Toyota FT-4X Concept Revealed As The Millennial’s FJ Cruiser

The FJ Cruiser may be a thing of the past, but Toyota has revealed a new model – in concept form at least – that could take its place.

Called the FT-4X, the show truck was revealed today at the New York Auto Show. It was designed by Toyota’s Calty Design Research studio in California to bring some “rugged charm” to urban Millennials looking to escape the city for brief adventures off the proverbial beaten path.

Based on the C-segment Toyota New Global Architecture, it’s substantially smaller than the FJ Cruiser: a good 8 inches lower to the ground and 16 inches shorter from nose to tail. ut with the wheels pushed further out to the extremities, its wheelbase is only a couple of inches shorter and narrower.

In fact it’s closer in footprint to the C-HR with which it shares its underpinnings (and hidden rear door handles). The design approach is decidedly more rugged, though, characterized by large Xs and throwback nods to Toyota off-roaders of old. Just look at the white roof, wide front grille, and vertical rear-quarter glass. Beefy wheel arches and contrasting lower body cladding complete the rugged look.

Since tailgating and base camps are typically set up behind the vehicle, a particular emphasis has been placed on the rear-end design, with a large rear aperture opened with a rotary handle in two ways: split horizontally in “urban mode,” or upwards in “outdoor mode.”

Described as a “four-wheel drive toolbox,” the FT-4X is jam-packed with useful features, from the reflective anchor points on both bumpers and reinforced flat roof to the outlets in the back for powering camping gear and the North Face sleeping bag stowed between the front seats. It even has hot and cold boxes inside for warming and cooling food and gear, with interchangeable windows to enable personalization, and a GoPro camera integrated into the side mirror for capturing the action.

The cabin space is divided into a “clean zone” where the front passengers sit, a “wet zone” around the rear seats, and a rear cargo zone for hauling stuff with a flat floor and sliding tracks in the headliner, where you’ll also find flashlights that are removable (like the stereo) for use outdoors.

Though strictly a concept for the time being, Calty has clearly designed the FT-4X with production in mind, giving it a “punchy, low-displacement” four-cylinder engine along with mechanical four-wheel drive, selectable low-range transfer gearbox, and a suspension with MacPherson struts up front and double wishbones at the back. Check it out in the gallery and video playlist below for a closer look.

Photo Gallery


  • no25

    It just doesn’t have the appeal of the FJ. Also, the size and look screams Kia Soul – not so much FJ Cruiser replacement.

    • RDS Alphard

      It never meant to direct replace FJ anyway.
      It’s actually about the same size as Jeep Renegade.

      • no25

        Yes, but it is still labeled as “something to take its place.” Either way, it’ll probably be better to be smaller.

    • Kenneth

      The latter day FJ was way too big (the 4Runner it was based on made more sense). This would be a return to proportions more like the original, and more useful off-road.

      • no25

        Agreed. I rather it be smaller, but I still feel this may be too small. IDK. I probably need to see it in person.

  • Braden

    If Honda isn’t gonna replace the Element, this looks like more than a worthy successor–and likely with more off-road capability. I hope they build it, or something close.

  • RDS Alphard

    IMO this is more or less Toyota version of Jeep Renegade anyway, just look at the dimension,

    Length – 4249 mm or 167.3 in (4,360 mm or 171.7 in)
    Width – 1,821 mm or 71.7 in (1,795 mm or 70.7 in)
    Height – 1,623 mm or 63.9 in (1,565 mm or 61.6 in)
    Wheelbase – 2,640 mm or 103.9 in (2,640 mm or 103.9 in)

    C-HR in bracket for comparison, and Renegade’s dimension is,

    Length – 4,230 mm or 166.6 in
    Width – 1,805 mm or 71.06 in
    Height – 1,690 mm or 66.5 in
    Wheelbase – 2,570 mm or 101.2 in

  • Craig

    Stop wasting everyone’s time with ‘concepts’.

    • Six_Tymes

      I agree!

  • Mark S

    If they could do something like this and make it half as capable as a Jeep I would be happy. I could see a compact unibody pick-up truck here too.

    • Mill0048

      I’m trying to imagine a pickup version… I might be cool.

  • Gerald Michael

    It looks like it’ll break if you take it off-road.

  • Howstar

    An FJ-C designed for the generation that only thinks in minecraft

  • Rich Money

    they should have called it the Giant Pimple

  • Subi-Rubicon1

    There are great design elements here. I think it would look much better if it weren’t trying so hard to look like an off-road vehicle with all the gimmicky body cladding and rugged looking exterior/interior details, with underpinnings that are more suited to the concrete jungles of suburbia.

  • Tinky-Winky

    It looks so sad.

  • Six_Tymes

    I like the vehicle, it looks interesting.
    the rolled up jeans and scruffy beard, just what all millennials look like. they are the latest fad, the joke of society.

  • Benjamin B.

    Here is some advise from a millennial.

    When you describe a car or SUV as “for millennials,” we won’t buy it. In fact Toyota tried to sell Scion to us. Instead many Baby Boomers and a few Gen Xers bought Scions.

    • mb4design

      Agreed. Just design good cars & let the users vote with their wallets.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    I want an FJ. NOT A RENEGADE.

  • john1168

    I don’t like it. The exterior is too cute looking.

  • Texbob

    The only good thing is the rear door. Hope that makes it to production. Something is off about the rears windows. Photo 26 and 31: looking rearward there are two windows in the cargo bay. Looking forward there is only one as the exterior of the vehicle would suggest. Anyone else notice that?

    • eb110americana

      Yes, I noticed this too.

  • Weird yet likable, imo. It looks like it escaped from a sci-fi anime…

  • eb110americana

    Blue = Leonardo. Red = Rafael. Purple = Donatello. Orange = Michelangelo.

    White = ?


  • apamau

    Overall, the exterior design really suck, looks is super weirdo. But i do like all their interior / removable concept. But I do looking forward for a smaller FJ cruiser to accompany my current FJ cruiser. if they can come up a smaller size FJ cruiser which can do whatever FJ cruiser did for off road with all the new interior, that would be a perfect off roader.

  • Slavik Fed

    Also, taller, not shorter. The adventurers you speak of show up to adventure with us in low Kia Seouls and the like and have to get in our truck to go mushroom hunting bc their adventure cars are too low and underpowered. Power to the people!

  • David Childress

    Why can’t you sell what you already have… Land cruiser 70 no bells no whistles just a real SUV that would last more than 5 years. I dare you toyota just for one year sell it in the U.S. You don’t have to retool anything. I guarantee if you sold it for one year millennials, gen x’ers, gen y’ers, baby boomers would give a kidney for it. That lego box you are trying to sell up there, millennials will maybe give up their 650 credit scores to default on the loan for one. I was one of the blind participants on subaru’s tribeca designs team questionnaire and interview. After I saw what was made compared to what I described I needed they were so far from the mark. Your design teams are following the same path as subaru did 11 years ago they are delusional to what they think Americans want. Lost in translation I guess.

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