Camaro Designers Were Apparently Shocked By The Stunning Buick Avista

According to GM Inside News, some within the General Motors group weren’t all too impressed when Buick revealed the stunning Buick concept at the Detroit Auto Show in January.

Apparently, a number of employees working on the sixth-generation Chevrolet Camaro were upset that the Avista stole the limelight off their new Camaro SS, thanks to its flowing, sophisticated and attractive design.

Immediately after the vehicle’s debut, it claimed an array of design awards and was one of the stars of Detroit. While at the time Buick didn’t say whether or not it intended to put the Avista into production, numerous outlets have speculated that it will indeed reach the production line and if true, it could draw customers away from the more old-fashioned Camaro.

Given the fact that a production-spec Buick Avista would almost certainly be powered by a twin-turbo V6 and be priced similarly to the Camaro SS, it’s easy to see why some in the Camaro camp wouldn’t want to risk losing sales to the Avista.

At this stage however, it remains to be seen if the Avista will see the light of day but as it’s underpinned by GM’s current Alpha platform, bringing it to the streets wouldn’t be all to difficult. Making a business case for it to co-exist alongside the Camaro would prove a greater challenge.


  • fabri99

    Why don’t we talk about the Honda S660 Neo Classic instead?

    • Matt

      I looked it up. Underwhelmed.

      • fabri99

        I was amazed by it. I love that front-end, the european-like rear-end is cute and the roofline…oh god, that looks like it was taken from a Lancia Montecarlo.

    • Bash

      I just googled it… its another pokemon Neo X lol

      • fabri99

        It’s absolutely lovely.

        • Six_Tymes

          I agree

    • Zandit75

      Seriously??!! You’d rather talk about a clown car instead of this beauty?
      You need to hand in your Man-card…..

      • fabri99

        Well, we’ve already talked about this beauty…

  • I don’t see how it would be smart to put into production. Looks as much as an Opel as it looks like a Buick or could look like Chevy with some mods. Buick would make a car that would go against the Camaro, but would also blur what is supposed to be Cadillac in GM planet. As an Opel/Vauxhall it would be a flop. No one in Europe would buy this. It could have a somehow decent life in the US if the market want’s it, and maybe in China where Buick has still some good image and is not seen as just an other GM brand with an other badge on the hood.

    • Vassilis

      I don’t know how the coupe market is doing in Europe but if they price it as a cheap Audi A5 alternative and give it some nice diesels and 2.0 litre petrol engines, it should do pretty well.

      • Not sure. A German friend said once. People want an Audi, with the crisis they’ll take with a smaller engine, no leather but they’ll have it. Coupé market and cabriolet is small and dominated by German brands. They mostly make money with options, tech. Once Peugeot, Renault sold a lot of Coupé/cabriolets. Now buyers look at them as fashion statements as much as cars. And when it’s your second car, it’s often that you can afford a good car. It’s easier for a luxury brand to attack small cars market, than for a brand such as Opel to attack a more high end market. Today, SUVs are the money makers with compacts. When you see the numbers of Buick/Opel Cascada sold… Not a great sign. Even under Cadillac name in Europe it would’nt do great. Non car people see Opel as a German Brand only, some people don’t even know Ford is American. GM sold for so much time cars seen as bad american cars, that is still the image here. Ford for as long as I remember sold European cars in Europe. So people bought them like an Opel, a Peugeot.
        And in the US, Cadillac with great products starts to leave rhe Grampa image, Buick is still in it, Korean and European rebranded cars have some way to go. So no, I don’t think a great succes would be there for such a car. Motoring Journalists would sure be glad to test drive it but who would really buy it? A car needs to be more more than better and Cheaper. I love my Saab, would rather have a Mazda 6 than a Toyota Camry, but yet the Mazda can’t fight he establissement.
        So not sure a 2.0D would help that much, sure is necessary.

        I can be very wrong.

        • Smith

          Yes, you can be (are) very wrong …

          • you can see the future? I have so much questions for you!

      • KareKakk

        Could be a new Opel Monza?
        Or better an Opel Manta, but then price shoud be low and sportiness should be high…

    • Smith

      Remember most of the Buick line up are Vauxhall/Opel anyway. Built as a small volume car, it would do good, better than any Cadillac offering the is for sure. But USA market has its head up its A and only want SUV’s, so this is a tough sell right now. Beautiful car all the same.

  • Liam Paul

    GM needs to make this. To hell on the cameo , they’re not in the same league , Make this more pricey with better more expensive materials and the price Gap would not steal the cameo sales then and making this car all that GM can be might draw in more buyers to the GM camp

    • hahn2

      I would buy this if they produced it before 2022 and without the inevitable dumbing down of the design.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    It wouldn’t be hard to find a business case if Buick was actually a luxury brand.

