South African BMW X5 Driver Learns Just How Cruel Karma Can Be

The owner of a BMW X5 in Durban, South Africa, recently discovered that what goes around really does come around.

Filmed here through the dash camera of a fellow motorist, the massive German SUV can seen be speeding along the right hand lane of a large motorway when it comes up behind a comparatively tiny Volkswagen Polo hatch.

Evidently annoyed by the Polo’s delayed response in getting out of the X5’s way and changing lanes, the X5 can be seen flanking the hatchback as the driver of the SUV presumably released a verbal tirade against the Polo owner.

This all culminates in the X5 driver threatening to side-swipe the Polo by aggressively veering to the left, forcing the Polo to brake and shoot across a lane to safety.

However, things clearly didn’t go to plan for the X5 driver because following their feudal attempts to correct and control the SUV, it cannot cope with the sudden change of direction and spears off the motorway and down a grass embankment.

Karma really can be a cruel mistress.