BMW 2-Series Gran Tourer Is All About Family Life In New Spots

Following the motto “Engineered for family life”, BMW’s 2-Series Gran Tourer is trying to win over more UK buyers with a new marketing campaign.

As is often the case with family-oriented car spots, the fact that you have a practical model in front of the camera, doesn’t necessarily dictate the topic nor the subject of the ad itself. In this case, we’re looking at a couple of pretty indirect messages.

The first of the two videos starts off with a small (and uninspiring) robot, that may or may not remind you of  Power Rangers and their Megazord (except less cool). After the robot comes face to face with the family pet, we sort of get the message that there’s plenty of room for one in a 2-Series Gran Tourer.

The second ad shows off a standard feature (the Rear Park Distance Control to be precise), which is a highly useful system to have in both large and compact MPVs.

UK buyers should keep in mind that the 2-Series Gran Tourer still costs upwards of £25,010, and that’s if you go for the entry-level 218i SE version and don’t mind changing gears yourself. An automatic version will set you back £26,260, whereas an entry-level diesel model with manual transmission (216d SE) is £25,945.