  • ejd1984

    And it’s still winning awards. 🙂

    Buick Avista Named Concept Car of the Year and Most Significant Concept of 2016

  • Kash

    The Avista and Camaro could easily co-exist if they make the Avista more of a grand tourer car that’s more about comfort, give it a PHEV option even, then have the Camaro focused on sport, speed, and aggression. Two different markets and even if they’re priced identically no one will look at the Avista if they want a sports car and no one will look at the Camaro if they want a comfort cruiser.

    • Nordschleife

      Exactly. No need to type my thoughts because you hit the nail on the head.

      • Kash

        Thank you, I appreciate that.

  • ejd1984

    This car is still getting major attention.

    Buick – Buick Avista Named Concept Car of the Year and Most Significant Concept of 2016
    Judges praise intuitive design and futuristic interior

  • J Hod

    in seven hells that this generic and watered down design would be impressive to designers. let alone the ones at Chevy. its sooo 2007. GM knows for sure that if its not offering much else with Buick than what they already have with the rest Buick might as well follow Saturn.

    • Smith

      Buick is following Saturn, most of their cars are Opel/Vauxhall from Europe, exactly what Saturn did eventually. Also please could you post your resume and list of awards that you have won, as a car designer, because you are obviously a very poor designer as your comments are obviously driven by jealousy and not by talent or vision.

  • Time to End Buick

    Is the Buick brand still around? I haven’t noticed while driving on the roadways. Just give all of Buick to China. There’s no need for Buick in the US.

  • Kenneth

    “While at the time Buick didn’t say whether or not it intended to put the Avista into production…”

    Shortly after the show, a Buick rep was widely quoted as saying that this car – contrary to speculation, and regardless of the accolades – would definitely not be produced.

  • Nordschleife

    There has never been a Buick I’d personally drive but if this came to market (looking like this) it would be my first.


  • Bob White

    Where this car could differentiate itself is by having decent outward visibility compared to the Camaro. Regardless of performance, I can’t fit or be comfortable in a Camaro and I’m sure it is hurting sales.

  • Six Thousand Times

    I can see how you might get a little upset if you just redesigned the Camaro (a little too mildly – and made the same mistake with visibility, again) and then Buic turns up with this.

  • Smith

    I can see why they would be upset, because the Buick Avista is a stunningly good looking, sophisticated and modern styled car, whereas the Camaro is a totally ugly piece of sh1t. Jealousy is probably the word they are looking for, but what do you expect from GM USA, exactly what you got, Camaro, Corvette, cadillac, Yukon, … need I go on.

  • Smith

    None of this matters as they will never have the balls to build it, not while Barra is at the helm.

  • Rick Alexander

    I don’t see the problem. This design would appeal to a completely different demographic than the Camaro, so I can’t see how this would take sales from the Camaro. Actually, this car would create a great problem for GM to have. To have more than two desirable vehicles on your roster. Seriously though, I saw this in Detroit, and it’s a big car. It’s also very handsome, or sexy (depending on your disposition), Call it the Buick Riviera, Grand National or GNX, and it’ll fly off the shelves!

    • Beegeezee505

      Grand National was the first thought I had. But GM was so pissed about the original. It came a little too close to dethroning their precious Corvette. They probably aren’t in a hurry to relive those years.

  • Tom

    Make the Avista AWD. Camaro fans won’t touch it. Avista and AWD attract a much more sophisticated, mullet-free demographic.

  • getoffme

    Pretty sure Cadillac designers too. SMH

    If Buick builds it, Cadillac will dig further in the hole.

  • Superfly1972

    The Avista looks like a two door Nissan Altima.

  • Superfly1972

    Also resembles the two door Honda Accord.

  • Superfly1972

    Also the Chrysler Cross fire.

  • 2morrow


  • Harry_Wild

    Camaro not selling, so bring in the Avista to market!

  • blizzy63

    I’d love a 2-door coupe between and Chevy and a Cadillac. My tastes are not with the ‘new’ Camaro (which is getting a little old). With Pontiac and Oldsmobile gone, it looks like Buick is it (thanks to Chinese cultural tastes). Buick design on this side of the 2008 economic crash is captivating (not the SUVs). I’m gonna check out the new 2017 LaCrosse and would definately check out a LaCrosse…Riviera…??? coupe.

  • Maricaibo

    Oh, yeah!!

  • rocket9244

    very nice and still looks like the Buick. they are known for their reliability and comfort. looks like Buick has another luxury winner. I would buy it to go along with my Park Ave, two Lesabre’s and Lacrosse

  • antongorge cruz


  • antongorge cruz

    how about setting the chineese riviera concept on this platform?

  • Paul Kalmakoff

    I would like to see another performance Buick. 😎

  • SimonC

    It was the sharpest car at the Auto Show that year.

  • WiiUSports

    Name it the invicta or luxus or maybe wildcat

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