New Toyota Supra To Pair Electric Motors With A BMW Engine

It seems that our long wait for a Supra successor might be nearing the end as reports starting to emerge again, giving us more details about Toyota’s upcoming sports car.

Based on a platform commonly developed with BMW, the new Supra will share many components with the Z4 successor but the Japanese sports car will be physically bigger than its Bavarian sibling as it will use an extended version of the said platform.

This will allow Toyota to comfortably position the new Supra above the GT86 while the totally separate from BMW design direction will lead to two completely different visually models eventually.

Auto Express
reports that both new models will come with a BMW petrol engine driving the rear wheels and Toyota electric motors powering the front axle. It’s likely that Toyota will use hybrid tech tested in its LeMans race cars and if that happens, the new Supra will come with electric motors sending power to both axles and the petrol engine driving only the rear, just like the TS050 Hybrid.

The system will also feature regenerative braking which will store energy in a lithium-ion battery pack while the new Supra will be Toyota’s first model to come with a brand new double-clutch gearbox to better match the sporting credentials of the car.

There is also the possibility of both BMW and Toyota to offer at some point plug-in versions of their new models. The final production car is expected to tip the scales at less than 1.400kg thanks to BMW’s weight-saving methods and Toyota’s in-house designed electric motors. With that said, the BMW is expected to be even lighter, thanks to its smaller size.

The two new sports cars will debut within a few months of each other with the earliest prediction set at 2017.

Note: Toyota FT-1 Concept pictured


  • BGM

    It’s painful to see such a beautiful machine come from a company I hate so much. Much better looking than the NSX. PLEASE make this happen!!!

    • Aquaflex

      Why you hate Toyota?

      • S3XY

        There is no desirable Toyota other than the Supra. Toyota makes cheap cars for the masses.

        Toyota doesn’t make cool cars except the Supra.

        • TheHake

          Hey! What about the good ‘ol Corolla? 😉

        • JimmyK

          Celica,MR2,AE86 some very ‘cool’ cars…

        • getoffme

          What is Toyota supposed to do? Sell overpriced Koenigseggs?

        • summit

          if you consider Lexus to be a toyota there is the LFA (my personal dream car)

      • BGM

        My biggest pet peeve are DRLs.

        • Aquaflex

          Every new car has DRL’s bro

    • Akio Toyoda Rocks

      The president and CEO of Toyota is a true car enthusiast of all brands—not just his. Why do you hate the company?

  • Six Thousand Times

    Auto Express isn’t usually right and here’s hoping that they are wrong on this one, too. Or. at least there will be a non-“hybrid” version available.

    • Zandit75

      I was going to ask this question because Auto Express is the last place I go for accurate information.
      I thought for 2 seconds that perhaps AE had improved their rack record.

    • S3XY

      How uneducated and unaware are you?

      Anything electric is better than an engine that uses gas. Get with the times fred flinstone holy crap

      • Six Thousand Times

        Anything? You understand that a “hybrid” is actually an entire petroleum-powered drive system PLUS an entire electric power system, correct? It’s more correctly a “dual.”

        I’ll also thank you to be a lot more polite in your responses to me. If you’d like to civilly discuss the world of cars with me, great but please be much less of an ass. Can you agree to that?

        Also, you could work on your grammar, capitalisation, and punctuation as long as we’re on the subject of ill-education.

        Are we straight?

        • T_Cake

          But that “Fred Flintstone” slam was so witty and sharp.

          • Six Thousand Times

            Were that lobbed at me in jest, fine. I like a joke as much as the next guy. I’ve lost patience with his tone, though. And he could’ve at least capitalised it.

  • Aquaflex

    Basically this is gonna be a poor mans front engine rear wheel drive NSX, if they can price it less than $50k and it looks close to the concept, this will sell. So it’s a inline 6 with twin scroll turbo and two electric motors front and rear. What is not to like?

  • Ken Lyns

    Hope the engine reliability is better than some of BMW’s past abortions like the N63…

  • eb110americana

    I doubt that there is a way this will come in at under 3086 lbs. with a turbo engine and motors on both axles, plus an on-board battery capable of making use of the latter. It would have to be constructed with too much carbon fiber, which would likely place it out of its intended price range. Kudos to them if they pull it off though. The world needs more lightweight sports cars.

    • Six Thousand Times


  • smartacus

    No way will this be cheaper than an NSX.
    No way will this be lighter than a GTR,

    • BGM

      Dude! Why are you ruining this for me!? You might be right on both. But look at that thing! I love Nissan but 8 out of 10 would choose the Supra over the GTR. The GTR is basically a 1990s design. This is a 2030s design.

  • This can’t be a Toyota hey..

  • JimmyK

    Well this is a big disappointment in my opinion.The first thing that the Japanese car makers are known for is their engines.To put a german engine inside a legend like the Supra it doesn’t sound well to me.The legacy of this car is just getting lost and Toyota should have known that.I know this era all go hybrid crazy and doing collaborations like this but some things must be remain untouchable…

    • Six Thousand Times

      This is why I’m not really ready to buy Auto Express’ story. I’m still hopeful that Toyota will put their own engine into it.

  • Trackhacker

    I think even if this ever comes out, it will be a let down to enthusiasts like the new NSX was.

    • T_Cake

      Harris liked the new NSX, but that’s just one review of many.

      • Six Thousand Times

        Yes, he really did- after so many meh reviews.


    Us$ 100.000,00 ?

  • jameskatt

    This is shameful. Why can’t Toyota – the world’s largest automobile manufacturer – make a decent sports car engine? Why does it let Nissan build the best sports cars? If it can’t build its own top sports car engine, then Toyota’s engineers have no talent.

  • Ken Lyns

    1400 kg? How much carbon fiber would they have to use to stuff two electric motors, a battery pack, and still come out lighter than the current Z4?

  • Kash

    Do we have any kind of actual proof that BMW and toyota are working together? Yeah we’ve seen the Z5 out testing but it didn’t come back registered to Toyota, and we haven’t seen a Toyota test mule out with any BMW’s or any kind of sport car. I’m just finding it hard to believe that this is all true even while every article writes as if the partnership was announced by both brands.

    • smartacus

      good point. we have hearsay, but we don’t have actual proof BMW and toyota are working together.

      • Kash

        Then there’s the question of why? Toyota developed the BRZ/86 with Subaru and Lexus is making the LC, so why would they want or even need to reach out to BMW for help? Toyota prides itself on being reliable, and not that BMW isn’t reliable, but it’s German. If the LC is as sporty and dynamic as they say it is, why wouldn’t they just use a version of it for the Supra? Makes more sense than using the Z5 if you ask me.

  • txsupra11
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