Other-Worldly Dodge Charger Filmed On The Set Of ‘Fast 8’

It only seems like a few months have passed since Fast and Furious 7 was dominating the box office and already, filming for the eighth installment, Fast 8, is well underway.

As with previous films in the world’s favorite motoring franchise, Fast 8 will bring together different cars of different eras from modern-day supercars to modified American muscle cars plus a range of Japanese sports cars.

Certainly one of the craziest cars set to star in Fast 8 will be this, a Dodge Charger – though not just any Charger.

Recently filmed being unloaded on the set of Fast 8, this Charger will be driven by Dom and is totally bespoke, adorned in some rather insane and distinctive bodywork, including a massive rear diffuser and flared wheel arches.

Evidently powered by a V8 engine, there’s one curious element of this Charger, the rear decklid. It seems to be supporting a jet turbine engine from a helicopter, inevitably creating heaps of power and eye-piercing amounts of noise.

It’s impossible to say if the jet engine actually works or if some post-production trickery will fool movie-goers into thinking it does. Whatever the case may be, its obvious producers are looking to take things to the next level with Fast 8.


A video posted by Muscle Car Zone (@musclecarzone) on Jul 23, 2016 at 6:46pm PDT

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