New Supra To Launch Under Toyota’s Gazoo Performance Brand?

Co-developed with BMW and sharing the same underpinnings as the upcoming Z5 roadster, the new Toyota Supra could launch under the company’s Gazoo performance unit.

Toyota has said that it plans to transform its Gazoo motorsports arm into a performance road car brand similar to the BMW M and Mercedes-AMG divisions.

It’s unknown, however, whether the sports car will be billed as the Gazoo Supra or Toyota Supra Gazoo, as the Japanese company is still pondering on how to approach the matter, Autocar writes.

Powering the new Supra could be an assortment of four- and six-cylinder BMW engines, but topping them all would be a hybrid model benefiting from the powertrain technology used by Gazoo Racing, which should be modified for road use.

Citing Gazoo Racing chief, Koei Saga, the British publication reports that more Gazoo hybrid vehicles will come, with the first production model expected to be the hot hatch version of the Yaris, which will debut in Geneva, this March.

The powerful Yaris will get a more aggressive body kit, tuned brakes and suspension, and a 210 horsepower engine making it a competitor for the likes of the Volkswagen Polo GTI and Renault Clio RS.