New Supra To Launch Under Toyota’s Gazoo Performance Brand?

Co-developed with BMW and sharing the same underpinnings as the upcoming Z5 roadster, the new Toyota Supra could launch under the company’s Gazoo performance unit.

Toyota has said that it plans to transform its Gazoo motorsports arm into a performance road car brand similar to the BMW M and Mercedes-AMG divisions.

It’s unknown, however, whether the sports car will be billed as the Gazoo Supra or Toyota Supra Gazoo, as the Japanese company is still pondering on how to approach the matter, Autocar writes.

Powering the new Supra could be an assortment of four- and six-cylinder BMW engines, but topping them all would be a hybrid model benefiting from the powertrain technology used by Gazoo Racing, which should be modified for road use.

Citing Gazoo Racing chief, Koei Saga, the British publication reports that more Gazoo hybrid vehicles will come, with the first production model expected to be the hot hatch version of the Yaris, which will debut in Geneva, this March.

The powerful Yaris will get a more aggressive body kit, tuned brakes and suspension, and a 210 horsepower engine making it a competitor for the likes of the Volkswagen Polo GTI and Renault Clio RS.


  • seriously

    The most unreliable Toyota ever…lol BMW engines good for power and performance not for longevity..good luck

    • Tumbi Mtika

      Look on the bright side. The Z5 will be the most reliable BMW ever.

    • pureworx

      toyota have not said they are going to be bmw engines, it just appears to by internet gossip peddled by half arsed jurnos hoping for an unreliable supra.

  • JimmyK

    All those years waiting for toyota to make a sports car like that and when they finally made it, is a rebadged bmw. big disappointment…

    • fabri99

      While I understand why you are disappointed, I think we should at least wait for the car to be unveiled. Let’s give it a chance.

      • JimmyK

        I am sure that it’s gonna be a very good car but honestly I would prefer an other name for it and not the Supra… just doesn’t feel right for me…

      • Bo Hanan

        Oh shut up Marsha.

    • Zandit75

      I’d be more disappointed buying the BMW Z5, which is just going to be a rebadged Toyota.

  • fabri99

    Well, they can turn Gazoo into a sports division, but the new Supra should just be the Toyota Supra. The Supra Gazoo should be a sportier version of the standard Supra… Plus, isn’t TRD more…popular than Gazoo?

    • Honda NSX-R

      I’m guessing they don’t want to further develop TRD because of the TuRD jokes.

    • That’s the point. TRD is a known name around the world and Gazoo are only known to japanese and petrolheads.

      I’d say they should merger those two. Or in fact unite it with TTE as well. It also better to promote heritage with those 3 combined.

  • PB


    • OdysseyTag

      Like can Toyota not just have a look at performance division nomenclature in general and think of something more aggressive, symbolic or in the very least typographically and audibly aesthetic.

      TRD works perfectly in the same vain M, AMG, OPC/VXR, MPS, SRT, ST, SV, SSV, SRV, F Sport, N Performance, Type R, GT, GTS, GTi, R and the countless RS’s work. Even designations like Quadrifoglio and divisions like Nismo, Polestar and Abarth have got a kick to them. The name Gazoo just feels a bit clumsy – more fit for an aftermarket parts company than a in-house performance marque.

  • Honda NSX-R

    This will either be the most unreliable Toyota ever made, or the most reliable BMW ever made.

    • Tumbi Mtika

      Damnit! You beat me.

    • Nagog Dijouru

      Why not both

  • Tuan Cao
  • Tuan Cao
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