test, the Top Gear crew set up a tight and twisty handling circuit to see if the Tesla could beat the potent Alfa Romeo in the handling department. According to Harris, the Giulia is beautifully sharp and a joy to drive through the corners. By comparison, the Tesla rolls more through the corners, feels lazier, and isn’t as controlled as the Italian sedan. Nevertheless, it managed to beat the Alfa Romeo, primarily because of its ability to launch out of corners with so much speed.


  • Bash

    Expected. You can’t beat electric power in term of launching out of the corners with so much speed and practically instant acceleration. But would that beat fun; being fun to drive. That’s a whole different and completely subjective topic.

    • Mike Davis

      Yes, it can be and is incredibly fun – it’s mind-blowing how quick the Tesla Model 3 Performance is. However, does the Alfa’s agility make it even more fun? It sure seems like it from this review and wouldn’t surprise me.

  • Six_Tymes

    Chris Harris is the man.

    • As far I know, he she never said what s e x he she feels like… So watch out.

  • Craig

    So silly. What percentage of ANY of these cars will EVER be taken to ANY track by any owner?

    • Matt

      You’re showing your age there Craig.

      • Craig

        I bet it’s less than one half of 1%.

        • KidRed

          The point is to show how fun and how capable a car is when it comes to driving it in ways that differ from your grandma’s. How many computer users use all of their ECU or GPU day in and out but still got an top end model of both?

          • Craig

            I understand that. But how a car feels on a trip from home to Walmart and back would be more helpful information. And what it’s like in 100 degree weather in a traffic jam. And so on.

    • Jason Miller

      You’d be surprised. A Model 3 just became the first electric car to win an SCCA autocross national championship.

      • Craig

        And what percentage of Telsa Model 3 owners do you think have anything to do with the SCCA autocross?

    • Rick Alexander

      Guess you never heard of “track days”? It’s actually a “thing”.

      • Craig

        Give me a break. How many owners of these cars will EVER race them around a track?

        • Rick Alexander

          What era are you from? If you’re speaking from your own experiences that’s one thing. There are all kinds of clubs where I’m from that take our cars to the track. You don’t have to beat on them. Not to mention that the cost of tracking your car is much more reasonable. Do some research before making a statement that is founded on a lack of information.

          • Craig

            Gosh. I didn’t mean to hurt the tracks feelings! Grow up.

          • Rick Alexander

            Holy crap you’re an ass-hat! Forgive me. I shouldn’t have asked what era you’re from. That was uncalled for. What friggin’ planet are you from? Do yourself a favour and stick to Pokémon Craig. Leave the message boards to the adults. Geezuz

          • Craig

            You arrogant, ignorant little jackass.

          • Rick Alexander

            Okay… now THAT is funny! BTW… How does a guy who looks like Herman Munster get a name like Craig anyway? Shouldn’t your name be Frank or Boris or somethin’ like that? Jus sayin’. Love the hair though. Grace Jones would’ve been proud!

    • Craig

      3 thumbs down. What planet to you guys live on?

  • Best car ever made! Better than VW or any other brand.

  • db

    Careful, don’t get aroused.

  • db

    You seem to have a gender identity problem.

    • because its a problem in our society

      • db

        Boys have always been boys and girls have always been girls.

        Its only a problem if you make it one.

        • Who says that? Your biology teacher our the habitus from your parents…

          • db

            Biology teacher, if you need a teacher to figure out what’s between your legs my friend, you got bigger problems than you know.

          • Men can have periods too, women can have a “something between their legs. END

          • db

            You have a lot to learn about life pal.

          • lean? What about you and your closed mind…

  • Hein — NL

    The model 3 is a newcomer. But not one to understimate!

  • SteersUright

    If there’s a better auto reviewer/journalist/vlogger than Chris Harris, I haven’t seen them. Some others come close: Throttle House guys, Harry something, and a few other Brits who’s names I don’t recall. Chris just seems to truly love cars and driving them, along with exceptional eloquence.
    The Model 3 isn’t my cup of tea and I’d take any of the others it was pitted against over it. But, its hard to deny its performance. I just find it to be unforgivably ugly, like most all Tesla design is. But, at least the Model X SUV Whale looking thing has real road presence. The Model 3 truly looks like a refrigerator fell on its side and drove right out of a Sears clearance center.

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