Ferrari Crashes Into A Lambo, Teaches A Very Expensive Lesson To Both Drivers

There are car crashes and then, there is this: an out-of-control Ferrari F430 crashing on a parked Lamborghini Gallardo.

The incident took place in what looks like a wet autocross course and the cars were probably part of a supercar experience event, when the driver of the Ferrari started sliding with his wheels locked towards the parked Gallardo.

“A professional driver was ‘warming up’ when he crashed,” reads the video description. “My friend wanted a cool snapchat video when all the sudden he got a really good snapchat. He was mad about them crashing because he was going to drive those cars later in the day. The professional driver blames it on the rain.”

These events don’t exactly have the best reputation when it comes to safety standards and the fact that the orange Lamborghini was parked in that spot certainly doesn’t help.

Fortunately no one was hurt after the very expensive-sounding bang and the damage on both cars appears to be small.