BMW Says Its 2021 i Flagship Will Be Level 5 Autonomous

BMW has revealed that its upcoming, and as of yet, unnamed, all-electric flaship i model will have level 5 autonomous abilities when it launches in 2021.

Speaking to reporters in Berlin, BMW senior vice president for autonomous driving Elmar Frickenstein said that the vehicle will have the ability to change between level 3, 4 and 5 self-driving, reports Autonews.

“We are on the way to deliver a car in 2021 with Level 3, 4 and 5,” he said.

Mid-last year, BMW announced that it would work alongside Intel and Mobileye to deliver its first fully-autonomous vehicle.

Creating a vehicle with level 3, 4 and 5 self-driving could prove a winner for the marque. Not only will it allow drivers the ability to take control if needed but it will be capable of driving itself with a driver inside without any human input.

In level 5, it will have the ability to drive without a human on board, meaning owners could theoretically rent their vehicles out for automated ride-sharing or ride-hailing services to supplement their income.

Note: BMW Vision Next 100 concept pictured


  • Craig

    Will ‘autonomous’ cars be bound by the rules of the road? Will they have to go exactly the speed limit? If so….. people are soon going to hate them!

    • Ilbirs

      I hope so. We must also remember that in autonomous cars, as they need to continually communicate themselves with a central to know where to go, the owner gives data for other ones to scrutinize his/her life to a point that it becomes a very easy task to someone wanting to murder a person and makes it look like an accident in which just the occupant(s) are dead and no one in other cars was harmed.

      • Six Thousand Times

        If you’ve got a cell phone, Big Brother already knows where you are and what you’re doing.

        • Ilbirs

          But it can’t make your car run astray and kill you in a way that looks like an accident if it doesn’t have access to their electronics, specially in models in which the only way to get into is by the OBD II. It’s about this I’m talking when considering autonomous cars.

          • Six Thousand Times

            Well the technology can be such that your car blocks any outside attempts to override its previous instructions or even its basic logic. Think of it like an automotive spam blocker. That ought to foil all but the most diabolically clever attempts on your life. Plus, whilst there will be fleets of vehicles (busses, delivery vans, garbage trucks) where the AI exists outside of the vehicle because they will be remotely piloted, most autonomous cars will have the AI self contained and it won’t allow itself to intentionally crash. Even fleet vehicles, used to getting remote instructions, could ignore sources they don’t recognise.

    • Status

      It’s a speed limit, not ‘the speed you must travel at’. If you’re going any faster than the posted speed limit, you shouldn’t be driving.

      • Craig

        What planet do you live on?

        • Status

          Earth, that one that’s different from that Need for Speed fantasy world you’ve been living in for the past 10 years where you think you’re some kind of professional street racer endangering lives on the highway.

          • Craig

            You are NOT a safe driver. YOU cause more problems for OTHER driver’s than those who drive 10 mph or so over the posted limit. Shame on you.

          • Status

            The safe and responsible driver who is doing just below the posted speed limit is more dangerous than the asshole going 110 darting around cars? Hardly.

            I am not a risk as I am not speeding. If others want to break the law, they have the right lane for that, and police and speed cameras will inevitably catch them. They always do, and yet I don’t get caught.

            Besides, once autonomous cars become the norm, you’ll see exactly how it’ll be. No more juvenile asses on the highway, and those insist on manually operating cars will be whittled down by higher insurance cots.

          • Craig

            Fact is – the overwhelming majority of driver’s drive OVER the posted speed limit. Fact is – posted speed limits take that FACT into account. A safe driver is a driver that ‘goes with the flow’. NOT someone like yourself who drives BELOW the posted limit. YOU are the ass of the highway.

          • Status

            If you could even back up one of your ‘facts’ instead of fabricating them as you are doing now, you wouldn’t look like the fucking ass you look like right now.

            The two hardest words you’ll have to live with: Prove it.

          • Craig

            “The two hardest words you’ll have to live with: Prove it.” PROVE that going 5 mph below the posted speed limit makes YOU the ‘safer driver’. FACT IS – YOU CAN’T.

          • Status

            I’m not the one making the positive claim. I never said driving slower made me safer. You made the claim that you were safer driving faster than the posted speed limit.

            Do you remember these quotes of yours?

            “You are NOT a safe driver. YOU cause more problems for OTHER driver’s than those who drive 10 mph or so over the posted limit. Shame on you.”

            “Fact is – the overwhelming majority of driver’s drive OVER the posted speed limit. Fact is – posted speed limits take that FACT into account.”

            If you use the words ‘fact is’, you have to back it up and prove it. You have something to prove because what you’ve said were purported to be facts.

            You just have to prove it. A link to a reputable scientific peer-reviewed source is all I need. Don’t get that confused with republished news article.

            Remember, if you say ANYTHING as a fact, you need to back it up. Didn’t you learn that in school?

          • Craig

            “The safe and responsible driver who is doing just below the posted speed limit is more dangerous than the asshole going 110 darting around cars? HARDLY. I AM NOT A RISK AS I AM NOT SPEEDING.”

            Those are declarative statements. You are stating what YOU believe are FACTS. So cut the crap.

          • Status

            I never said they were facts. You did. You have something to prove. I don’t.

          • Craig

            Bug off.

          • Status

            How about you fuck off, you without any evidence for your purported ‘facts’ that you couldn’t live up to.

            You try that “no-evidence but they are facts” stunt in court and they’d cut your balls off.

          • Craig

            You waste of space.

          • Status

            Said the factless. Have you actually found those links? If not, you really were making up that whole “speeding is safe” nonsense…which makes you a liar.

      • Justin Spencer

        Really? You travel at the EXACT posted speed limit at all times??? I call bullsh*t

        • Status

          I don’t travel at the exact posted speed limit. I drive below it where it is lawful.

          Publicly funded highways are not the place for you to live out your F&F and drift king fantasies.

          • Craig

            How much below? 10 below? 20? What?

          • Status


  • Kaisuke971

    When it comes to i cars, BMW talks too much. The i8 is outdated and the i3 should have some autonomous tech from the 5. It could do with a little more range too.

  • Six Thousand Times

    2021 seem a touch early for level 5.

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