Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot System Gets Significant Updates

All Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles produced since October 2016 have been installed with all the hardware needed for fully autonomous driving, but have been restricted by their software.

Now, Tesla has rolled out a slew of new features to its Enhanced Autopilot system, which allow the system to control the vehicle in a number of different driving scenarios.

In a statement, Tesla says that Enhanced Autopilot now includes Traffic-Aware Cruise Control, Parallel + Perpendicular Autopark, Summon, Automatic Emergency Braking, Forward + Side Collision Warning, Autosteer and Auto Lane Change. As usual, all of these features can be installed through over-the-air updates after initially being rolled into new vehicles at the Fremont factory.

The updates to Enhanced Autopilot mark an important step in Elon Musk’s goal of completing an autonomous drive between Los Angeles and New York by the end of the year.