This Map Shows The Most Googled Car Brands By Country

Although Toyota may have officially lost its crown as the world’s biggest automaker by sales, Google search results reveal that it is by far the most searched car brand in the world.

In data collated by Quickco, it is revealed that Toyota was the most searched car brand in no less than 74 countries last year. The Japanese automaker topped the searches in countries including the United States, Australia, China, Greenland and the vast majority of central African countries.

Behind Toyota was BMW where it was the most searched in 51 countries. Unsurprisingly, many of these nations came from Europe and included Germany, Belgium, Poland, Austria, Croatia, Ukraine and Norway.

Coming home in third was Hyundai with the Korean company proving particularly popular in Russia and India. Honda was also popular, especially throughout Indonesia, Canada and Brazil. Other interesting takeaways from the results show that in Sweden, Volvo was the most searched brand while Fiat appropriately took home top honors in Italy.

Despite being the world’s largest automaker, Volkswagen only topped the results in Spain, Romania, Belarus, Estonia, Cape Verde, Andorra and Uruguay.


  • Kaisuke971

    Nice to see Sweden, Germany, France and Italy sticking up to national brands 🙂

    • Ilbirs

      Put Italy on account, too.

  • Dennis Scipio

    Apparently, Costa Rica likes Suzuki a lot.

    • Ilbirs

      As can be seen when visiting the local website, Suzuki got there a broad lineup covering a lot of segments from regular cars (sedans and hatchbacks), SUVs (specially those with true off-road capacity like Grand Vitara and Jimny, when considering how forested is that Central American nation) and commercial vehicles.

    • For hire cars.

  • pcurve

    I can’t be the only one who finds this map hilarious (for so many different reasons.)

    • TheHake

      I was just going to say that!

  • Ilbirs

    Some interesting facts:

    1) Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and South Sudan, Syria and Georgia are the main gray spots on the map. We can see some correlation between the freedoms of speech and information and how free are people in some of these nations;

    2) Bugatti is the most searched brand in Niger, which makes me think about how poor is this country for its people not having money to buy any car and at most have money to buy a smartphone that allow them, as they can’t afford a ride, to dream about something unreacheable inclusive for most people in the world, no matter how much money in the pockets;

    3) Mexico is being more North American than U.S. and Canada when it comes to research about a brand, as can be seen by Chevrolet leading the searches. The Bowtie also does well in Colombia and Argentina, where it has plants, Ecuador and Chile, maybe this can being credited to how deeply rooted is the brand in these nations;

    4) On the other hand, maybe Toyota made itself so American that this is one of the reasons why it leads in U.S.;

    5) European national brands do well in their home countries, as can be seen in France, Germany, Italy and Sweden, every one of them having a native brand being top searched;

    6) Unfortunately this doesn’t happen when we go to Rumania and Czech Republic, where the leaders aren’t Dacia and Skoda, respectively. The same can be said about Russian, where AvtoVAZ isn’t on the top. Maybe it’s time for these brands to invest in their websites, that aren’t so interesting as other webpages from other brands. The same can be said about Spain, but in this special case I think it’s because how uninteresting is SEAT lineup recently;

    7) As can be seen by BMW being the most searched brand in Europe, models of this brand can be considered surprising affordable by the average habitant there. I’d also consider the heavy investments made by the guys from Munich in some markets not that explored by them outside the home continent, such as fleets;

    8) Ford must look at this map and ask itself why its lineup isn’t being that searched, specially when looking at Europe and seeing that there are some markets, specially those without a local brand and where the Blue Oval sells well, in which the brand could be leading when it comes to internet;

    9) The French influence is still strong in former colonies Algeria and Morocco, but Renault leading searches there can also be credited to the fact the brand has plants in these countries;

    10) Except Finland, maybe there are some cultural associations with Mercedes that got deep in the minds of people from Albania, Nigeria, Ghana, Namibia and South Africa;

    11) I’m still trying to understand why Mini leads in such diverse countries like Yemen, Nepal and Laos.

    • Marty

      The strange appearance of Mini in such an underdeveloped country as Laos makes me suspect it’s a mistake in the method. For example, how do they filter out other meanings of “mini”?


    • Ilbirs

      Surely the strategists from every brand are considering this map when it comes to make its products more known in the world.

    • Six Thousand Times

      You commented so I’ll go with…you.

  • Six Thousand Times

    What, no Chrysler or Dodge??? I know…not very nice. No Ford and no Jeep, either which is interesting since Ford is Britain’s best seller and Americans love the F150. And those Japanese and their BMWs!

    • Bash

      true, actually reports say (and I read it in CarScoops) that VW (golf) outsell Volvo in Sweden last year..
      something to consider too!

  • Bash

    Toyota is invading the globe yet its pretty much strange to me that Japans most searched car brand is not a Toyota though!!

  • TheHake

    Proof that people don’t buy what they Google… Since there are very few VW on the map but it sold the most cars in the world…

    • alexxx

      maybe its a sign that VW people dont know how to use internet….hihihihi

      • TheHake

        I think you might be on to something…. 😀 But I must say, I resourced A LOT before buying. Spend tons of time on M-B and BMW sites but ended up buying a Passat. 😐

        • alexxx

          I had the feeling you were the guy with Passat 😂
          Admit it,you wanted Passat way before you even opened your computer😂

          • TheHake

            Actually, I wanted a C-class… or even a late model used E-class. But alas… I now have a pleb car. 😉

  • William


  • Vassilis

    Ha, cool!

  • the_strickler

    OK, that’s great. Now show me the #2 most Googled car brand in every country. How about the top 5? I would be happy with being top 5 in most countries.

  • plattform

    I’m pretty sure that Jaguar is the most searched car brand in Belize because there are in fact actual Jaguars of the big cat variety that live there too. So let’s just say that QuickCo doesn’t have the sharpest search term exclusion list going on with this survey. That said, totally awesome that Jaguar is number one in Belize 😛

  • Bobby Ang

    China doesn’t even have google ….

  • Ron

    Geez the world is a boring place. Toyota? Yawn. Hyundai? Yawn.

  • South Africans love their German brands, I’m surprised there’s no VW there.

  • Eric Sin-Chan

    What, no Nissan, Opel (I thought Opel was huge in Europe), Citroen, Kia, Mazda or Land Rover?! Oh joy, Honda is popular in Canada… whoop dee doo

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