Honda Motorsport Stars Get Behind The Wheel of The New Civic Type R [w/Video]

Used to driving either two or four wheels on the race track, Honda motorsport racers Marc Marquez, Dani Pedrosa, Toni Bou and Tiago Monteiro got their hands on the brand-new Civic Type R road car.

Select members of the Spanish media got to join Repsol Honda MotoGP riders Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa, along with Repsol Honda trails legend Toni Bou and Castrol Honda WTCC driver Tiago Monteiro, at the Castelloli circuit near Barcelona to see what these four highly established racing stars thought of the new Type R.

In case it sounds like Honda is boasting about who rides or drives for them, that’s because it’s hard to ignore the fact that between them, Marquez, Pedrosa, Bou and Monteiro have claimed no fewer than 25 world titles.

The quartet took guests out for some ‘hot lap’ experiences, where they got to feel the rush of having the Type R’s 2.0-liter VTEC Turbo engine propel them forward, while also enjoying the car’s handling – which Honda says is outstanding by the way, thanks to the racing car-bred aerodynamics and adaptive suspension.

At the end of the event, all four Honda motorsport racers received keys to their own Civic Type Rs, which they will have at their disposal throughout the year. Not a bad way to start 2016 if you’re racing for Honda, is it?

“It’s amazing that a car designed for road use can provide a sporty driving experience like the Type R does. It’s not only the power of the engine, but also the possibility to press the “R+” button, which provides added engine response, with a harder steering action for a more consistent feel and a more intense driving experience,” explained Marc Marquez.

Pedrosa mirrored his teammate’s feelings towards the car, while WTCC race driver Tiago Monteiro explained that with him being used to racing vehicles on four wheels, “it’s fascinating that a road model can provide such similar sensations as the race machine.”