In A Galaxy Not So Far Away Lives This Camaro Convertible

With an extra-wide body kit and an all-round Storm Trooper-like appearance, this custom Chevrolet Camaro Convertible was designed specifically with car shows in mind.

In terms of design, responsibility lays with Forgiato, as the custom wheel company is quite fond of these types of excessive tuning jobs. We say that because last year, a similar car was spotted somewhere in Asia, also by Forgiato, except that was a Camaro Coupe.

Unlike that one, this drop top is sitting on F2.19 ECL wheels , which you can get in three different sizes – 20, 21 and 22″. You can also mix in multiple colors, such as black & white, black & yellow, black, white & red, chrome, black & orange or brushed.

This particular set has a dual-tone black & white appearance, which matches everything else that’s going on in and around the car.

As for the Stars Wars reference, Storm Troopers are notorious for having poor aim, which we hope doesn’t somehow reflect on the way this thing drives.