The New Renault Talisman Is Out And It’s… Unmistakably German [68 Pics & Video]

Remember when Citroen launched the current C5 and they promoted it as being ‘unmistakably German?’ Well, that motto would be perfect for Renault’s new sedan too. The Talisman is here and it wants to punch a VW Passat in the face and gnaw at the back of an Audi A4 and other compact premium sedans.

During the reveal speech, Renault-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn talked about solidity and the feeling of substantiality. He, along with design boss Laurens van den Acker, made it clear that this car had a clear emphasis on actual and perceived quality.

They say they worked really hard to screw the whole thing together with more precision and also make occupants feel like they’re driving around in something premium. The word premium was not used, but it’s clear that’s what they’re aiming for.

Other core principles behind its creation are an emphasis on fuel efficiency, low emissions and, believe it or not, driver enjoyment. Don’t take that last one literally, though, as it will probably not be true – it’s hard to call a car fun to drive these days since the standards, are set extremely high, even for family/exec sedans like this – do you see this beating a Mazda6 on a twisty road for thrills? No.

Scrolling nearly all the way down through the official press release, not all that much space was allocated to describing the engine range. Still, we are told they will all be turbocharged, and if you’re familiar with Renault’s naming strategy, you’ll know what TCe 150, Energy TCe 200, as well as DCi 110, 130 and 160 mean.

The DCi diesel units are all derivatives of the new 1.6-liter unit, which in 160 PS guise sports a twin-turbo setup (an actual one, not to be confused with a single twin-scroll turbo).

Of the two petrol engines, we know the TCe 200 is basically the same 1.6-liter unit found under the bonnet of the Clio RS (as well as the new Espace MPV/crossover), but we really have not found any information on the TC150. It may very well be the same basic engine but with but in a lower state of tune.

As for gearboxes, the two petrols will be exclusively available with Renault’s dual-clutch seven-speed. The DCi 110 will get a manual six-speed as standard, as will the 130; the 160 will be exclusively available with a six-speed dual clutch also optionally available for the two lower-powered diesels.

The car features what is promised to be a feeling of quality-inducing interior, crash mitigation tech and quite extensive means of personalization. Check out the list of features / innovations it presents, then scroll further down to the official gallery and videos.

Photo Gallery


  • TheHake

    I can not see much wrong with it! Except for the name. They should have kept the Laguna name.


      nothing wrong with with looking German as long as it sells well – doesn’t mean French and Japanese can’t do better than this either

    • GreenApple18r

      I think they will regret it soon and revive Laguna like Ford did with Taurus.

  • tiozzo balbino

    NEW PASSAT… ah No….

  • Yalchin

    Why keep on repeating the same marketing mistake (in this case with a really boring design) instead of doing something unique. I’m aware that unique French cars almost always remain as quirky niches in the market, but this is just too flat with a last minute mash up on headlights (too similar to the passat, so let’s mess up the headlights in a way and pretend it’s design!!). A very lacklustre attempt in my opinon.

  • Jeff Didsbury

    Yeah, but will half the electrics still work in 5 years time or will it just leave you stranded on the M6 waiting for the RAC?

    • uS’gedlemba

      lol…hehehehehe…aw man…this made my day….NOT!

    • derbii

      Hey, you fucking imbecile, in case you didn’t check the reliability statistics in the last few years, Renault is one of those most reliable brands. More reliable than any German in the non-premium segment, including VW.

      • Jeff Didsbury

        I know I shouldn’t feed the trolls but; You’re right I am an Imbecile, I am also one of those statistics you mention. Maybe I’m a little bitter but when the dealership tells me the Megane I’ve owned for less than two years is effectively a write-off because of the amount of work it would take to sort the electrical issues.

        • CoolHandLuke1

          Google “Reliability Index cars UK” and then choose reliability by country:

          You will get reliabilty index by country of cars manufacturer-
          And the list is this:

          1. Japan
          2. FRANCE
          3. South-Korea
          4. USA
          5. Sweden
          6. Germany
          6. Italy

          Not sure if Italy was worse than Germany or not.

  • The LED lights in the bumper so low, good idea, wasn’t enough expensive to repare in case of dammage. Not fan of the interior, looks like a cheap XC90 dash, when the Espace already looks cheap. More chrome than Cadillac… ok why not. Far better looking then current Laguna.

    • theqza

      I was thinking the same about the interior. Volvo executed the big touchscreen perfectly, this is not bad but not nearly as good.

    • derbii

      Cheap? Wow, another imbecile with an IQ comparable to a cow. Did you even sit inside the Espace? It looks cheap? Sorry…you’re just not intelligent enough to recognize quality. Not a single person who sat inside the Espace had anything else but positive words. People like you should be executed for stupidity, you’re doing the world a disservice by walking around on it.

