GT-Rs, Cosworths And Other Performance Cars Perish In Fire At RB Motorsport

A local car shop, based in Mawdesley, Wigan, UK, turned into a graveyard for the vehicles that were stored inside last week, following a devastating fire.

By the time emergency crews arrived at the scene, there wasn’t much that they could do for several high-performance vehicles, such as the Nissan GT-R and Skyline, and a Ford Escort Cosworth.

According to RB Motorsport’s official Facebook page, “99 percent of everything” was “destroyed“, including “customer cars, which we are most upset about“. Despite the severity of the fire, nobody was injured.

We hope to be up and back to normal as soon as we can, but as it’s understandable, it’s going to be a long time before we’re up and running again“, the statement read.

However, an update posted earlier today announced that RB Motorsport opened a temporary office space, and started taking orders for parts, but customers will have to be patient until taking delivery, as “the lead time will be a little longer than usual“.

In the meantime, the car shop is dealing with the insurance company, inspectors, and officials, and says that they “hope to have details on the process of customers’ cars being removed as soon as possible“, adding that they are “pushing to get the relevant info” as soon as possible.


  • FlameWater

    I bet these guys can’t even sleep

    • Benjamin B.

      no shit… I would have crapped my pants

  • Infinite1

    Saw this on my FB feed last week, pains me to see.