Journalist Crashes 2017 Acura / Honda NSX In Taiwan, Blames A Bee [w/Video]

What may very well be the first recorded crash involving the new 2017 Acura NSX (marketed as a Honda outside North America) occurred in Taiwan today, when a man, who is believed to be a journalist conducting a test drive for a local car magazine, hit a road barrier on a highway near New Taipei City.

The story gets a little bit strange, as reports coming in from Taiwan state that the 27 year old driver who was identified only by his surname, “Hu”, told police he was driving with his window open when a bee suddenly entered the NSX and stung him on the neck causing him to lose control of the hybrid sports car and smash it on the barrier.

No one was injured in the crash. According to Chinatimes, police conducted a sobriety test on the driver, but he came out clean. There’s an ongoing investigation into the accident.

The new Honda NSX is worth around 12.8 million NT$, or about US$408,000, in Taiwan, with only nine cars said to be allocated for the country.

Thanks to Ray Yi-Jui Chen for the tip!

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  • fabri99

    Yeah, insects are the worst… -.-“

  • Honey, I Curbed the K-Rail

    “Hu, told police he was driving with his window open when a bee suddenly entered the NSX and stung him in the neck causing him to lose control of the hybrid sports car.”

    Read: texting

  • Kenneth

    “2017 Acura NSX (marketed as a Honda outside North America) ”

    Another way to put it is: It’s a Honda, marketed as an “Acura” in North America. Acura is the name/”company” Honda synthesized to sell higher-priced vehicles they felt status-obsessed Americans wouldn’t buy if they were to wear the common “H” badge.

    • BqWsRe

      Oh, boy, another closet American. Obsessed with everything American?

      By the way, Acura is also used in Canada. Are they status-obsessed? Must be under your simple-minded rhetoric. Or how Europeans are so obsessed with high-powered, ridiculously expensive, environmentally damaging “exotics” like Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc. Would Ferrari put it’s name on a Fiat, which is part of the same company? Nope, because Euros are status obsessed. They invented the class system after all.

      Maybe you should educate yourself a little more. It is called BRANDING and the American system worked so well for Lexus/ Toyota that Japan now imports American Lexus to Japan.

      • BqWsRe

        P.S. Since Ferrari is really Fiat, why do they need the Ferrari name? Rolls Royce is owned by BMW (poor Brits lost their car industry), so why not call it a BMW? Jaguar? The list goes on and on…

        • Kenneth

          “Toyota Created A Baby Companion Robot And It Wants To Be Your Friend”

      • FlameWater

        To be fair plenty of Canadian owners replace the Acura badge with a Honda and would actually prefer the jdm model over its American counter-part i.e Toyota/Scion

      • TheBelltower

        Feel better? Man you’re obnoxious.

        • Status

          He’s been like this for 2 weeks now. Any response he gets he interprets as an insult and it sets him off.

          • TheBelltower

            He’s raged on me a couple weeks ago. Seems like someone who gets stirred up very easily, and then goes and kicks his dog.

  • a_f_a

    a) In Taiwan 99.99999% of the drivers drive with the windows closed and the a/c on. That day he must have been the 0.00001 that had the window open.
    b) Police could check his neck to see whether an insect stung him or not .

    • Knotmyrealname

      Exactly, and you could pick up the toxins with a blood test. A little over the top, but 1: fraudulent people need to be weeded out, and 2: he trashed only one of 9 cars to see light of day in that country.

  • Six_Tymes

    maybe it was a “synthesized” bee.

    • Knotmyrealname

      Unlikely, but it has the hallmarks of being a synthesized story…..

  • Wandering_Spirit

    Taiwan is an important market for these cars as they buy them in batches. So they have to let them try them first hand to gain visibility. However their driving skills are horrible. They should drive these cars with an instructor or somebody sitting next to them. It could be a bee of course and all what i am saying could easily be nonsense. But it takes one second to hit the brake and stop if a bee stings you. And having seen how they drive them (even with autosticks) i tend to have different ideas.

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