      • Six Thousand Times

        Careful with the personal insults, please.

      • Most be exhausting insulting everyone that does not agree with you. Sorry I’m not a doctor I can’t help you. Hope for you your real identity is Sultan or Dictator, otherwise you must be miserable.

      • Bo Hanan

        Talk about jumping to conclusions. What do you know about Herres that allows you to make such rude acusations???

  • NG212

    I find it handsome. It’s certainly not French quirky, but it’s a good looking sedan. The shoulder line, greenhouse shape, and bold lighting elements make it more interesting than a Passat. The lights are really well-done here.

    A shame the interior isn’t a bit more special, besides the large screen.

  • Bo Hanan

    “Unmistakably German?” Uh, its a Volks Wagon.

  • Akira

    Remove those stupid led lights in the bumper and it looks great.

  • InSynergy

    It looks very avantgarde yet a bit generic. But those taillamps are awesome.

  • europeon

    You don’t get it.

    Target customers for this car don’t care much about the design, and even if they do, any resemblance with the Passat is a positive thing.

  • Rich Money

    Strikes me as more Passat-meets-Maxima. Not bad though.

  • donald seymour

    FINE! No one would say it. It looks likes a rip of the Kia Optima. And secondly, it looks as though it may have killed two cars in its prior life. I get this from the thug tear drops on the front lights.

  • sakir

    OK its not bad at all and unlike AUDI this is a lot different from laguna
    but there are 2 things i really dont understand is first this chinese tablet looking screen and second Twingo sized Brake discs……

  • fabri99

    I don’t understand where you see german in this car.
    It looks very original, very sharp and very french, I like it quite a lot(but the headlamps are hideous) and I think it will have much more success than the Laguna has had.
    Plus, despite Talisman is a great name, nor was Laguna(which is the italian for Lagoon).

  • Eunos

    Please, shut up and take my money

  • Awwww
    So angry.
    So tears.
    Much German.
    Much French.

    Everything but the face… is very good.
    Anyway, go Renault!

  • Kash

    the face gives me a very EU spec Passat and the rear reminds me of a Buick Verano. But just in terms of a vibe. i dunno. I love it though. I want one. I even love the rear lights, but mostly because they get cut with the emblem in the back instead of doing the entire width like Lincoln and Dodge are doing.

  • R1S0

    wow, very stylish and elegant!

    but i dont like the central dashboard part with tablet and controls below it. i would like to see some more elegant solution than that….

  • derbii

    Seriously, anyone who says this looks boring is either blind of mentally challenged. Considering this is a car related topic, mentally challenged is the more likely choice.

  • Stephen Baxter

    I think it looks great.
    Renault is on it 🙂

  • Matt

    Carscoop – why the need to be so subjective in an article on a newly-revealed car? You’ve already dismissed the new Talisman in your article as not being a driver’s car, despite no-one having driven it yet.

    How about waiting for a couple of reviews first?

    • Andrei Nedelea

      I won’t wait for the reviews, will definitely be driving this one for myself once I get the chance. And calling it not a driver’s car is based on experience driving most major Renault models of the Past 20 or so years. The Talisman is a big car, and even with four wheel steering it’s still not going to set your heart racing – I know, because I drove the Laguna coupe with the same setup – it gripped the road extremely well and was very planted, but outright driving fun it was not. I doubt the’ll have made the Talisman (a big executive / family car) any sportier than that.

  • aliXFR

    I adore this new Renault, personally I think it looks stunning.

    I am truly gutted that this not coming to the UK as this is the perfect car to put Renault back on the [family saloon car] map.

  • Six Thousand Times

    Not at all bad looking – in the modern style. I’ve always liked the Laguna Coupe. Of course, we’ll not get a successor to that.

  • MarketAndChurch

    It has the looks that would be show-stopping gorgeous, if it were draped over a light muscular sporty RWD 500hp 4dr coupe, instead of being stretched thin atop an overweight large FWD family saloon. You look at the sketches, and it has a lot of potential. Also, it does have a bit of VAG genetics infused into this. For what it is though, it looks really good!

  • Vassilis

    This looks great. Good job! The interior is a little uninspiring but that’s OK.

  • Kiyoshi Manabe

    Her greenhouse looks like a “baby Jaguar XJ”.
    Yet she has decent presence compared with her predecessor, the Laguna.

  • Toby West

    In Chile this car is being positioned as a replacement for the Samsung SM7. The Samsung looks better! More Korean. More elegant. More wantable!

  • Toby West

    In Chile this new Renault is being positioned to take over from the discontinued Samsung SM7. The Talisman is not as elegant or wantable as the Renault which means they have lost 12 years of customer loyalty and brand building. What a tragic waste.

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