Showboating Driver Wrecks Dodge Viper ACR At Cars & Coffee Knoxville

Cars & Coffee meetups are supposed to be about showing off your car. Some people take it too far, though, and end up sorry they did. Like the driver of this Dodge Viper, for example.

Captured at a C&C in Knoxville, Tennessee, this video shows an evidently over-exuberant Viper driver losing control of his ride (on a straight, dry road, no less) and crashing it hard.

Any Viper is a heck of a lot of machine to handle. Apparently too much for the driver of what appears to be either a third- or fourth-generation roadster – the former with an 8.3-liter V10 producing 500 horsepower, the latter with an enlarged 8.4 kicking out 600 hp, with few cosmetic differences to distinguish between the two. (The video below posted to Instagram suggests it’s an ACR, but to the best of our knowledge, Dodge never offered an ACR roadster of that type.)

Add to that an apparently bald set of tires, plus a showboating driver, and it was a disaster waiting to happen. Fortunately nobody seems to have been hurt in the incident… except, of course, for the driver’s sense of pride. And the Viper. That got smashed up pretty bad.

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