Ferrari GTC4Lusso Remains The Best Excuse Not To Buy A Learjet

Continent-crushing four-seat GTs need a leader too, and Ferrari knows how to claim the throne once again with the latest GTC4Lusso.

Ferrari heavily updated their shooting brake by giving it a more emotional visual character, more technology features inside-out and even more power from the naturally aspirated V12 engine.

Key differences between the GTC4Lusso and the FF it replaces include the adoption of the rear-wheel steering system in a bid to make this wagon even more nimble at bends.

The 6.3-litre V12 is now making 680hp and 514lb-ft, with 80 percent of it available from just 1,750rpm, while emitting one of the most spine-tingling soundtracks known to man. The interior also got a thorough redesign and now features a nice, big 10.25-inch infotainment high-def display, a more compact steering wheel and a nicely-sized digital display in front of the front passenger which shows info about the engine, speed or audio.

Motor Trend reviews the new Ferrari wagon in their latest Ignition episode linked below.


  • True Class GT

    I love this automobile and everything about it.

  • b_digital

    This guy is a douchebag . MT needs to bring Lago back

    • europeon

      First, Lago has a regular almost daily show on MT.
      Second, Cammisa and Lieberman are the best presenters in the whole auto industry right now. Lago was OK three years ago, but since then things have progressed, and blending entertainment with hard facts wasn’t his strong point.

      • b_digital

        Love the fact that he was just fired. Good riddance

        • europeon

          You must confuse him with Lago, the one that got fired 3 years ago. Cammisa left on his own will.

          • b_digital

            No. Cammisa got pushed out because he’s a douche

          • Six Thousand Times

            He left on his own.

      • Kaisuke971

        Wtf in the WHOLE AUTO INDUSTRY ??? Take a chill pill my dude. They guys are nowhere near Chris Harris. Matter of fact they’re not even on Steve Sutcliffe level, they kinda suck. I know it’s your opinion and stuff but come on man…

        • europeon

          Harris is very bad at acting and Sutcliffe, despite knowing his stuff, is boring as hell.

    • Bo Hanan

      I think he’s more “animated” than I would prefer, but he did do a nice story telling job.

  • Six Thousand Times

    Kind of a fatso but I love it. Prettier than any other V-12 Ferrari.

  • Benjamin B.

    My favorite Ferrari

  • Benjamin B.

    Isn’t the informtainment system the same one from FCA’s parts bin?

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