Millennials Prefer Cheaper, Smaller Cars, Honda Civic Tops Their List

Unlike their elders, the Generation X, who were born roughly from the early 60s to late 70s, and who look up to price, reliability and brand when buying a new car, Millennials are more aware of the environmental impacts, a recent survey shows.

The study  compiled by AutoList and shared on USAToday, reveals that the 25-to-39-year-old age group prefers cheaper and smaller vehicles, with better technology, and tends to keep them for 5 years or less, while members of Generation X will often hold on to their cars for 10 years or more.

That is a new way of thinking, and puts a lot of pressure on the automakers to innovative“, said AutoList VP of data science, Alex Klein, who also believes that this is actually good news for car manufacturers.

As for their favorite vehicles, according to the survey, the Honda Civic tops the list for Millennials, while people ranging in age from 40 to 54 tend to go for the larger and pricier Accord.

The differences between the two generations are blurred when it comes to selecting a pickup truck, as while the former would have a Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Generation Xers prefer Ford’s F-150. The same goes for SUVs, as the most common one bought by Millennials is the Honda CR-V, with Gen Xs going for the Toyota RAV4.


  • pcurve

    What kind of useless study is this… of course they’re gonna buy cheaper and smaller cars cause they don’t have as much money, and the need to carr more people, compared to gen x with family that need to buy larger and more expensive cars, and hence forced to hold on to them for longer. Come on!

    • Bash

      I put my hands together for you… and you deserve an up vote.

    • Belthronding Tinuviel

      i have never seen millenials are buying premium cars except justin bieber..

  • Six Thousand Times

    So they prefer cheaper cars? Hmmm….

  • Clay Torque

    Millennials can only afford small, cheap cars, similarly to how Generation X weren’t all born with enough money to buy big block HEMIs. And can we get away from this paradigm that Generation X bought bigger and cooler cars than everyone else? Because last I checked most cars are bought by X because they’re that age and the top selling cars are small, boring econoboxes and pointless SUVs/CUVs.

    • DEman19901

      I am X and I refuse to buy anything American.

  • RJZmanz72

    I perfectly agree with this. I was born in 98, I’m 18 and my first car was an 02′ Civic I bought with money saved from my job, and then sadly, after the transmission died the second time, I sold it and got a CR-Z. The epitome of small and efficient. That’s what I drive and I plan on driving for about 5 years. So take it from the proverbial horse’s mouth and know that this study is very accurate. I want nothing but high efficiency cars because why should I waste so much on gas to bus me 40 miles between North East metro Atlanta to GSU in downtown? After I graduate, even with a family, I’ll keep a cheap and efficient car like my CR-Z and get an HR-V for bussing the family around.

    • emjayay

      Pretty soon you will realize that what would really work is an Odyssey.

  • hzd

    I’m not a Millennial, born in the 80s and I own a civic but only due to the shit that’s available for less money, Fiat / Renault / Pergot / VW offer utter shit unreliable 1l to 1.4l options, better to drop a bit more cash to buy something nicer and more reliable.

    My Punto / Clio and girlfriends 500 and Megan all died due to shit electronics . . . . No wonder that the civic is top of the list they are 100x better than anything else.

  • Belthronding Tinuviel

    millenials prefer cheaper cars BECAUSE THEY ARE STİLL NOT ABLE TO BUY EXPENSİVE ONES!

    • RJZmanz72

      But I don’t care if I have $100 or 100000 to my name, I still don’t want to drive a gas guzzler.

      • Belthronding Tinuviel

        Well,except you.

  • KidRed

    It has to do with income. The older you are the more stable and the more income you make. I’m a Gen X-er and I currently drive a BMW. However, in my 20’s and 30’s I would never have dreamed that was likely.

  • JxBx80 .

    “That is a new way of thinking, and puts a lot of pressure on the automakers to innovative” I’m going to guess they screwed up that quote.

  • JxBx80 .

    new civics have a price point where you can get a good bang for your buck. The tech features are there where higher end cars are still lacking.

  • BlackPegasus

    Americans as a whole prefer larger vehicles. Sales of SUVs and crossovers tell the story better than some agenda driven study.

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