Truck Plows Through Highway Traffic Jam Down Under

A truck carrying heavy machinery plowed through a couple of stationary vehicles on a motorway in Australia last week, before coming to a complete stop.

Because the “traffic jam” caught everybody by surprise, the driver behind the truck didn’t have time to avoid the wreck and found himself slamming into the back of the trailer, which thankfully only resulted in some minor injuries according to the video’s description.

It’s quite possible that the truck driver was distracted in the moments leading up to the accident, because you can clearly see him weaving a bit within his own lane around the 25-second mark. As bad as that may have been, once he faced a very certain outcome, he did manage to avoid slamming head-on into the stationary vehicles, which may have been the only good thing he did all day.

The white Toyota pick-up that slammed into the back of the trailer may have been part of the same “convoy”, because it’s also carrying some type of equipment – which could explain why the driver wasn’t maintaining a safer distance.

Either way, the fact that nobody got seriously hurt is what’s most important and hopefully the guy driving that truck will walk away with a a major lesson learned.