Base Renault Duster Scores Disastrous 0 Stars In Global NCAP

The Renault Duster doesn’t only fall short on safety, but it miserably fails to achieve any stars as well.

Tested in its most basic version that is sold in India with no airbags, the SUV recorded the disappointing result for adult occupant protection, in Global NCAP’s latest session, whereas the rear seat child occupant protection brought it a 2-star rating.

It is troubling that during the UN Road Safety Week, we yet again encounter a zero-star car in our crash testing in India. Renault produce the Duster in a number of markets, and yet it seems content to provide a version for India, which falls so far short on safety“, Global NCAP’s Secretary General, David Ward, commented.

Following the result, the French automaker asked Global NCAP to test another version of the Duster, which features a single driver airbag, and this one scored 3 stars for adult occupant protection.

However, safety specialists decided to further investigate the SUV, after Latin NCAP tested a similar variant some two years ago, when it scored 4 stars, only to find out that the Indian Duster features an airbag smaller than the one offered on the South American model, and this corresponds to the differences in protection.

This version of the Duster, with an airbag, scores three stars, but this too fell short as it was fitted with a smaller airbag. A model with a correctly sized airbag should be provided as standard“, added Ward.

The entry-level Renault Duster is the latest in a long string of vehicles that failed to achieve any stars in their cheapest forms. The list includes the Renault Kwid, Suzuki Maruti Alto, Swift, Celerio, Eeco, Hyundai Eon, i10, Volkswagen Polo, Ford Figo, Datsun Go, Mahindra Scorpio, Chevrolet Enjoy, Tata Zest, and Nano.


  • Obsequious Lickspittle

    Maybe if more cars were less safe people wouldn’t be so cavalier in their driving.

    • fabri99

      I guess cars are this safe because too many people are so “cavalier” in their driving. So if more cars were less safe, more people would die because of those “cavalier” in their driving…

      • Obsequious Lickspittle

        But if they had, say for instance, a spike coming out of the steering wheel instead of an airbag, would people not just be a little more careful?

        • fabri99

          What if the airbags where actually filled with poisonous gasses?

          • Obsequious Lickspittle

            See! Now you’re gettin’ the idea!

          • FioleK

            It’s already done… It’s called r1234yf!

        • DMJ

          Trump, are you there?

          • Obsequious Lickspittle

            No, it’s Hilary.

  • Benjamin B.

    Cheap cars are unsafe. News.

    • EddyCj

      The Dacia Duster has 4 airbags standard, so your argument isn’t very valid. This Indian version tho doesn’t even has airbags which is weird…

      • TheBelltower

        So does it have airbags or doesn’t it? Because if this one doesn’t, then it isn’t offered as standard equipment.

      • alexxx

        The law lets them,so they produce cheaper cars with no airbags…simple as that..

      • Benjamin B.

        Whoa 4 airbags what an amazing concept!!

        These cars require airbags last I checked.

        • Beelzaboot teriaksun

          >These cars require airbags last I checked.

          India says no

    • Beelzaboot teriaksun

      I’d say that if you take the airbags out of even a 5star car you end up with a no-star car. No matter the brand, it’s the impact energy that messes you up.

      Cheap is not necessarily unsafe, but rather not as safe as the more expensive options

      • EddyCj

        Well said!

  • Tumbi Mtika

    This is terrible!


  • Miknik

    I doubt any car stripped of most or sometimes all airbags and most other safety kit can achieve anything but a 0 star rating nowadays. But as long as customers in those markets value leatherette seats or touch screen stereos over safety, and there is no legislation, these questionable versions will still be on sale….

  • Its the local Governments fault. Change the legislation and make airbags mandatory.

  • Vassilis

    Obviously airbags must be standard but to be fair, looking at the cabin, it looks pretty safe.

    • Beelzaboot teriaksun

      the pre-facelift model from 2011, equipped with airbags, managed a 3* rating during the EuroNCAP testing.

      The facelifted 2013 model managed 4* during the Latin NCAP ( couldn’t find the global/euro test) . So that’s a solid 3 at least , so it’s average.

      Still better than no stars

  • Marty
  • Doug Z.

    Still safer than riding a scooter or a bike in India.

  • CoolHandLuke1

    Maybe this is the answer for over population of this planet. We have 7 billion people now on earth. When we reach 10 the fresh water will end and also food shortages are common. 4 billion would be ok. Duster may help with killing excess people.

  • Chris C

    Airbags or no airbags, the way the A post creases, the windscreen fractures and the doors move suggest that the body is not strong enough. Personally I would rather pay for a stronger body than passive safety measures, especially electronic driver aids.

  • Ameer Hassan Tajaldeen

    u wont need an airbag in paris cause there’s no way ur driving over 5 miles