Motorcyclist Caught Smashing Off Tesla Model 3 Mirror

The cameras of a Tesla Model 3 have captured the moment a motorcyclist in the U.S. broke off a mirror from the electric sedan while driving on a motorway.

Tesla Model 3 owner, Brandon McGowen, was traveling along a highway in Lincoln, California when a motorcyclist, riding a Suzuki, gradually merged into the left lane currently occupied by the Tesla. A video showcasing what happened leading up to the incident shows that the motorcyclist only just entered onto the highway before changing lanes in front of the Tesla driver.

After a few seconds of riding in the left lane, the motorcyclist slows down to a reported 50 mph (80 km/h) and fails to change lanes even as the Tesla driver inches up behind him. When he does move over to the right lane to let the Tesla past, he expresses his anger by waving at the driver. Mere seconds later, he accelerates up alongside the Model 3, sticks his hand out and hits the mirror, breaking off the plastic cap.

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While the front-facing camera of the Tesla Model 3 isn’t of the best quality, the motorist says the California Highway Patrol has used the footage to identify the motorcyclist and are “moving onto the courts.”

As a motorcyclist myself, it’s a shame to see how some bad cookies like this biker can give much of the community a bad reputation. I can assure you, we’re not all like this and it is possible to enjoy a high-performance sports bike and an all-electric Tesla Model 3.


  • Mr. EP9

    A-holes are everywhere. What more needs to be said?

  • bryceee

    The bike rider should wear a Jacket saying…
    Mobile Organ Donor

  • db

    With the camera being totally on the biker, how do we know the Tesla driver wasn’t being an idiot and flipping the bird?

    Who knows, maybe Tesla driver was napping and the biker was giving him/her a wake up call.

    • Six_Tymes


      • disqus_SWe1pH5gM2

        I commute 120+ miles a day on a motorcycle. I see both d bag motorcyclist but a hell of a lot more crazy cagers. I wear a gopro always to record it.

        • LJ

          What’s a “cager”?

      • db

        Like the old saying goes – don’t believe nothing of what you see and only half of want you read.

        My point is there usually are two sides to every story and here we are judging by only one side.

        • krusshall

          There’s nothing to judge. Only one party committed vandalism. Only one party was traveling well below the speed limit in the passing lane. Only one party drove aggressively.

          • db

            And only one side of the “story” presented….

          • krusshall

            Sorry, no “story” justifies road rage…ever. If you can’t control your emotions while driving then you shouldn’t be driving.

          • db

            Can you honestly tell me you have never flipped anyone the bird??

          • krusshall

            Probably in middle school. I use my horn if somebody does something stupid which usually provokes a return bird at which time I’m so incensed I speed up and knock the crap out of their side mirror.

            Seriously, feeling anger is normal but allowing it to manifest into some retaliatory response…not good.

          • db

            I completely agree with your closing line. As a rule, I do everything humanly possible to avoid use of my horn but there are times when someone’s arrogance/ignorance just sets you off and your hand comes up in frustration.

            If it is ignorance, I believe most drivers own up to it but arrogance ratchets up the road rage meter to a whole new level.

    • krusshall

      Go watch the full video.

  • Thetruthísntalwayspopular

    Only shows part of the story. Bikers normally only act like that when they’ve been cut off or facing aggressive behaviour by car drivers. I bet the smug Tesla 3 driver isn’t telling the whole truth.

    • Ben

      I would like to see more context. Although, just being smug doesn’t mean you should break a mirror. If they endanger your life, well then….

    • ChicagoBlah

      it wont matter in court, guy on the bike still f’d up

    • krusshall

      Go watch the full video of the interaction. The biker was neither cut off nor subjected to aggressive behavior.

    • Porkopolis

      HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Unfortunately, like driving a pickup truck, driving a performance car and/or riding a motorcycle puts you into a population with an extremely high douchebag ratio. Just how it is.

  • disqus_SWe1pH5gM2

    They cut out the part where the Tesla tailgated the motorcycle and the motorcycle told him to back off. The tesla then cuts off the biker and the biker takes the mirror in revenge.

    • db

      I was wondering the same thing, if there may have been some “convenient editing” involved between the front shot and the rear shot.

    • krusshall

      Go watch the full video of the interaction before making up stories of what happened.

  • Jason Miller

    Granted the Tesla driver probably isn’t as innocent as they seem, but doesn’t give the biker the right to damage personal property.

    • javier

      wut? dude on bike pulled into the left lane then slowed down, tesla passed on right , biker got pissed, biker needs license revoked

  • Thunderbolt

    The different kind of genders we have now a day, this a-hole biker could be having his monthly period for all we know, so install a sharp blade on the side mirror, just in case of such an encounter, there goes the hand.

  • exeptor

    Just a little turn to the right … and the problem is fixed 😁.

    • db

      You think that’s funny?

      • exeptor

        Is it not?

        • db

          It is not hard to tell you still have some serious maturing to do.

          • exeptor

            Said the big bad boy!

          • db

            More maturity seeping through with cheap name calling…

    • javier

      sadly people like you are allowed to have a drivers licence

      • exeptor

        No, it actually makes thing funnier.

    • exeptor

      For the two snowflakes above – in 7 years since I’ve first ride a motorcycle I’ve never had any issues with car drivers. Never! Whenever I was in a risky situation it was always me – driving too fast on the left lane and someone appears on from of me resulting in heavy breaking – dangerous but it is my fault. Going zig-zag in traffic when suddenly someone close a gap in front of me – my fault as in the first place I shouldn’t do that. It is just the reality of the motorcycles. It is fun, it brings adrenaline, but it is dangerous.

      For both of you – go and watch the full video and decide if the biker was right or he put in danger many people around him. OK, he doesn’t deserve to die or be hard badly, but to bring his heart rate at 200 in a fraction of a second is a good way to show him that feeling Free Willy doesn’t mean put others at risk or destroying their property.

  • exeptor

    Absolutely – biker doing biker’s stuff, i.e. acting like someone whose last erection happened 2 years ago. Went to the left lane in front of the car without a turn signal, slowing down deliberately, moving to the right lane without being pushed (again no signal), then accelerating between cars, etc. Just a man with a lot of problems, searching for someone to release his anger on. Just take away the last thing that makes him feel free and left him in the desperation pit.

    • TheBelltower

      Yep. People like this should not have a license and be required to take the bus.

  • Alexandro Pietro

    Wild people for wild country…

  • sidewaysspin

    Suzuki 1 Tesla 0

  • disqus_SWe1pH5gM2

    Telsa is to close to the back end of that bike. He falls off he gets ran over. But yes, He’s an A hole.

  • Porkopolis

    I’m convinced these Tesla sentry videos are 90% staged.

    • Big Black Duck

      i bet you think the earth is flat too

  • Alduin

    Give the man some credit 👏 he actually helped out that Tesla. Now if only he broke off the camera too. Tesla owners are such smug douchebags. 🖕

    • Big Black Duck

      as opposed to Truck owners? really

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