Russian Girls 2 Fast 2 Furious For Their Own Good

Sometimes, your “dashcam” doesn’t need to sit on your dash in order to capture the type of crash that makes you shake your head in disbelief.

Situated and facing towards the rear of the vehicle, the camera keeps rolling as a female driver suddenly changes lanes and is caught unaware of the stationary vehicle which was either parked illegally, or simply waiting its turn at a light.

Since it’s impossible to know, we’ll just stick to telling you the obvious, which is a car performing some surprisingly jerky maneuvers in traffic. The way it just darted from behind that van it was driving by, is indicative of the fact that it was in the process of cutting lanes.

So yes, in that sense, the move itself was quite worthy of a Fast & Furious movie, though unfortunately for those girls, that type of driving can only get you in trouble with the law.

On a more positive note, they both seemed OK as they got out of the car, while still visibly shaken up. The impact was nothing to joke about, since it was violent enough to make the airbags go off – which is a good thing, as the alternative may have led to serious injury.

Let’s hope they’ve learned their lesson and will stay away from acting out scenes from car chase flicks while in traffic.