How Does Rolls-Royce’s First AWD Luxury Sedan, The 2021 Ghost, Handle The Scottish Snow?

You don’t often see a Rolls-Royce covered in salt and dirt but, surprisingly, the new Ghost takes the grime rather well.

That’s because it has borrowed some AWD know-how from the Cullinan, making it the first non-SUV from Rolls to feature four driven wheels. So a winter test in snowy Scotland seems appropriate.

Better still, the original Silver Ghost, the first Rolls-Royce with a model name, was among the cars that competed in a famous race from London to Edinburgh in 1911. So does the newest car earn its name?

It turns out that the racing part of its lineage isn’t as far in the past as you might expect. Although you’d never confuse this for a driver’s car, it does get to 60 mph in a surprisingly quick 4.6 seconds thanks to its 6.75-liter V12. And according to host Paul Woodman, it’s not a bad car to drive, either.

The real appeal of the Ghost, though, is the experience of being in it. New for 2021, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine oneself gliding from London to Edinburgh and back and then starting all over again. Woodman apparently uses all the adjectives you’d expect from such a luxurious car: peerless, magical, extravagant. Like a true Rolls-Royce, then.

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Along with the new infotainment system and the fridge for chilling your champagne flutes made of exquisite crystal, there’s also the starry roof that can be made to include shooting stars and all kinds of celestial patterns.

The exterior, meanwhile, has been designed to be “post-opulent.” According to Woodman that means toned down, and while the grille might be a little smaller than the Cullinan’s, it is still called a “pantheon grille,” so it’s not exactly understated.

It is nice, though, even covered in salt and grime. Mind you, for $330,000 it better look good everywhere.

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