GM’s 10-Speed Gearbox To Be Offered In 8 Vehicles By 2018

The more speeds the merrier? Well, that’s what GM and Ford believe, as the two biggest automakers in North America joined forces for the development of a 10-speed automatic. 

Speaking at a media event in the United States, General Motors’ global product chief, Mark Reuss, confirmed that the first car to get the new 10-speed gearbox will be the 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1.

The transmission will also be offered in seven other vehicles in the GM family, by 2018, and while Reuss didn’t disclose any further details, AutoNews reports that the rear-wheel drive gearbox was designed for “high-horsepower vehicles” and will likely be used in the Cadillac Escalade, Chevy Suburban, GMC Tahoe and some variants of the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra.

Developed together with Ford Motor Corp., the new 10-speed auto was announced three years ago and it is manufactured at the Romulus plant in Michigan, where GM invested $343 million, retooling the facility. The first Blue Oval model to adopt the gearbox will be the new F-150 Raptor, which will arrive this fall.

Besides the 10-speed auto, GM and Ford have also collaborated on developing a 9-speed auto, aimed towards front-wheel drive vehicles, and which should debut soon.

Note: 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 pictured


  • Michael_66589

    I wish it will be good product and will boost big Suvs sales.

    • Archknight77

      Luckily with development costs split between Ford and GM they had time to exclusively focus on the 10AT, while Ford focused on the 9AT. Since there are a few products that GMC wants to have separate from Chevy and Buick, it allows Caddy to share development costs with the premium truck brand. I have a feeling that subcompact & compact model for them are going to be Alpha derived.

  • archknight

    Maybe now GMC will start adding more RWD biased SUV’s to further separate themselves from Chevy and Buick.

    • Michael_66589

      Yes, It will be good move.

  • Archknight77

    It’ll most likely hit all Cadillac models after 2018, then make it’s way over GMC for all its models except the Acadia.

  • john1168

    That 10 speed better make its way into all versions of the Corvette after the ZL1 debut. The 10 speed shifts a lot quicker. I drove the 8 speed in. Z06 and it seemed like there was a 3/4 second delay from when I hit the paddle to when the transmission actually shifted. In a video, the ZL1’s 10 speed shifted MUCH quicker.

  • Gareth Siew

    Since GM had put more efforts to build this box, they will break down much quicker!