Modernized BMW 3-Series E30 Actually Looks Good in the Metal

Upon seeing Hungarian company TMCars’ idea of giving an old BMW E30 3-Series features only found on the very latest cars, it seemed a bit far-fetched at first, especially since all they were showing were 3D model renderings and the promise of a kit that people will actually be able to buy. Now, around 18 months after first being announced, the company has managed to actually make one of their “futurized” E30, and first impressions are good. The front end, at least, looks very nice, with the accentuated shark nose profile and fresh take on LED daytime running lights. The rear is less successful, but that can probably be corrected with a set of rear lights that look more professional, so as to give the impression that this car is some kind of concept – a look that could really be pulled off with a little bit of extra design work. Oh, and the overhangs seem to have been stretched a bit too much at both ends, for some tastes, at least… The prototype you see in these photos is currently the only in existence, and it showcases one of the company’s two body style proposals: “street.” The other is called “race” and it features a modified M3-esque C-pillar, and wider flared wheels to accommodate larger wheels, lower suspension and other mechanical mods. If you’re interested, then you can order the kit in this form for €2,970 or ~$4,100. The fancy headlights are sold separately and cost an additional €800 or $1,100. Some nice fitting rims you’ll have to find yourself, but a set of large-ish factory wheels from a newer BMW could do the trick.By Andrei Nedelea